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February 21st, 2007

AlQeada Terrorists Defeat Democrats, Liberals

The AlQeada strategy of wearing down Americans is working on Democrats and liberals. Terrorists try to defeat their enemy by using terrorist attacks to demoralize their enemy and get their enemies to run and hide in fear. It’s a strategy that is clearly working on Democrats and liberals as Dems and liberals want to cut and run. Many Dems/liberals are so beaten down by the terrorist’s attacks that Dems mouth just what the terrorists that murdered 3,000 Americans on 9-11 want them to. Dems say things that encourage more terrorist’s attacks and say things like ‘we can’t win’ in defeated tones. Like those held hostage in fear for their lives, Dems are mouthing words terrorists want to hear as they try appease their captors. Democrats and liberals are defeated like whipped hostages by terrorists.

The majority of Americans are not liberal or Democrats and do not like to be defeated like Democrats are. Americans stand up against enemies of America and freedom. Terrorists like AlQeada will pay a stiff price for believing the liberal media that mouths the Democrats defeated words daily. What AlQeada and terrorists never learned is that the liberal media does not reflect the majority of America. The worst thing that can happen is that Democrats allow the terrorists to become more deadly and kill many more innocent people by not confronting them now. The result will be an even more concentrated force used against terrorists by the US as Americans rise up to the challenge. Europe is filled with defeatist liberals/socialists and may buckle even more in the face of terrorism. Europeans will get sick of the attacks and in an even greater bloody war they will rise up and defeat the enemy. If only Democrats and liberals would stop encouraging terrorists with their defeated attitude thousands of lives would not be lost as terrorists would quickly learn they will eventually be defeated and have no chance of winning.

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