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February 6th, 2007

Should Giuliani Get Conservative’s Support?

Rudy Giuliani, the ex mayor of NY City, is running for the Republican nomination for President. If Giuliani gets the nomination he will be a formidable candidate for President. He has a good record as mayor in the biggest most important city having turned it around from the mess it was in under a Democrat mayor. Giuliani gained national acclaim when he had to deal with the attack on the World Trade Center keeping the city calm and managing in the chaotic situation.

To win the nomination Giuliani will have to win over enough conservatives for the Primary. It doesn’t look like there will be one conservative stalwart for him to compete with. The conservative vote, which is the majority, will be up for grabs. McCain lost conservatives long ago and Romney isn’t a clear conservative choice. If Newt Gingrich runs he will get support among many conservatives but there will be a large number of conservatives that would be willing to choose Giuliani as someone that can be a very strong nominee to put forth with a good record to run on.

Even before Giuliani announced he has been saying the right things to attract conservatives. While he is not pandering or being disingenuous, he points out conservative policies he supports. On many issues like the war on terror and free market economic principles Giuliani puts forward the conservative position in a positive way that we haven’t seen in a while. When it comes to social issues, the most important a thing a President can do is pick conservative judges. Giuliani said he would pick judges like Scalia and Roberts. If he makes it clear that he will indeed choose strict constructionist judges that will not make law on the bench then he will be more than acceptable to conservatives. Rudy Giuliani may very well be a good conservative’s candidate for President.

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