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January 4th, 2007

Democrats Mean Spirited Agenda of Unemployment and Lower Wages

The Dems have taken over Congress and are set to implement their mean spirited agenda. Their first plan is to put people out of work and driving down wages for many by increasing the minimum wage for the few that benefit. People are not allowed to work for less than the minimum wage set even if its the only job they can find or would take. For example, someone may need to work near their home where they could take care of family members but the loss of the available jobs puts them out of work. The Dems consistent lie to people telling them that raising the minimum is beneficial to lower wage workers is part of their mean spirited propaganda.

Wages fall by increasing the minimum when those that would have made more see their wages fall as more and more unemployed people in an area compete for the fewer jobs. Those that may have made 10 dollars and hour or even more will make a lower wage as many that need the jobs compete for the decreasing number of jobs. In cruel fashion the Democrats will tell those that have the jobs that they would have made even less than the minimum if not for them when they would have made more.

So why are the Democrats so mean spirited and cruel to lower waged workers? They have to know they are putting people out of work by increasing the minimum people are allowed to work for. Only someone ignorant of basic economics knows that artificially manipulating the job market they cause harm to those seeking jobs. The Dems rely on the liberal media to cover up the facts and the Dems know that schools run by liberals do not teach basic economics. The Dems simply lie to lower waged people that they are going to get paid more even though few benefit and many more are harmed. Democrats will not tell people that they are costing people jobs opportunities for those that most need a job or those that have difficulty finding work. People with disabilities because of their difficulty holding a job are often most harmed by the ultimate in mean spirited and cruel Democrats agenda by putting them out of work with their minimum wage laws and driving down wages.

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