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February 28th, 2007

Scientists Used to Make Life Improving Discoveries

Scientists for centuries would research and make life improving discoveries. Famous scientists like Einstein, Da Vinci, Edison and many more would devote their lives to researching and discovering great things that can be used to improve life for all of mankind. That’s the way it was. Now however, many scientists have a political agenda and use their political connections to make money from government grants and donations from the duped. Scientists looking to get research grants and donations are pushing the politically motivated fairy tale of global warming. Leftists including many politically motivated environmentalists are using the farce of “global warming” to try to impose their political agenda of government controls and taxes they claim are needed to prevent their wild claims of pending calamities made by scientists they pay. Universities run by liberals and socialists, liberal politicians through use of government grants, and left wing organizations pay scientists that are willing accomplices to push their agenda. The phony scientists need to continue to espouse politically motivated science to continue getting their pay and keep their cushy jobs.

When will scientists go back to research to improve life instead of a political agenda? Only when they can’t get donations and research grants from government, politically motivated universities and organizations. Any scientists that accepts payments from politically motivated sources should be discredited. Their so called discoveries are tainted or outright lies. Scientists that take payments from politically motivated sources need to be denounced as their is no place in science for politics.

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February 26th, 2007

Leading and Growing Conservative Forum

If you want to discuss politics including the war on terror, the Presidential election of 2008, and other daily news stories check out the Liberty News Forum. The Liberty News Forum is a growing conservative forum.

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February 21st, 2007

AlQeada Terrorists Defeat Democrats, Liberals

The AlQeada strategy of wearing down Americans is working on Democrats and liberals. Terrorists try to defeat their enemy by using terrorist attacks to demoralize their enemy and get their enemies to run and hide in fear. It’s a strategy that is clearly working on Democrats and liberals as Dems and liberals want to cut and run. Many Dems/liberals are so beaten down by the terrorist’s attacks that Dems mouth just what the terrorists that murdered 3,000 Americans on 9-11 want them to. Dems say things that encourage more terrorist’s attacks and say things like ‘we can’t win’ in defeated tones. Like those held hostage in fear for their lives, Dems are mouthing words terrorists want to hear as they try appease their captors. Democrats and liberals are defeated like whipped hostages by terrorists.

The majority of Americans are not liberal or Democrats and do not like to be defeated like Democrats are. Americans stand up against enemies of America and freedom. Terrorists like AlQeada will pay a stiff price for believing the liberal media that mouths the Democrats defeated words daily. What AlQeada and terrorists never learned is that the liberal media does not reflect the majority of America. The worst thing that can happen is that Democrats allow the terrorists to become more deadly and kill many more innocent people by not confronting them now. The result will be an even more concentrated force used against terrorists by the US as Americans rise up to the challenge. Europe is filled with defeatist liberals/socialists and may buckle even more in the face of terrorism. Europeans will get sick of the attacks and in an even greater bloody war they will rise up and defeat the enemy. If only Democrats and liberals would stop encouraging terrorists with their defeated attitude thousands of lives would not be lost as terrorists would quickly learn they will eventually be defeated and have no chance of winning.

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February 16th, 2007

Democrats Stab American troops and America in the Back

Democrats voted in Congress to stab American troops that are defending America in the back and they voted to help the enemies that want to kill Americans. The Dems are now on record and they made it clear whose side they are on, the enemies of American and they are clearly against the United States of America.

Instead of backing our troops they voted to undermine them and harm their morale. American soldiers fight hard and risk their lives. Some paid the ultimate cost by dying to protect all Americans lives and freedoms. Yet the Democrats voted to make American soldiers jobs harder by undercutting them and putting their lives at greater risk.

The few Republicans that kissed up to the Democrats are a disgrace and should be thrown out of the Republican party. All Dems but two will now go down in history as undermining America while at war against terrorists and therefore putting American lives at risk. Democrats/liberals are a threat to America. Never in history has there been such a despicable act, treasonous in its nature, by a political party in Congress. They should feel the shame of their anti-American vote, apologize and resign in disgrace.

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February 13th, 2007

How Many Americans Have to Die before Democrats Will Support a War?

Obviously, 3000 American’s murdered on 9-11 attack on America wasn’t enough for the Democrats to support a war. After that horrible day Democrats claimed they were united in the war on terror but as soon as they could politically, they have since undermined the war effort. It doesn’t matter to liberals/Democrats that 3,000 Americans died and that American’s all around the world are threatened with murder. They went back to their pacifist ideology of helping the enemies of America at all cost. The Dems showed once again since the end of WWII that they are not interested in America winning a war against enemies that want the US to be destroyed. The liberals ideology is where they put their loyalties and not to defending the greatest country in the world, the United States of America. Plainly the Dems will risk American lives and America itself for their leftwing ideology, their ideology of pacifism.

