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January 11th, 2007

Democrats Can Not Keep Oil Prices High

Democrats were elected to continue their high oil price policy by preventing increased oil drilling that would increase supply and lower prices. The supply of oil continues to rise as world wide production of oil and other energy sources increases to meet the demand. The Democrats hopes to increase taxes on oil and other attempts to drive oil and gasoline at the pump higher will fail. Democrats do not have the power after taking over Congress to do what OPEC countries also try to do that being restrict oil supplies so the price rises.

Extremist environmentalists won’t be happy with their Democrat friends as oil and gas prices fall which increases use of oil. Exxon is now openly siding with the Democrats and extremist environmentalists in hopes to keep oil prices high and continue to make billions. It is the policy of leftists and Democrats to pressure people by costing them more for oil to drive their cars, heat and cool their homes into reducing their standard of living by using less energy.

What always happens when there is a demand for something, like oil, the market ends up meeting the demand and prices fall. Once again it is happening and no matter how much OPEC countries and the Democrats hoped to manipulate the oil market into higher prices, economic realities of supply and demand are stopping them.

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