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-HILLARY CLINTON DENIES ANTI-JEWISH SLUR- The slur that Hillary is alleged to have made is quoted in a new book called,"State of the Union:Inside the Complex Marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton" by Jerry Oppenheimer. Hillary was quoted as calling her husbands campaign manager Paul Fray a "Jew bastard" with another foul word. It was first reported by Matt Drudge and now there is more then one witness that says Hillary Clinton made the remark and other slurs against Jews. Dick Morris said Hillary made a remark to him saying "all you people care about" is money. Morris is Jewish and and quickly said to Hillary, you mean campaign manager, Hillary said yeah that's what I mean. Arkansas troopers also claimed that Hillary Clinton made slur remarks. 

-AL GORE THE SLUMLORD- Tracy Mayberry rents an apartment with her five children and her husband, who has a serious heart condition, from Al Gore. She has been complaining that the plumbing is in disrepair and the toilets overflow and smell like a sewer. Gore has not taken action to correct the problems and Mrs. Mayberry said Gore called her and berated her for telling others about her situation. She said she told Gore that she only told people the truth and that he didn't make the necessary repairs. People from around the country have been donating money to her after it became nationally known on the Hannity radio show.   

-GEORGE W. BUSH MAKES SPEECH AT THE REPUBLICAN CONVENTION- In what is considered one of the best nomination acceptance speeches, George Bush explained conservative values and positions. He put the case forward as well as Reagan had in years past. He spoke of tax cuts, strong national defense, investing retirement dollars, replacing the failed liberal run schools with better ones, school choice, pro-life, American patriotism, American optimism, American values and integrity in the Oval Office by our leaders.

-DICK CHENEY IS PICK FOR VICE PRESIDENT- George Bush decided on the former Secretary of Defense for his Vice Presidential running mate. Cheney is a conservative and should bring stature and great credibility to the Republican ticket on foreign affairs and military matters. Cheney is well respected by most and is liked. This choice by Bush is a sign of confidence and is not considered a "political choice" because Cheney is from Wyoming which has just three electoral votes. Many pick someone that will bring electoral votes or try to "balance a ticket" but Bush decided to go with Cheney because of his ability.

-CLINTON, GORE AND OTHER WHITE HOUSE AND HIGH RANKING DEMS BLAMED THE OIL COMPANIES- But now a memo from the Clinton administrations Energy Department says they knew all along that it was their own policies that increased the oil price at the pump. Stricter environmental standers by this administration caused changes in the gas production by refiners causing high production costs and temporary shortages in the Midwest states. The Clinton administration didn't want it to be known that its own policies were the cause as they asked for investigations of the oil companies.

-JUSTICE DEPARTMENT'S CAMPAIGN FINANCE TASK FORCE HAS RECOMMENDED THAT RENO APPOINT A COUNSEL TO INVESTIGATE AL GORE ON FUND-RAISING- Reno said she can't comment on a pending issue. The investigation of Gore for his 1996 campaign fund-raising and if Gore told the truth about those fund raising events.

-WHITEWATER INDEPENDENT COUNSEL WILL NOT BRING CHARGES AGAINST HILLARY- Robert Ray OIC said that contrary to Hillary's denials she was involved in the firings of the White House travel office employees but that he didn't have enough evidence to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. As you may recall the travel office employees were fired and friends of the Clinton's got the jobs. The Clinton administration also charged Billy Dale with criminal conduct as the reason to fire him. Dale was found innocent of the charges after a long investigation and trial that cost Mr. Dale a huge financial and emotional cost. Others at the office were accused of incompetence as the reason for their firing.

ELIAN SENT TO COMMUNIST CUBA- After all appeals ended, Clinton, Reno and Castro were able to end the hopes that Elian can remain free. The 6 year old Cuban boy was found hanging on for life on an inner tube off of Miami when the boat sank that was to bring Elian, his mother and others to American and away from the communist prison island. All but three died including Elian's mother whose last known words were a plea to get Elian to America. Elian's mother's life was lost as well as Elian's hopes to be free. The Clinton/Reno and Castro victory over Elian and freedom was complete when the Supreme Court refused a hearing. MORE at PAO  

