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January 30th, 2007

Global Warming is a Fairy Tale

Do you believe in fairy tales? Do you believe in the chicken little tale of the sky is falling? Apparently many liberals believe in such fairy tales of global warming and the stories they tell of being on the eve of destruction.

Earths temperatures rise and fall over hundreds of years. A thousand years ago temperatures were higher and then fell in the mini ice age that started near year 1400 a.d. and ended only about 150 years ago. Temperatures will change, glaciers grow and shrink, ice ages and periods of warm temperatures will come and go. Many factors will cause changes including the suns solar activity. The temperature is now about average for the last 2,000 years. Coming out of the mini ice age that caused deaths in Europe means a beneficial warm period we are in now. Greenland was named green because it was once green with trees and grass when it was warmer than today. The mini ice age killed off the population that lived there and one day it may be green again with warmer temperatures.

Many people do not realize that temperatures change over decades and think that it must be a problem if temperatures change. Because of ignorance, people can believe anything and will believe any change has to be a problem if someone tells them it is. The liberals/Dems will believe anything that they can latch onto for their “cause” to say they “care” as long as they can blame those they hate for the fairy tale they believe. Of course their solution has to fit their agenda of destruction, to tear down capitalism that has brought prosperity to millions. Even worse for liberals/socialists/Dems, capitalism brought prosperity to the United States of America in contrast to socialist countries that have had no economic progress and poverty.

The liberals want to use their little fair tale of global warming as an excuse to impose taxes and regulations on capitalist economies to destroy them. If they did succeed people will suffer from poverty and misery and the liberals will be happy they destroyed the prosperity capitalism has brought to the average person.

Who would have thought so many can so easily be fooled to believe in a fairy tale called global warming? Liberals will believe anything as long as they can use it to destroy prosperity.

Global Warming Can be a Good Thing

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January 26th, 2007

End the Federal Reserves Micromanaging the Business Cycle

When the economy is good, inflation rises then falls. There is no need for higher interest rates to slow the economy and inflation. The inflation we had was rising oil prices and increased demand for much needed supplies because of the strong worldwide economy. In a growing economy, coming out of the Clinton recession, its good for prices to rise to profitable levels for suppliers and to encourage more production.

At the beginning of a growing economic cycle its good to have rising prices and is a natural result. Suppliers might still be cutting back and have lowered prices to unprofitable levels when the economy was weak. Rising prices aren’t always dreaded “inflation” but rather a necessary market force that further increases production to meet rising demand as the economy enters a new growth era. Businesses see the demand and higher prices and quickly ramp up production. We are now in the faze of increasing production of needed supplies and that lowers inflation as the demand is met.

Oil is an example of increased world demand (because of the good economy) that resulted in increased prices. Now we see increasing supplies of oil, greater efficiencies and alternatives which lower the oil price as the higher demand is met. Those commodities that have the largest price increase spur the greatest investment to meet the demand.

The economic growth cycle includes changing prices to encourage production of needed supplies. It’s about time to end the Federal reserves micromanaging the business cycle.

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January 25th, 2007

Democrats Can’t Help But Be Negative and Gloomy

President Bush gave the State of the Union address in a calm manner talking about the strong American economy and how we need to defeat terrorists abroad to protect the country. Bush recognized the new Speaker, Pelosi, in a manner way beyond the little respect she gives the President. George Bush talked about improving health insurance coverage with a new idea that helps people buy insurance and he spoke of future technology created energy sources.

While President Bush acted as he should, as President, the Democrats looked like a bunch of kids going to a party to trash it the first chance adults look the other way. Pelosi couldn’t stop blinking, Hillary had her usual sour face on, Democrats applauded like kids told to do their chores when they don’t want to, and the Democrats didn’t applaud when they could show they want victory for America in the war in Iraq.

What do you expect from Dems you may ask. The Dems ran for office in the November election on nothing but negatives. They didn’t put a policy out to elect them on. They hide their policies so not to lose votes. Their policies are nothing but based on negatives. The Dems economic polices are based on their belief that the economy is always bad and in decline. Their environmental or energy policy is based on a fairy tale of global warming disaster coming. Democrat policies need negative, gloom, or a disaster to be the basis for their argument for their government policies. If the Dems can’t find a problem they will make one up. Create a crisis that they can say they want to fix and their fix is more government programs that will likely make the problem worse or create new problems. New problems even when government created, the liberals will push even more government to fix.

So what else can the Dems do when seen on TV or at a State of the Union Address but be negative, gloomy or outright nasty because their policies need gloom and doom to implement their big government policies.

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January 23rd, 2007

President Bush Should Have Approval of 90%

With the success the military has killing and capturing thousands of terrorists the last few years, no attacks on America since 2001, recent success defeating terrorists in Somalia, enemy countries like North Korea under pressure from other US allies and Iran facing pressure from within their country, the economy booming with low unemployment, oil and gas prices falling with supplies increasing, the state of the U.S. hasn’t been better. President Bush should have approval ratings near 90% rather than low ratings as if we were being bombed in our cities and as if we had an economy as bad as some European countries.

