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January 23rd, 2007

President Bush Should Have Approval of 90%

With the success the military has killing and capturing thousands of terrorists the last few years, no attacks on America since 2001, recent success defeating terrorists in Somalia, enemy countries like North Korea under pressure from other US allies and Iran facing pressure from within their country, the economy booming with low unemployment, oil and gas prices falling with supplies increasing, the state of the U.S. hasn’t been better. President Bush should have approval ratings near 90% rather than low ratings as if we were being bombed in our cities and as if we had an economy as bad as some European countries.

The reason is simple why we have so much negativity. The liberal media has been lying about the state of our country. They have painted the economy as if its near a depression rather than near the best ever. Every day the liberal media only reports when America soldiers are killed as if it’s the only thing going on in the war on terrorists to the delight of terrorists whom are being emboldened by the liberal media spreading their propaganda for them. People are easily manipulated by daily lies and propaganda when they hear the so called news on TV or read it in the newspaper.

It’s dangerous when politicians look at the polls of manipulated people and often react to them. Politicians may very well do the wrong thing and damage both the economy and the nations security because they believe that people no longer want a pro growth economy and that people no longer want the US of America defended by a strong military defeating terrorists like polls may suggest.

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