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February 13th, 2007

How Many Americans Have to Die before Democrats Will Support a War?

Obviously, 3000 American’s murdered on 9-11 attack on America wasn’t enough for the Democrats to support a war. After that horrible day Democrats claimed they were united in the war on terror but as soon as they could politically, they have since undermined the war effort. It doesn’t matter to liberals/Democrats that 3,000 Americans died and that American’s all around the world are threatened with murder. They went back to their pacifist ideology of helping the enemies of America at all cost. The Dems showed once again since the end of WWII that they are not interested in America winning a war against enemies that want the US to be destroyed. The liberals ideology is where they put their loyalties and not to defending the greatest country in the world, the United States of America. Plainly the Dems will risk American lives and America itself for their leftwing ideology, their ideology of pacifism.

How many Americans would have to be killed by an enemy before they would support a war? Near 3 thousand more have been killed in the war itself against terrorism and they still don’t support the war. So we are now up to 6,000 Americans dead and they still don’t support the war. How many more Americans would have to be killed? Another 3,000? 6,000?

The more Americans killed, the more the liberals will want to appease the enemy and surrender because that’s their ideology. They are pacifists and it’s a threat to our country and to the free world. The Democrats/liberals will not support a war, its clear by their words and deeds because they believe America is to blame for enemies killing Americans and other innocent people around the world. Weakness, pacifism, by many countries like in Europe before WWII is dangerous and only encourages the most evil vicious killers. Pacifism and weakness will do nothing to appease the enemy but rather embolden them.

Bin Laden claimed that Bill Clinton’s withdrawal of American forces in Somalia, infamously displayed in the movie Blackhawk Down convinced him America didn’t have the will to fight and that he could defeat America because of it. Clinton’s weak pacifist policy led to 3,000 Americans dead on 9-11 as it emboldened the enemy.

Unfortunately the Dems/liberals will likely continue to encourage the enemy and more American lives will likely be lost. It’s sickening what the liberals are doing to the country. It will take a while for people to wake up to the threat, the threat increased by the actions of the Democrats/liberals. The majority of Americans will not want to live in constant threat to their lives and their children’s life and safety. America will wake up again like in the months after 9-11 and destroy the enemy. Afghanistan and Iraq are now democratically elected free countries fighting along side of our soldiers, united with the US. Many Americans may die before the will to fight picks up again but when the will to fight comes enemies of America will again pay a huge price like Saddam did when he hung from a rope.

America is like a sleeping giant that awakens at times and crushes enemies. However Dems/liberals cause the enemies to think America would rather sleep than fight. It’s the Dems/liberals that won’t fight a war no matter how many Americans die and cause wars to become worse and enemies to make the mistake that all Americans are Pacifists like Democrats/liberals are. Many needlessly die because Democrats/liberals give false hope to America’s enemies and American’s have to fight to defend the country that the Democrats/liberals put at risk with their deadly ideology of pacifism.

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