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January 30th, 2007

Global Warming is a Fairy Tale

Do you believe in fairy tales? Do you believe in the chicken little tale of the sky is falling? Apparently many liberals believe in such fairy tales of global warming and the stories they tell of being on the eve of destruction.

Earths temperatures rise and fall over hundreds of years. A thousand years ago temperatures were higher and then fell in the mini ice age that started near year 1400 a.d. and ended only about 150 years ago. Temperatures will change, glaciers grow and shrink, ice ages and periods of warm temperatures will come and go. Many factors will cause changes including the suns solar activity. The temperature is now about average for the last 2,000 years. Coming out of the mini ice age that caused deaths in Europe means a beneficial warm period we are in now. Greenland was named green because it was once green with trees and grass when it was warmer than today. The mini ice age killed off the population that lived there and one day it may be green again with warmer temperatures.

Many people do not realize that temperatures change over decades and think that it must be a problem if temperatures change. Because of ignorance, people can believe anything and will believe any change has to be a problem if someone tells them it is. The liberals/Dems will believe anything that they can latch onto for their “cause” to say they “care” as long as they can blame those they hate for the fairy tale they believe. Of course their solution has to fit their agenda of destruction, to tear down capitalism that has brought prosperity to millions. Even worse for liberals/socialists/Dems, capitalism brought prosperity to the United States of America in contrast to socialist countries that have had no economic progress and poverty.

The liberals want to use their little fair tale of global warming as an excuse to impose taxes and regulations on capitalist economies to destroy them. If they did succeed people will suffer from poverty and misery and the liberals will be happy they destroyed the prosperity capitalism has brought to the average person.

Who would have thought so many can so easily be fooled to believe in a fairy tale called global warming? Liberals will believe anything as long as they can use it to destroy prosperity.

Global Warming Can be a Good Thing

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