How many Americans would have to be killed by an enemy before they would support a war? Near 3 thousand more have been killed in the war itself against terrorism and they still don’t support the war. So we are now up to 6,000 Americans dead and they still don’t support the war. How many more Americans would have to be killed? Another 3,000? 6,000?

The more Americans killed, the more the liberals will want to appease the enemy and surrender because that’s their ideology. They are pacifists and it’s a threat to our country and to the free world. The Democrats/liberals will not support a war, its clear by their words and deeds because they believe America is to blame for enemies killing Americans and other innocent people around the world. Weakness, pacifism, by many countries like in Europe before WWII is dangerous and only encourages the most evil vicious killers. Pacifism and weakness will do nothing to appease the enemy but rather embolden them.

Bin Laden claimed that Bill Clinton’s withdrawal of American forces in Somalia, infamously displayed in the movie Blackhawk Down convinced him America didn’t have the will to fight and that he could defeat America because of it. Clinton’s weak pacifist policy led to 3,000 Americans dead on 9-11 as it emboldened the enemy.

Unfortunately the Dems/liberals will likely continue to encourage the enemy and more American lives will likely be lost. It’s sickening what the liberals are doing to the country. It will take a while for people to wake up to the threat, the threat increased by the actions of the Democrats/liberals. The majority of Americans will not want to live in constant threat to their lives and their children’s life and safety. America will wake up again like in the months after 9-11 and destroy the enemy. Afghanistan and Iraq are now democratically elected free countries fighting along side of our soldiers, united with the US. Many Americans may die before the will to fight picks up again but when the will to fight comes enemies of America will again pay a huge price like Saddam did when he hung from a rope.

America is like a sleeping giant that awakens at times and crushes enemies. However Dems/liberals cause the enemies to think America would rather sleep than fight. It’s the Dems/liberals that won’t fight a war no matter how many Americans die and cause wars to become worse and enemies to make the mistake that all Americans are Pacifists like Democrats/liberals are. Many needlessly die because Democrats/liberals give false hope to America’s enemies and American’s have to fight to defend the country that the Democrats/liberals put at risk with their deadly ideology of pacifism.

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February 7th, 2007

Walmart Joins the Socialists

The liberals/socialists have been attacking Wal-Mart trying to destroy the company and unionize them for years. Walmart has been a successful company providing low cost affordable products to millions of consumers, created thousands of jobs, helped grow the economy, and paid billions in taxes. But none of that mattered to liberals/socialists whom have been bashing the company because of their success. Conservatives have defended Wal-Mart against the leftists. Now Wal-Mart has joined the liberals/socialists to support a government run healthcare system.

Wal-Mart decided to provide the rope to the liberals and socialists that want to hang them. Who will defend Wal-Mart now? Conservatives will no longer defend such a company that is helping leftists/socialists destroy capitalism and therefore destroy the country. There are many business blunders and Wal-Mart has made one of the biggest blunders of all time.

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February 6th, 2007

Should Giuliani Get Conservative’s Support?

Rudy Giuliani, the ex mayor of NY City, is running for the Republican nomination for President. If Giuliani gets the nomination he will be a formidable candidate for President. He has a good record as mayor in the biggest most important city having turned it around from the mess it was in under a Democrat mayor. Giuliani gained national acclaim when he had to deal with the attack on the World Trade Center keeping the city calm and managing in the chaotic situation.

To win the nomination Giuliani will have to win over enough conservatives for the Primary. It doesn’t look like there will be one conservative stalwart for him to compete with. The conservative vote, which is the majority, will be up for grabs. McCain lost conservatives long ago and Romney isn’t a clear conservative choice. If Newt Gingrich runs he will get support among many conservatives but there will be a large number of conservatives that would be willing to choose Giuliani as someone that can be a very strong nominee to put forth with a good record to run on.

Even before Giuliani announced he has been saying the right things to attract conservatives. While he is not pandering or being disingenuous, he points out conservative policies he supports. On many issues like the war on terror and free market economic principles Giuliani puts forward the conservative position in a positive way that we haven’t seen in a while. When it comes to social issues, the most important a thing a President can do is pick conservative judges. Giuliani said he would pick judges like Scalia and Roberts. If he makes it clear that he will indeed choose strict constructionist judges that will not make law on the bench then he will be more than acceptable to conservatives. Rudy Giuliani may very well be a good conservative’s candidate for President.

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