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October 31st, 2006

Can Democrats Denounce Kerry for Mocking Troops?

Kerry mocked American troops again like he did when he accused them of terrorizing Iraqi people. Kerry claimed he was making a joke when saying if students don’t get a good education they will end up stuck in Iraq. His remark was said seriously to students about getting an education and no one is laughing. youtube video. His remark is insulting to all those that served in the military and all Americans should demand he apologize. After McCain and the President’s spokesman said Kerry should apologize Kerry refused to and attacked the President, Republicans and others like Rush Limbaugh over Iraq.

Kerry is a disgrace long ago and never changed. John Kerry has a long history of slamming American troops. During Vietnam he slammed American troops accusing them off all kinds of vial acts, including murder, rape, and torture. It’s nothing new with him but it’s time he apologize and Democrats apologize for it.

Democrats that think they would win in the coming election have to be squirming that many liberal Democrats true feelings of contempt for American soldiers and not supporting the war on terror will be obvious with John Kerry’s remarks. Kerry failed to mention 9-11 attack on America when he mocked the war and those supporting the war on terror trying to defend his offensive remark.

Kerry is being called the gift that keeps giving to Republicans. Only a sick liberal partisan will like his defiant speech but Dems that have any sense can’t be happy seeing such a meltdown by the Dems Presidential nominee of just 2 years ago. This is an opening for Republicans to expose the Dems for their lack of support for the war on terror after 9-11. As far as Kerry goes, he is finished politically. He may continue to make a fool of himself to the detriment of the Democrats this election but what else can he do? He is in so deep now that there is no turning back. It’s always been about Kerry with Kerry and if the Dems take a hit he won’t care. The only thing Dems can do is denounce him but that will be denouncing their leftwing supporters. Democrats are in a difficult position made by their party nominee John Kerry.

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October 30th, 2006

Liberal CNN may be complicit in the murder of American troops

Liberal CNN may have solicited terrorist made propaganda tapes of them murdering American soldiers. Terrorists carried out the murders while video taping it for the media such as CNN. This would make CNN complicit in the murder of American soldiers. The terrorist propaganda video CNN ran are not dated as to when they were made but it would not be unexpected that the terrorists would make the videos purposely for media like CNN that would show it. Encouraging the murder of someone to get video of it makes the person complicit in that murder and is a criminal act. Reports are that CNN had contact with a terrorist leader to acquire the video. An investigation should move forward to see if charges can be brought against CNN and those that were involved.

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October 29th, 2006

Democrats Are Nearing Collapse

The Democrats are nearing a collapse. Their support that keeps them competitive is their liberal media cohorts. The liberal media is increasingly partisan to prop up the Dems but is also in decline. The more partisan they become the worse it is for them as more people become disgusted by their false reporting. The liberal media is close to the end of their ability to effect elections. This might be the last election or 2008 will be the last gasp of the liberal media to try to put their party back in power.

When the Democrats slip further their voters will be disillusioned without hope of winning and will not vote. Already we are seeing reports that black voters that have voted for democrats at 90% rates are asking why they should continue to vote for them. Democrats need to deliver for their supporters but with each election loss they lose more people that depend on them through government handouts and promises of government largess. Democrats also try to create fear among their voters by telling them that only they will protect what they have. For example Democrats ran campaigns in recent years claiming that their supporters will lose their Social Security if Republicans win. This scare tactic works a few times but the more Republicans win the fear tactic sounds more like the boy crying wolf again and again. Democrats are in decline and the worse it gets for them, the worse it gets. Democrats need to have power to keep power.

The Dems increasing are getting shrill and using mean-spirited attacks. In their desperation they are resorting to smears and outright lies to try to regain power. They know its slipping away and trying anything to hold on. Most of their tactics are negative and not likely to gain supporters. Most people don’t like to associate with the nastiness the Dems are showing. It’s not something that is attractive but rather repulsive. I think the reason many do not want to vote, near 50% and growing, is that many in the past that voted for Dems are no longer voting because they no longer like their party. Years back Democrats out numbered Republicans near 2 to 1 margins.

At best the Democrats will do this election and the next is to be about even with Republicans. It’s all downhill from here for the Dems. The Democrats will collapse and become a small marginalized radical left party. See One Dominate Political Party

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October 28th, 2006

One Dominant Political Party asks, “Do You Want A One Party Government?”. If one party, like the Democrats, collapses (and I think it will happen) the Republican party will be the dominant party. There will still be other parties like today you have the Libertarians and others that exist but are small. One party governments are authoritarian, communist or fascist. Those type of governments don’t allow any opposition but in a representative democracy, one party can become dominate among many. Japan’s politics is dominated by one party which is pro-capitalist and the much smaller party is socialist.

