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February 28th, 2007

Scientists Used to Make Life Improving Discoveries

Scientists for centuries would research and make life improving discoveries. Famous scientists like Einstein, Da Vinci, Edison and many more would devote their lives to researching and discovering great things that can be used to improve life for all of mankind. That’s the way it was. Now however, many scientists have a political agenda and use their political connections to make money from government grants and donations from the duped. Scientists looking to get research grants and donations are pushing the politically motivated fairy tale of global warming. Leftists including many politically motivated environmentalists are using the farce of “global warming” to try to impose their political agenda of government controls and taxes they claim are needed to prevent their wild claims of pending calamities made by scientists they pay. Universities run by liberals and socialists, liberal politicians through use of government grants, and left wing organizations pay scientists that are willing accomplices to push their agenda. The phony scientists need to continue to espouse politically motivated science to continue getting their pay and keep their cushy jobs.

When will scientists go back to research to improve life instead of a political agenda? Only when they can’t get donations and research grants from government, politically motivated universities and organizations. Any scientists that accepts payments from politically motivated sources should be discredited. Their so called discoveries are tainted or outright lies. Scientists that take payments from politically motivated sources need to be denounced as their is no place in science for politics.

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