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December 28th, 2006

Bob Woodward Once Again Is Despicable

Bob Woodward, sticking his nose into a state funeral for an ex-President releases what he claims to be President Ford’s comments against the Iraq war. The comments by Gerald Ford are not the issue. For Bob Woodward to throw that out before Ford is even buried shows what a despicable person Bob Woodward is.

Friend of Gerald Ford, Thomas DeFrank, said Ford supported the Iraq war. Apparently the most Despicable, Bob Woodward, manipulated Fords words about the reasons to justify the Iraq war for support of the Iraq war effort.

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December 23rd, 2006

Liberals, Secularists War on Christmas

There has been an attempt by liberals and other secularists to water down the Christian holiday Christmas; no, it’s not xmas or simply the holidays. Many stores were convinced by slick marketers that view Christmas shoppers as spending saps that won’t notice that the store doesn’t mention ‘Christmas’ even though they are selling for Christmas. Many Christmas shoppers have noticed and don’t like the slight of hand at them. In the attempt to be politically correct, stores insulted many shoppers that can decide to buy some where else. Many stores quickly changed their policy and started ones against to use the word ‘Christmas’ after many complained.

Bill O’Reilly to his credit has exposed the attempts by some stores and others including towns and schools that try to ban the use of the word Christmas as well as other symbols of the holiday.

The secularists and many liberals can’t end Christmas, its such a favorite holiday and important to Christians. So they try to change the meaning as much as possible to a secular holiday and simply a holiday without religious meaning. Anytime they can remove reference to Christmas or its symbols they take it out of mind and importance to many. If people don’t notice it they won’t celebrate it and won’t ask what it’s about. Church going increases sharply at Christmas time by those that don’t always go. If the liberals and secularists were successful in taking Christmas out of mind and water down its importance less people will be religious and therefore more open to liberal and secularist beliefs in Christian beliefs’ absence. People are on to their attempts and are not being silent and not letting them get away with it. Merry Christmas to all.

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December 22nd, 2006

Governor Mitt Romney has Good Chance to Be President

The Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, will announce he is running for President very soon. It has been widely speculated that he will run for President after not running for reelection as Governor. Romney has been a popular governor in a blue of blue Dem state. He is moderately conservative even taking some conservative social issues such as opposition to gay marriage and he is opposed to abortion even if it’s a recent conversion to the Pro-life cause.

If Governor Mitt Romney was to win the nomination he would be a strong candidate because he would be able to compete in all parts of the country including the north east like Massachusetts where Republicans usually don’t have much chance. Most Presidents elected have been governors which helps Romney and at this time the Dems leading Presidential candidates are Senators that seldom win. Gov. Romney would be acceptable to most in the Republican party so he will get wide support by the party. Neither the more conservative or moderate Republicans would have strong reason to oppose him and will therefore vote for him. The only challenge for him in the Republican party is if he can get vocal and enthusiastic support. If the Dems nominate Hillary Clinton, anyone the Republicans nominate will get strong support. If Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee he will have a good chance to be elected President.

The Republican leaders for Presidential nominee now is Giuliani and McCain. Sen. John McCain has lost a lot of support from conservatives having gone against conservatives so many times that most others would be more acceptable. Giuliani is liberal on social issues making it hard for him to get enough conservative’s support to get to a majority. Giuliani has not been a governor and few mayors can ever be serious candidates for President, never mind actually win.

The way the primaries work to be nominated, it’s very important to get a good start. The ones that win early continue on gaining support and all important campaign funds and those that lose early quickly see their support erode and they soon drop out of the race. Not all of those that win the Iowa caucus end up being the nominee but those that win for the Republican nomination usually come in first in the New Hampshire primary. George Bush came in second and ended up winning against McCain because conservatives backed Bush in greater numbers. With Romney being the Governor of Massachusetts he is certain to do well in New Hampshire primary being a border state. Dems have had many from Massachusetts do well in NH and win the nomination or come close like Kerry, Dukakis, and Tsongas in the last 20 years. It is almost certain that Romney will be one of the top two or three candidates going on to the South Carolina and other primaries. With the other top candidates being McCain and Giuliani, the more conservative voters will have their candidate to support in Mitt Romney and conservatives are the ones that pick the nominee. Romney has been scrutinized being Governor and isn’t likely to have any unknown issues about him that will derail him. Although Romney isn’t well known outside of New England, like so many times in the past, someone that is not well known nationally quickly gains support and is elected President. Governor Mitt Romney has a better chance than most to be the next President.

Governor Romney for President?

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December 18th, 2006

Did Hillary Clinton Plan the Obama Media Frenzy?