-CLINTON AND DEMS RAISE 26 MILLION FOR CAMPAIGNS IN A NIGHT OF PROFANITY- Robin Williams, the liberal actor and activist, got the big laughs from Clinton, Gore and the majority of liberals when he carried on in what can be described as a x - rated comedy act. Full of offensive four letter words and vulgarities with some directed at Bill Clinton in "roast" form, Clinton was seen having a good time and the audience ate if up. Robin Williams saw a child in the audience and said we learned a few new words. Gore also got in the act with a joke poking fun at George W. Bush and Charlton Heston at the expense of Christians and Jews. Gore not knowing the story in the bible of the burning bush, as God gives the Ten Commandments to Moses; he said the last time Moses (referring to Heston who played Moses in a movie) spoke to a "bush" (referring to George W. Bush)  his people wandered for 40 years.

-ARKANSAS SUPREME COURT TAKES ACTION AGAINST CLINTON THAT WILL LEAD TO HIS DISBARMENT FOR "SERIOUS MISCONDUCT", CLINTON'S RESPONSE TO THE COMPLAINT THAT CAN LEAD TO HIS DISBARMENT WAS- Clinton said he didn't give false testimony in the Jones case about Lewinsky as he defines the word "false".The Southeastern Legal Foundation filed the complaint and said that a known attorney should upheld the minimum standard for an attorney as required by the Arkansas Supreme Court.

-CASE AGAINST LINDA TRIPP DROPPED!!-TWO DAYS AFTER PROSECUTION LOSES APPEAL - MOST OF THE PROBABLE TESTIMONY BY LEWINSKY IN THE TRIPP CASE WAS THROWN OUT- In what was the undoing for the prosecution against Tripp, the prosecution decided it won't go forward in the case. Tripp got immunity for her testimony in the Clinton - Jones case as to the testimony about Lewinsky. Tripp was under great pressure to keep quite, but decided to tell the truth. Tripp taped her conversations with Lewinsky to protect herself and the Maryland Democrat prosecutors then went after her for taping.

-INDEPENDENT COUNCIL LOOKS INTO AN INDICTMENT OF CLINTON- OIC Robert Ray is actively investigating Clinton and the possibility of criminal charges against Clinton for obstruction of justice and perjury. Ray said it was an open investigation and that no one is above the law, not even the president. Ray, for the OIC, has hired 6 new lawyers with prosecutorial experience plus an investigator and FBI agent. Ray will make the decision when Clinton leaves office in January due to the notion that you can't indict a "sitting" president.

-JUDGE RULES CLINTON "COMMITTED A CRIMINAL VIOLATION OF THE PRIVACY ACT"- By releasing personal letters of Kathleen Willey to try to undermine her credibility. Willey has said Clinton made unwanted sexual advances that were inappropriate in the Oval Office. Immediately after she made the remarks, the Clinton supporters tried to discredit Willey saying she was still "friendly" to Clinton after the time it was to have happened. But Willey made a point that she needed a job, her husband killed himself, and Clinton being president was her best chance to land a job so that is why she sent the letters.

-REPUBLICAN LED CONGRESS CHANGES SOCIAL SECURITY WORK RULES- People will soon be able to work and collect Soc. Sec. at age 65 without losing part or all of their Soc. Sec. The Democrats, Unions  and liberals have always wanted to force people to retire to collect their Soc. Sec. and have them not collect while still working. This Republican plan would increase incomes and independence among people over 65 and reduce dependence on government sponsored Soc. Sec. It is feared by left wing politicians that increased incomes by seniors would result in calls for lower tax rates and less support for government sponsored senior programs.  

-LaPIERRE PUTS CLINTON AND DEMS ON DEFENSE-La Pierre said of Clinton, "He needs a certain level of violence in this country. He is willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda." LaPierre has pointed out that the Clinton administration has not prosecuted criminals under existing gun laws. Janet Reno, Attorney General, has admitted her office has not prosecuted under existing gun laws, that its not a priority. Clinton and Gore have called for even more laws that will make owning, buying and using a gun for self defense more difficult. Democrats are now joining Republicans and the NRA to call for prosecuting criminals.

