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November 22nd, 2006

War to Get More Serious

The war with radical Islamic terrorists will expand to more countries making it a world war. The peaceful countries of western Europe and throughout the Americas have little stomach to take the war serious. Some don’t even call it a war or believe appeasement can bring them peace.

Terrorists want to control the most geographical area they can. Their goal is to gain influence and power. They don’t care for advancing in the modern world because they are opposed to the modern world. People used to say about communists that they are like everyone and only have similar goals for themselves and family. That was an ideological battle of what system works best. Radical Islamism’s have a different world view based on their interpretation of their religion. They don’t a desire to get back to business as usual and progress. They are not like everyone with similar goals for themselves and family. Progress to them is spreading their religion by any means.

Radicals have strong footholds in Iran, Lebanon and Somalia. Few have any real desire to take them on and really defeat them. Either they are stopped in Iraq or not but that is only a battle in a long long war. For hundreds of years there were wars in the middle east stretching from Europe to Mongolia. If the radicals can’t win in Iraq they will go in another direction. If the win in Iraq they will have a central and important stronghold they never had.

Many in the western world still haven’t got it and what it will take to defeat the radical Islamics and preserve the western way of life. People want to believe it’s a simply an us verses them dispute that will end in a few years. It’s more a clash of civilizations that can only have one winner or one that is much more powerful than the other. The stronger the radical terrorists get the more difficult the war will get. So far, most of Europe and other places throughout the world as well as many in the US are not ready to take it serious. The radicals will expand into more countries and become more violence until the threat is taken serious by enough.

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November 20th, 2006

Neo-con Nonsense

The word “neo-con”, short for neo-conservative, means those that were liberals and switched to the conservative side. The reason many of these liberals made the switch was because of international issues particularly with Israel and security.

For many years the Christian right conservatives have been defenders of Israel because of the biblical importance of Israel with places like Bethlehem, the birth place of Jesus, and Christians call Jewish people the chosen people. There is a religious reason for the backing of Israel including many opinions about the end times. Because of these religious issues, Christian conservatives have been the largest supporters of Israel and it’s survival.

Many Jewish liberals saw that many conservatives backed Israel and are overall more concerned about national security issues than liberals so they switched to the conservative side.

When we hear people use the word “neo-con” they refer to the Jewish that made the switch to conservative politics. They often name names of some Jewish people they mean when referring to neo-cons. Most people that say neo-con are those that disagree with them. There isn’t much of a positive reason to separate out certain people as neo-cons in political discussion. The reason they call someone a neo-con is that they oppose them. But there isn’t a good reason to oppose a small group of conservatives referred to as neo-cons. The reason they say neo-con is that they are Jewish and want to separate them out for criticism. To put it bluntly they are bigots against Jewish people.

It’s time to call the purveyors of “neo-con” talk as the bigots they are and marginalize them as extremists. We should not accept such nonsense from them.

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November 17th, 2006

Pelosi Loses One as Dems Look Defensive

The anti-war bash the troops John Murtha loses the vote to be the Dems House leader. Pelosi’s handpicked guy thought he had the votes a day earlier, claiming on Chris Mathews show he was certain he had the votes, with no doubt. He lost to another liberal, Steney Hoyer of Maryland.

So what’s going on here. Was it a show vote? Was it a defeat for Pelosi? With the Dems you never get the truth from them. The facts are that Murtha carried a lot of scandal baggage being an un-indicted co-conspirator in the Ab Scam case. The light was shown on the Dems and they buckled. I have no doubt that if Pelosi wanted Murtha and conservatives said nothing about it they would have picked him. Radio talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Hannity on radio and cable TV brought out the Murtha ethics problems and the Dems needed to run away from their guy.

The Dems are not having an easy start. It was easy for them to bash when they were the minority but when you are the one under the microscope its difficult to defend where there are problem areas, like ethics. If this is a sign of what’s to come the Dems are in big trouble. They show they aren’t smart enough to not put themselves in the situation that leads to criticism and then faced with the criticism they run away from their own.

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November 15th, 2006

Corrupt Democrat Runs the Senate

Now the Dems have a corrupt leader running the Senate, Harry Reid. He passed a bridge to his property making it valuable. He had property in another’s name and made a huge profit after government zoning change. Democrats now have Pelosi who has ethical problems of her own and Reid leading the Dems in Congress. Oh yes, the most ethical Congress Pelosi said. Maybe she meant to say the Dems will have the most corrupt Congress.

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Corrupt Democrats

Pelosi picked the corrupt Murtha to be the Dems leader. It’s likely that Hoyer will be picked by the Dems. But Pelosi handpicked Murtha because he is a radical who bashes American troops and is evidence she is arrogant and has no concern of Democrat corruption. Pelosi said the Democrats will be the most ethical Congress and said she wants to ‘dry the swamp’, meaning she wants to clear out the payoffs to Congress. Already they are one of the most corrupt Congress in only a week.