Dick Morris on the Sean Hannity show said basically the same I said in my article that Obama is helping Hillary by “sucking up the oxygen” from other candidates and therefore that helps Hillary. The question is, did the Hillary Clinton team get the media to push the Obama name to help her be the one and only serious candidate? The Hillary Clinton team has many supporters and political minded people that think hard and long at ways to benefit their candidates. It wouldn’t be surprising that they could influence their liberal media friends to do what they want, like drum up the Obama factor. The other candidates in the Dems party do not have the political savvy to recognize what the Hillary Clinton team is capable.

Al Gore and Kerry, both that were believed to be candidates for President in 2008 aren’t wise politically. Kerry’s remarks viewed to be bashing the troops finished him off politically. The Dems quickly ended his political chances by getting him to back down and the Dems party threw him over board like throwing out an old shoe. The Clinton’s could very well have been behind the scenes getting the party to muzzle Kerry and therefore neutralize him. It’s now difficult for Kerry to rise again after he slithered away. John Kerry will try to come out from his hiding place and won’t see anyone around, and will say, ‘hey guys, where did everyone go? I’m still here’. The Dems moved on and Kerry was left in the closet the Dems told him to get in.

Al Gore is another one that has been second fiddle, or more like Bill Clinton’s door mat. After losing and looking like a sore loser along with Lieberman, the Dems shuffled them off and want no part of them. The left wing of the Dems wanted to defeat Lieberman as they have no use for his moderate image at least on military issues. Al Gore was driven away when the Clinton Presidency ended and Hillary and Bill Clinton waved him off in a very un-ceremonial, get in the limo and wave bye to them in a humiliating fashion. It was symbolic and had to be demoralizing to the Gore’s. Bill Clinton wouldn’t go without as much fanfare he could get along with Hillary who was off to the Senate that keeps her name in the news. They could have had Al Gore with them but didn’t want him near. Al Gore has been trying to make speeches on global warming and other issues to get some media time but mostly attracts the radical elements, or Dean wing nuts of the Dems party. Gore is easily over shadowed by Obama unless he comes out fighting.

Why do Dems like Kerry, Gore and others like Dean let the Clinton’s push them aside? Like Lucy pulling the ball away again and again from Charley Brown, other Dems have no sense of what the Clintons and their media allies do to them.

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December 16th, 2006

Too Late to Run For President in 2008?

Already some that were thought to be candidates are dropping out of the race. It’s thought that a candidate has to get in early and it seems each Presidential election those that run get in earlier and earlier. In 1960 Sen. John Kennedy entered the race on January 2nd of the same year as the election and that was the earliest anyone ever announced at that time. It’s not even the year before the Presidential election of 08 and some already dropping out. Where they ever in? Sen. Bayh of Indiana and Gov. Warner of Virginia, both Democrats, have announced they are out of the race. Bayh decided his chances would be slim so he won’t run. It takes money and time to get a campaign staff together that makes running the equivalent of a small corporation having to build it from scratch. All the talk of Obama is thought to be freezing out others from gaining publicity, staff, money and Hillary would be difficult for any Dem to defeat.

Those that want to run should realize that it’s not too late to get into the ring even if they wait till close to the primaries. When someone jumps in they can gain some publicity by being the new candidate and if they can raise enough money for the first two primaries which shouldn’t be that hard; and if they win or come close in the early Iowa Caucus or N.H. primary money will flow in. Candidates that have been running for a year may see their star dim as the public tire of them. The most important factor for a candidate to win the nomination is if they unite enough factions of their party. People learn fast who is going to represent their values and beliefs. There are other factors like personality which attracts people. Someone has to look Presidential and it takes a personality of strength and the ability to make good speeches to woo voters. Sometimes it’s less what the candidate says than the way they say it. Having a plan is more important than trying to sell the details of the plan. Many sell the fact they have a plan as few ever really know what’s in it. Voters want to hear what someone’s plan is suppose to do and if they sound believable they may very well vote for them.

Each party has coalitions and special interest voters. Getting enough people to support them is the bottom line of what is needed to be their party’s nominee. If they have what it takes they can enter the race almost last minute and win the primaries and nomination.

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December 13th, 2006

Senator Tim Johnson Struck by illness, Serious Condition

In what can be a shakeup for the US Senate, Senator Tim Johnson had become ill and taken to the hospital wih some saying it appears a serious condition. We hope Sen. Tim Johnson gets well soon and we wish him the best health. Early reports were that Johnson apparently suffered a stroke but it was later denied by his spokesman. It is unknown his condition at this time.