-LABELLA REPORT LEAKS-The report was kept from the public by Attorney General Reno for nearly two years. The report said Reno's Justice Department is using "intellectually dishonest" double standards to protect Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton and Harold Ickes from being investigated for campaign fund raising abuses. Maria Hsia was convicted in the fund raising scandal where she raised money with Gore for the Democrats and Clinton-Gore re-election. The LaBella report was to be released to congress by subpoena but Reno has refused to comply. The damaging report is sure to bring the scandal to the fore front in the presidential election and hurt Gore's already tarnished image from the scandal plagued Clinton administration.

-HILLARY STIFFED A WAITRESS- Campaigning on peoples economic hardships in upstate New York, Hillary Clinton "forgot" to leave a tip after being served breakfast. The single-mom waitress was not the most important thought for Hillary after campaigning on the "concerns of working people". Giuliani, while in a pizza place insisted on paying and tipped well according to an employee at the pizzeria.  A Marist poll had Giuliani leading by a large 49 to 40 percent in the N.Y. Senate race.

-POLLS SHOWS PEOPLE ARE OPPOSED TO ABORTION-A poll taken by CNN/USAToday/Gallop says 54% are opposed to abortion and say it should be legal in few circumstances or not at all. Those wanting abortion in all or most circumstances make up a minority of 43%. The same poll has Bush leading Gore 52% to 41% and with likely voters Bush leads 57% to 38% over Gore.

-HILLARY CAUGHT ON FILM TREATING A "HOMELESS" AS SHE SAYS GIULIANI DOES-Hillary Clinton using the "issue" of the "homeless" against the mayor has showed just how far to the left her campaign has turned. She has condemned the mayors policy to remove people off the streets in the hope to help them. Instead Hillary has used these people for political gain, joining with radicals saying "homeless" have rights to stay on the streets putting themselves and others at risk. Giuliani's policy is in the response to a woman hit with a brick by a "homeless" criminal. Also, in Massachusetts the "homeless" started a fire leading to the death of six firemen.

-BUSH SUPPORTS 483 BILLION DOLLAR TAX CUT- The tax cut over 5 years of 483 billion becomes central part of the Bush campaign. George Bush focused on the tax cut being for poor and middle income individuals.

-ALGORE  CALLED UNITED STATES MILITARY "FASCISTIC AND TOTALITARIAN"- In similar fashion to Clinton's own "loathed the military" letter, Gore's letter that he tried to hide becomes public.

-GEORGE BUSH PROMISES TO BUILD AND DEPLOY SDI- Bush supports missile defense to protect country from nuclear attack. Statements made in foreign policy speech.

-GORE FOUND TO BE HYPOCRITE-Al Gore not wanting to let an opportunity to interject "race" into the campaign to pass, attacked George Bush for not condemning the flying of the confederate flag in South Carolina. However, Clinton signed into law the commemoration of the confederacy in the Arkansas state flag when Governor of Arkansas and Gore has yet to criticize Clinton. Clinton, when signing, restated the commemoration of the confederacy. Also in Gore's home state of Tennessee, a flag commemorates Tennessee's "original white population". Gore has not condemned his own state where he and his father were both senator's.

-GORE'S CAMPAIGN MANAGER MAKES RACIST REMARKS-Donna Brazile, Gore's campaign manager, said black Republicans don't care about other blacks and children. J.C.Watts (Republican congressman) wrote to Gore asking for action to be taken. It is not clear yet if Gore will fire his racist campaign manager, but presidential nominee Dukakus fired Brazile in 1988 for making up lies about President George Bush.

Reports are circling that Gore threatened to run to Canada. His father, then Senator of Tennessee, got him a cushy reporters job in the military with BODYGUARDS! This coming to light while Gore tries to dig up dirt on his opponents like Bradley and Bush. Sean Hannity, on his radio show, vowed to get to the bottom of it. This story is likely to grow as well as Bradley's lack of service. You may recall the Democrats attempts to attack Bush for serving as a pilot in the Texas Air National Guard during Vietnam. George W.'s father was a pilot during  WWII were he was shot down. When logging enough of hours piloting George W. would have been eligible for combat missions following in his fathers steps.

