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January 25th, 2007

Democrats Can’t Help But Be Negative and Gloomy

President Bush gave the State of the Union address in a calm manner talking about the strong American economy and how we need to defeat terrorists abroad to protect the country. Bush recognized the new Speaker, Pelosi, in a manner way beyond the little respect she gives the President. George Bush talked about improving health insurance coverage with a new idea that helps people buy insurance and he spoke of future technology created energy sources.

While President Bush acted as he should, as President, the Democrats looked like a bunch of kids going to a party to trash it the first chance adults look the other way. Pelosi couldn’t stop blinking, Hillary had her usual sour face on, Democrats applauded like kids told to do their chores when they don’t want to, and the Democrats didn’t applaud when they could show they want victory for America in the war in Iraq.

What do you expect from Dems you may ask. The Dems ran for office in the November election on nothing but negatives. They didn’t put a policy out to elect them on. They hide their policies so not to lose votes. Their policies are nothing but based on negatives. The Dems economic polices are based on their belief that the economy is always bad and in decline. Their environmental or energy policy is based on a fairy tale of global warming disaster coming. Democrat policies need negative, gloom, or a disaster to be the basis for their argument for their government policies. If the Dems can’t find a problem they will make one up. Create a crisis that they can say they want to fix and their fix is more government programs that will likely make the problem worse or create new problems. New problems even when government created, the liberals will push even more government to fix.

So what else can the Dems do when seen on TV or at a State of the Union Address but be negative, gloomy or outright nasty because their policies need gloom and doom to implement their big government policies.

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