If it turns out that the Senator can’t continue in office a Republican Governor would pick the next Senator and Republicans would retain the Senate they lost in the Nov. election with 50 seats. This unfortunate event will likely result in leftists making up conspiracy theories as to the Senator’s health. The Democrats may not be able to take power and launch investigations in Senate committees against the President.

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December 12th, 2006

RightWingNews Interview with Tom Delay

Interesting interview of Tom Delay and well done by John H. of Right Wing News. Tom Delay is a newbie with his own blog, as LaShawn Barber points out how he called a “post” a “blog”. I wonder if he is writing it himself.

In the interview Tom Delay points out that conservatives need to work together to get the message out and saying, “I think conservatives have to compete in every media that’s out there. There are some good conservative blogs, yours included, that are very good and helpful. But, there are not enough of them. We are sorely outnumbered by the left in the blogosphere and I think we’ve got to compete and I’m trying to be a role model for leadership around the country.” I’ve been trying to to get more conservatives to help each other out but like Rush Limbaugh points out many conservatives compete with each other. That seems true and not completely bad. Conservatives are independent and we have our own thoughts putting them on blogs or posts on forums. But there should be some teaming up and helping others to gain popularity. Its a win win for our side and not that another’s rise in popularity is at your expense. Give to get, help another blog or conservative web site and in turn they will help you or some other will. Promote those you like, it doesn’t have to be an even deal. If you do this, I will do that. Better to say, I’m helping you this way and that. Thanks for any help.

The left, I’m convinced, is a top down approach. Leading blogs or organizations with money backing them promote others. This is not the best approach because they need funding from the top and if for some reason it goes crazy and starts, like they have, to support the craziest ones out there, their movement will become more radical and small. Conservatives take their own initiative and start their own web sites or blogs.

Hopefully more conservatives will help each other gain popularity and help others to get the conservative message out.

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Obama Helps Hillary

With all the liberal media fuss over a second year Senator, Barak Obama, it is ‘sucking the oxygen’ out of other Dems 2008 hopefuls. All but Hillary anyway. With Hillary consistently in the lead in polls among Dems in the 30 percent range, it sets things up as a Hillary vs someone else. The someone else, Obama, is being pumped up big time by the liberal media even though he has little past achievements that make him presidential material. Oh, he speaks well, that’s about it. Obama is a liberal and Hillary is trying to paint herself as a centrist liberal. With Obama getting all the press time, anyone else that may have gotten some traction is squeezed out of the way. If it comes down to Obama and Hillary, Hillary would likely out spend Obama and out last him. Any damage she may do to him can be easily repaired by naming him as vice presidential nominee and the Dems ticket is in place. The problem for the Dems is that if some governor, similar to Governor Clinton in 92, is more electable, no one will know it. Governor Bill Clinton slowly rose to the top in a weak field including unelectable types like Jesse Jackson and very weak Paul Tsongas. This time a no-name governor like Iowa Vilsack is squeezed out and won’t have time to catch Hillary with Obama getting all the press.

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December 7th, 2006

Interesting Conservative Blogs

These are some of my favorite conservative blogs. Top 12.
1. Mark Levin
2. Frontpage Mag
3. Ann Coulter
4. Michelle Malkin
5. Right Wing News
6. David Limbaugh
7. Liberty News Forum
8. Right on the Right
9. Conspiracy Poor & Stupid
10. Wuzzadem
11. Sundries
12. American Thinker

I hope to make a top list of blogs like Right Wing News does each quarter.
Right Wing News has his top 40 list now.

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December 6th, 2006

The Iraqi Study Group of ‘Has Beens’

The group of ‘has been’s’ trying to pose as Iraqi war experts put it’s report out with their recommendations. They say the Iraq war isn’t going well and call for talking to countries that support terrorism. Countries can talk all day or all year but unless you are dealing with someone on your side that has the same values a deal to benefit each side won’t result. The enemies of our great country want to destroy or at least harm us. Would anyone make a deal that harms them to some degree and in return give up something that also harms them? Of course not, but that’s basically what you are dealing with when dealing with enemies.

The Iraqi group led by James Baker is made up of has been politicians and others that once held government positions. The group is not made up of experts in military and foreign affairs. Their goal seems to be to put together some kind of consensus in bipartisanship. What that has to do with winning the war on terrorists in anyone’s guess. It’s not up to them to fight the war and defend America and our allies, it’s the Presidents job and to a lesser extent the Congress. The study group has no responsibility and was not elected to be Commander in Chief.

The pieces of paper it is written on has little meaning. It doesn’t change anything. We are at war with radical terrorists and the only way it ends is when one side wins.

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