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February 16th, 2007

Democrats Stab American troops and America in the Back

Democrats voted in Congress to stab American troops that are defending America in the back and they voted to help the enemies that want to kill Americans. The Dems are now on record and they made it clear whose side they are on, the enemies of American and they are clearly against the United States of America.

Instead of backing our troops they voted to undermine them and harm their morale. American soldiers fight hard and risk their lives. Some paid the ultimate cost by dying to protect all Americans lives and freedoms. Yet the Democrats voted to make American soldiers jobs harder by undercutting them and putting their lives at greater risk.

The few Republicans that kissed up to the Democrats are a disgrace and should be thrown out of the Republican party. All Dems but two will now go down in history as undermining America while at war against terrorists and therefore putting American lives at risk. Democrats/liberals are a threat to America. Never in history has there been such a despicable act, treasonous in its nature, by a political party in Congress. They should feel the shame of their anti-American vote, apologize and resign in disgrace.

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