-BILL CLINTON COMES IN SECOND AND HILLARY 6th- In a vote conducted by the NY Post of the most evil people of the millenium, Bill Clinton was second only to Hitler but ahead of Josef Stalin. Hillary Clinton came in sixth place ahead of Saddam Hussein but just after Josef Mengele. NY Post results

-IRELAND IN ECONOMIC BOOM WITH A SUCCESSFUL POLICY OF TAX CUTTING-Ireland with economic growth of 8 percent over the last 3 years and 10 percent this year continues its policy of tax cuts with corporate taxes scheduled to drop to 12.5 percent in 2003.

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-MAJORITY NOW SUPPORT CLINTON IMPEACHMENT- In a USA/Today/CNN/Gallup poll, one year after Bill Clinton was impeached by Congress in the House, a majority 50-49 say Clinton should have been impeached. And 42% now say Clinton should not have gotten away with it in the Senate were Democrats cleared Clinton of lying under oath. As the Clinton propaganda wears off people see more clearly the magnitude of the first elected president impeached and acquitted in the Senate of illegal acts. A new Zogby poll says more people, 42% to 39%, say they're ashamed to have Clinton as president vs. proud to have Clinton.

-PUBLIC SCHOOL SHOOTINGS-This time in Flint Michigan a 6 yr. old girl was killed by a 7 yr. old with a stolen gun.School shootings were one of the biggest news stories of 1999. The increased school violence during the Clinton years and increasingly deadly acts by students in the nations public schools shows no signs of ending. In what may become the Clinton legacy grows as a national problem as our children lose respect for human life and act out in hopelessness and with liberal thoughts of gloom and worthlessness.

-INDEPENDENT COUNCIL ROBERT RAY FIGHTS BACK AT THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION FOR MAKING FALSE ACCUSATIONS- Clinton on Larry King accused the OIC of "leaking" news that he and Hillary want the taxpayers to pay his lawyers. Clinton denied the story was true. Independent Council Ray said this false accusation is another attempt in an ongoing effort to impugn the integrity of a constituted law enforcement investigation. The Clinton administration attacked the OIC of leaking back in January but U.S. Court of Appeals rejected the claim. This tactic of claiming leaks has been a Clinton administration attempt to divert public attention; and their friends in the liberal media have helped make the "claims" sound legitimate by repeating the claims consistently, although the media knew who they got "leaks" from.


-JUDICIAL WATCH JOINS ELIAN CASE- Judicial Watch uncovered documents that suggest that Clinton's administration's top priority was pleasing Castro and not Elian's rights and therefore the case against Elian's American family and Elian should be set aside do to fraud. Cuban Americans rallied in support of the need legal team joining in a last minute attempt to save Elian from a life of abuse. MORE-Political Activist Online

-WITHOUT A COURT ORDER THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION AND ATTORNEY GENERAL RENO SEIZED ELIAN AT THE POINT OF A GUN FROM HIS MIAMI FAMILY-Janet Reno asked the 11th circuit of appeals in Atlanta for such an order and it was NOT granted. The court rebuked Reno and the Justice Department for not following the law and not acting to protect Elian's rights. The Shameless and desperate act by Clinton and Reno was an apparent attempt to deny Elian and his Miami family their rights in both the spirit and letter of the law. The court also said that Elian is to remain in the U.S. until he and his Miami family have their court hearing. It is unknown if this court order will be enforced considering this administrations lack of respect for the law. It is also unclear how Elian can have his rights protected while in the hands of pro Castro supporters. Elian's father, Juan Gonzalez, has no freedom to act on his own and it has been widely reported that family members back in Cuba have been placed under house arrest.

-DONATO "THE FISHERMAN" SUES RENO, ERIC HOLDER AND INS COMMISSIONER FOR 100 MILLION- For violating his 4TH and 5TH Amendment Constitutional rights in the illegal raid that seized Elian right out of his hands. There was no court order or legal warrant to lawfully enter Elian's Miami family's home.

-PENTAGON SAYS LINDA TRIPP'S RIGHTS WERE VIOLATED- The military agency that Tripp works for said that when employees at the Pentagon released personnel information on Tripp her privacy rights were violated. It is not known who gave the order to release the information but was done in an attempt to discredit her when she told the truth and proved Clinton lied with the tapes she made of Monica Lewinsky. Tripp said she made the tapes to protect herself from a smear campaign. The release of personnel information was part of the smear campaign but now Tripp has a law suit against the Clinton administration because of these illegal tactics.