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January 12th, 2007

Can Democrats Kill The Economy By 2008?

The race is on for the Dems to try to knock the economy down by the 2008 Presidential election. They are doing all they can now, raising the minimum raise to put people on the unemployment lines and proposing higher taxes on small businesses so they hire fewer people. The Dems are also looking to tax oil to drive the price up and have no plans to increase oil supplies by opening up drilling.

The economy continues to grow at a nice rate, we have low unemployment, job growth, low inflation, and lower taxes after Bush’s tax cuts that helped the economy out of the Clinton recession of 2001. For the Dems to win in 08 they need an economy in decline and they are doing all they could to give the economy a body blow. With oil prices falling and the stock market rising it’s unlikely the Dems will be able to harm the economy enough to help them in 08 because by then we will have 7 full years, 28 full quarters of strong economic growth under a Republican President.

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