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Ban Democrats

According to liberals it is time to ban Democrats if you use their arguments.                 
    The liberals have been saying that the confederate flag should not fly in South Carolina or anywhere else. The reason the liberals give is that it represents slavery because it was the flag of the confederate states in their fight to continue slavery. The Confederate flag led the South (the Confederate states) in the Civil War against the North (the Union forces). So the Confederate flag is therefore a symbol in support for slavery and should be banned and no longer flown.        
    However, the liberals have conveniently left out a much greater symbol of support for the Confederate states in their "fight to continue slavery". That symbol being the Democratic party the liberals are so at home with. The Democrats were the leaders of the south and fought against the Republican north led by President Abraham Lincoln,  Republican from Illinois. After the war and when Lincoln was shot and killed, a Democrat (the vice-president) became president, Andrew Johnson of North Carolina. The Republican Congress tried to remove Johnson from office in an impeachment vote and trial.
    In the South, after defeat, Republicans were placed in office to begin reconstruction. When elections were again held in the Southern states, Democrats most often won and the Confederate flag was again flown over state houses. For many years the Democrats in the southern states supported the Confederate flag as part of the heritage of southerners.          
    So why today have the liberals made an issue of the Confederate flag? Why the Confederate flag and not the leading party of the Confederacy? The answer is obvious to anyone following the Democrats today. The party isn't going to condemn themselves, because the issue of the flag is about uniting fellow Democrats in an election year. The flag is being used to create fear and play what is known as the "race card" by fueling the flames of racism. The Democrats are trying to frighten black voters to continue to support liberal candidates that all in unison condemn the flag and "those" that support it. The Democrats are creating a wedge issue and a "us verses them" campaign to rally the party faithful.       
    If the Democrats want to ban the Confederate flag, then they should ban their own party which supported slavery and fought to keep slavery. The Democrats don't need any agreement from Republicans or Southerners or any court to ban their party. All the have to do is close the door behind them after shutting the lights and reregister in another party or as independents. So it is time the Democrats do the right thing and listen to their own arguments if they want to practice what they preach, and end that terrible symbol of slavery, the Democrats own party.

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Ban Democrats

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