The reason is simple why we have so much negativity. The liberal media has been lying about the state of our country. They have painted the economy as if its near a depression rather than near the best ever. Every day the liberal media only reports when America soldiers are killed as if it’s the only thing going on in the war on terrorists to the delight of terrorists whom are being emboldened by the liberal media spreading their propaganda for them. People are easily manipulated by daily lies and propaganda when they hear the so called news on TV or read it in the newspaper.

It’s dangerous when politicians look at the polls of manipulated people and often react to them. Politicians may very well do the wrong thing and damage both the economy and the nations security because they believe that people no longer want a pro growth economy and that people no longer want the US of America defended by a strong military defeating terrorists like polls may suggest.

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January 12th, 2007

Can Democrats Kill The Economy By 2008?

The race is on for the Dems to try to knock the economy down by the 2008 Presidential election. They are doing all they can now, raising the minimum raise to put people on the unemployment lines and proposing higher taxes on small businesses so they hire fewer people. The Dems are also looking to tax oil to drive the price up and have no plans to increase oil supplies by opening up drilling.

The economy continues to grow at a nice rate, we have low unemployment, job growth, low inflation, and lower taxes after Bush’s tax cuts that helped the economy out of the Clinton recession of 2001. For the Dems to win in 08 they need an economy in decline and they are doing all they could to give the economy a body blow. With oil prices falling and the stock market rising it’s unlikely the Dems will be able to harm the economy enough to help them in 08 because by then we will have 7 full years, 28 full quarters of strong economic growth under a Republican President.

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Barbara Boxer Slams Women Without Children

Sen. Barbara Boxer mocked Secretary of State Condi Rice for not having a personal stake and not able to pay a personal price in the war because she doesn’t have children. So much for a liberal like Boxer believing that women do not have to have children to be in top jobs and make important decisions. Liberal Boxer made it clear that she thinks only women with children can be responsible and make national security decisions.

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January 11th, 2007

Democrats Can Not Keep Oil Prices High

Democrats were elected to continue their high oil price policy by preventing increased oil drilling that would increase supply and lower prices. The supply of oil continues to rise as world wide production of oil and other energy sources increases to meet the demand. The Democrats hopes to increase taxes on oil and other attempts to drive oil and gasoline at the pump higher will fail. Democrats do not have the power after taking over Congress to do what OPEC countries also try to do that being restrict oil supplies so the price rises.

Extremist environmentalists won’t be happy with their Democrat friends as oil and gas prices fall which increases use of oil. Exxon is now openly siding with the Democrats and extremist environmentalists in hopes to keep oil prices high and continue to make billions. It is the policy of leftists and Democrats to pressure people by costing them more for oil to drive their cars, heat and cool their homes into reducing their standard of living by using less energy.

What always happens when there is a demand for something, like oil, the market ends up meeting the demand and prices fall. Once again it is happening and no matter how much OPEC countries and the Democrats hoped to manipulate the oil market into higher prices, economic realities of supply and demand are stopping them.

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January 4th, 2007

Democrats Mean Spirited Agenda of Unemployment and Lower Wages

The Dems have taken over Congress and are set to implement their mean spirited agenda. Their first plan is to put people out of work and driving down wages for many by increasing the minimum wage for the few that benefit. People are not allowed to work for less than the minimum wage set even if its the only job they can find or would take. For example, someone may need to work near their home where they could take care of family members but the loss of the available jobs puts them out of work. The Dems consistent lie to people telling them that raising the minimum is beneficial to lower wage workers is part of their mean spirited propaganda.

Wages fall by increasing the minimum when those that would have made more see their wages fall as more and more unemployed people in an area compete for the fewer jobs. Those that may have made 10 dollars and hour or even more will make a lower wage as many that need the jobs compete for the decreasing number of jobs. In cruel fashion the Democrats will tell those that have the jobs that they would have made even less than the minimum if not for them when they would have made more.

So why are the Democrats so mean spirited and cruel to lower waged workers? They have to know they are putting people out of work by increasing the minimum people are allowed to work for. Only someone ignorant of basic economics knows that artificially manipulating the job market they cause harm to those seeking jobs. The Dems rely on the liberal media to cover up the facts and the Dems know that schools run by liberals do not teach basic economics. The Dems simply lie to lower waged people that they are going to get paid more even though few benefit and many more are harmed. Democrats will not tell people that they are costing people jobs opportunities for those that most need a job or those that have difficulty finding work. People with disabilities because of their difficulty holding a job are often most harmed by the ultimate in mean spirited and cruel Democrats agenda by putting them out of work with their minimum wage laws and driving down wages.

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