When the Republicans become the dominant party, and they are nearing that, primaries will be where the action is to be elected. A party is made up of members that are nominated. There will be moderates and conservatives in a primary. In some states conservatives will dominate and in other states moderates will win like in the northeast states. The much smaller Democrat party will be leftist, socialist, and will only have power in small areas like SF and other urban areas. Conservatives will dominate politics in the Republican party and most of the country.

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October 27th, 2006

Bush Approval Rising, Protecting the Border

Bush approval is near the highest level of the year according to Rasmussen Poll, one of the most accurate polling companies. We may be seeing the benefits of signing the bill to build a fence, or wall, along the Mexican border. One issue that many conservatives had problems with many Republicans and the President is about illegal’s coming across the border and little being done about it. The President and Republican Congress have now taken the side to protect the border. House Republicans stopped amnesty for illegal’s a few months back and has been pushing for a “secure the border first” agenda. Democrats want open borders and amnesty for illegal’s. It will help gain voters for Republicans as people see what side each party is on.

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Liberal Media Getting Nervous

The media who has been touting polls showing a big Democrat win are now back peddling. Trying to ratchet down expectations. Their polls need to show an appearance of credibility so they need to slowly move to more unbiased polling to closer match election results. In past years this was done by polling “all adults” in earlier polls and then changing the polls to “most likely to vote”. The all adult polls would lean more so to Democrats and liberal positions. The later polls that more resemble election results show a greater Republican sample or conservative leaning in their poll of likely voters.

The liberal media uses polls not only to create news but to help Democrats raise money and to depress Republican support by creating the false notion that it’s a lost cause. It ends up being offset to a degree as the polls show Republicans gaining as the election approaches but that’s usually most clear on election day when it’s too late. They can always claim that their polls at the end were somewhat accurate or claim the results were surprising or suggest that Democrats were cheated in some way. More and more people are on to their game.

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October 26th, 2006

November election, who will win?

Who will win is the question. Conservatives, contrary to pundits, can’t wait to vote. Who are these pundits we always hear? Many of them are the old liberal media. There are some conservatives that want to look like they are more knowledgeable or fair in their commentaries also predict exactly what the liberals predict, a big Democrat win. Don’t let them fool you. I heard of polls since I started following politics closely around 1980 and with few exceptions the polls, run by the liberal media, always have Dems winning. What’s new? Even when Reagan won with the biggest landslide victory in 1984, winning all but one state, there were polls a few months before the election that had the Democrat Mondale leading.

Conservatives that are quick to predict GOP losses want to kiss up to the liberal media. What will they lose if they are wrong? They think nothing, because the liberal media won’t call them on it and mock them for being wrong. No, the lib media would also be wrong so they will say nothing. But now with bloggers they will be reminded.

So is that mean I’m predicting a Republican win? I would call it a win. I don’t know what will happen, no one really knows. I predicted the Republicans will win over 50 seats in 1994. 55 seats were in play that could be won and you always lose a few close ones that get away. The GOP won 52 seats that year. The democrats have a chance to win 20 or 30 seats but beyond that it’s near impossible. They need 15 seats to win the House. If they win some but not a majority, that means the Republicans actually won more seats in the election. At this point most will say it will be close who takes the House. Either way, with all the talk about the Dems winning, and they do expect to win, they will not win near enough seats to claim a major shift in their direction. The Republicans are likely to hold the Senate and at this time the Dems appear they will be in the minority there. That’s not a win for them. It’s a Republican win.

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Top conservative sites/blogs

Some of the leading conservative sites/blogs:
Drudge Report
Ann Coulter
David Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh
FrontPage Mag
Right Wing News
Liberty News Forum
These and others I often check out. I linked these sites long ago and strongly believe I help in their popularity.

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TomG Report

The TomG Report will now continue with the website address The TomG Report is one of the first blogs on the internet starting in 1999. They weren’t even called blogs at that time and the internet was new to so many people. It all began using a Geocities website TomG Report where it has been linked in many leading website directories under conservative politics. Even though it was a “free” site it was always well linked and has had links to most leading conservative political and news sites helping their popularity. Later the report added many pages and began using the improved Homestead websites TomG Report Political News.
The TomG Report is the creator and publisher of the Political Scale

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