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November 13th, 2006

Democrats Liberal Agenda Showing

It didn’t take long for the Dems to start spouting out their liberal agenda. They didn’t talk about it before the election, they hide it. Hillary talking government healthcare, Waxman itching to get started with investigations, Levin talking cut and run in 4-6 months, Murtha talking cut and run even faster, calls for tax increases echo like they always do when Dems take over. It’s now out there how extreme they are going to be. Some of those that voted for them or didn’t vote will wonder what mess they caused.

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November 10th, 2006

Rumsfeld is a Patriot that Should be Thanked

I can’t blame Rumsfeld if he wanted to leave. He works long hours a day, seven days a week for no real money. He could make millions in the private sector without all the grief. He gets criticised and few thanks. Rumsfeld is a real patriot that serves the country. Winning two wars much faster than most thought possible Rumsfeld also restructed the Defense Department from the past focus on the cold war to the war on terror. All Americans should offer their thanks to Rumsfeld for his service.

It’s not good that he is being replaced unless we end up with someone just as good or better. With Gates, we will have to wait and see if he is going to be a good Secretary of Defense.

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November 9th, 2006

Will Conservatives Still Support President Bush?

All through President Bush’s administration there was a debate as to if Bush was conservative or not. Some insisted he isn’t a conservative, that he is more like his father and on the moderate side of the Republican party. His policy of tax cuts, strong support for the military and his judicial picks were on the conservative side. Bush is no rino (Republican in name only) but those that believe Bush is not very conservative is because he doesn’t speak the language and doesn’t carry forward and promote the conservative agenda in speeches but on few occasions.

Now that the Democrats led by very liberal leaders have control of the Congress, President Bush is talking about cooperation with the Democrats. It’s really nothing new. Bush has been talking a conciliatory style leadership and a “new tone” in Washington since he entered the Presidency. This “new tone” has been ticking off many conservatives for a long time and now it’s even more out front in his speeches. This is not what conservatives want to hear. It’s the reason many conservatives weren’t fired up to support Republicans and the Bush administration costing Republicans the Congress. Bush’s poll ratings were below 50% because many Republicans/conservatives don’t approve of his leadership due to the lack of a coherent conservative agenda in his speeches. Conservatives want to see a conservative policy and hear it shouted loudly with enthusiastic support and defended strongly with actions. This is even more unlikely to happen now. President Bush is talking with the Democrats that will lead Congress. Bush will sign some of the legislation passed by the Democrats like immigration reform. This won’t play well with conservatives.

When Bush supports conservative positions it will be backed including the war on terror but when there is a deal with Democrats on liberal bills conservatives will be vocal against it. If the Democrats want to pass things they want they will have to deal with Bush and get along with him. Democrats will try to investigate the administration every chance they get. Most people that watch Congressional hearings and care anything about them are conservatives but no one including conservatives will care what is said there. President Bush will be less of the focus and that will actually help his approval in polls. Doing nothing (just ask Clinton) or not being the one out front for everyone to criticizes is a winner when it comes to getting higher poll ratings. Supporting President Bush as if he is the conservative leader at this point has no advantage in it. He won’t be the conservative leader the next 2 years. Some conservatives abandoned or had luke warm support long ago for the President and now that the 2008 election will gain in importance that is where the focus will be.

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November 8th, 2006

Where we Stand in American Politics Today

The election is over and the usual type of outcome happened. The out of party won. It’s the usual results. The Dems basically ran on nothing but change. What the change is is up to the interpretation of the voters. What ever the voter hoped the change is, they believe that is what they voted for. Those that want a secure border voted that way and those that want open borders voted that way.. all helping to elect Democrats. People’s expectations of what they voted for, or thought they voted for, won.

Dems hide their liberal agenda and won. Can they push their radical left agenda? To their detriment if they will. But their liberal supporters think that’s what they voted for and expect liberalism by their leaders. The Dems are in a bad position, either push the leftwing agenda of their supporters and look crazy or upset their leftwing that makes up the majority of the Dems.

Conservatives can now speak up and press our beliefs without having to defend weak leadership or moderate Republicans. Now there is a face of liberalism, the Dems led by Pelosi and Reid, and many others. Conservatives have something to speak out against now rather than always have to be on defense. It’s now liberal Dems that will be on defense.

The Dems are at a high water mark for them. The country is conservative and when the Dems show their radical liberalism, as always, they get rejected. Some of the Dems that won ran as conservatives. That was the only way they could win. At this point both parties moved to being more conservative. The Dems won’t allow their more moderate or conservative members have much say at all. They expect them to get in line to support liberalism. If they do they won’t last long in Congress and will lose next election. With the liberal media in decline, liberalism will continue to lose. The Dem party had its best day by hiding what they believe and even running as conservatives. They are in a weak spot and will continue downward in future elections. Conservatives will shift gears and become more aggressive again and win. Conservatism is on a long trend up and will continue. In many ways the Dem win help the conservative cause by defining positions. Liberalism is old with it’s best days long one. Conservatives are closing in on truely winning and being the majority for years to come.

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November 7th, 2006

Election Day

Early reports are that the turnout is high in key states, like suburbs of St. Louis. It’s all about who comes out to vote. That’s a good sign so far. It will matter most later when people get home from work, they need to vote.

Dems were complaining about irregularities before the voting started. There are reports of a Republican area in New Mexico of not enough ballots to vote.

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