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March 26th, 2007

Democrats Bribe Members with Billions

Democrat leaders in Congress bribed Democrat members with $24 billion in pork spending to vote against America in the war on terror. The vote by Democrats was a victory for enemies of America and the radical left of the Democrats party. The Dems bashed Republicans the last few years for excessive spending and claimed they wouldn’t do that but now Democrat leaders loaded up a bill that funds the war on terror with billions of wasteful spending.

The Democrats didn’t want to do the right thing and pass a clean bill to fund the troops while at war in Iraq. Their radical supporters demanded language in the bill to undermine the war effort if not cut off all funding. The Democrats couldn’t get the votes to defeat America in the war by cutting off funds so they placated the leftists by bribing Democrat members with spending to get them to approve the bill with a cut off date for future funding of the war. A pre-determined cut off date would not be based on the situation in the war, the results on the ground, lives that may be lost or if America would be defeated.

At least one member of the House Judiciary committee questioned on Foxnews if e-mails and other contacts Democrats had should be looked into for evidence of payoffs of pork spending for votes on the important war bill. All Democrats should release all communications they had with Democrat party leaders and bill writers to show what offers of spending were made to trade votes. The billions in spending should be voted separately to end appearances of improprieties. Congress should call for an outside review and an independent prosecutor to question Democrat members under oath to get to the bottom of the payoff scandal and see whose votes were bought for the wasteful spending of billions of taxpayer dollars.

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March 19th, 2007

Liberal Media is the Democrats Lap Dogs

Many times when Republicans or conservatives would criticize a Democrat like Hillary or Edwards the liberal media will claim it’s orchestrated by Republicans or as Hillary would say, “a vast right wing conspiracy”. The liberal media believes that any criticism from conservatives must be coordinated because they get their marching orders from Democrats and liberal organizations. When the liberal “War room” puts out it’s line of the day or propaganda that they want to spread, they send out faxes and e-mails to their liberal media friends that then repeat it as if they came up with the same words themselves.

Countless times virtually all of the liberal media will use the same words or the same attack on a Republican, the President or conservatives in general. Probably the most infamous example is the word “gravitas” that was spread through the liberal media and all in unison began using that word to mock President Bush as if he is lacking “gravitas”. The word was never used in the mainstream but all the liberal media was using the word at the same time. Another example is the concocted story about the supposed “leak” of a supposed CIA agent even though no one knew if there even was a CIA agent that wasn’t supposed to be named under a law. The liberal media in unison ran with the same story along with all the inaccuracies repeated over and over. No one was charged with a leak and the person that first mentioned the name of the supposed agent was known and not in the White House like the liberals falsely claimed. He wasn’t investigated for it because no law would have been violated doing so. The liberal media reported the Democrats and liberals false claims that the White House was behind it even though it wasn’t true and no evidence suggested it. The liberal media continued with their “conspiracy” reporting as if there was a “White House” plot. The liberal media had no interest in reporting the facts or finding out any more than the propaganda faxes they were feed by their masters in the Democrat party because it would blown their propaganda story.

The latest lines the liberal media is repeating from Democrats is the dismissal of 8 attorneys that the President can replace at any time. The liberals are trying to make it sound like something wrong was done by the Justice Department and Bush administration and the liberal media is dutifully repeating all the outrageous charges the Democrats make about it.

Conservatives are individuals that each talk about what they find interesting and criticize liberals for many things but not in unison or because someone in the Republican party faxed or e-mailed them to do so. Talk radio hosts, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity and others do their shows based on what interests them day to day. There isn’t any overall conservative message that conservative media follows unlike the liberal media that follows the liberal’s scripts they are given.

If the liberal media wants to be credible they should not accept faxes or e-mails from the Democrats or liberal organizations and they should report based on their own research. Unless the liberal media stops taking marching orders from the Democrats and liberals they will continue to sound the same and in unison continue their decline. In the market for any product, it’s important to stand out or above or different from the competition. The old dying liberal media is all the same and lost it’s credibility. Out of the liberal media’s desire to spread liberal propaganda they are costing their business lost viewers and revenues. In part it’s also out of laziness that they repeat what Democrats and liberals organizations tell them instead of coming up with their own stories. Out of being willing accomplices to liberals and laziness the liberal media of CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, NY Times, Washington Post and many others are the Democrats mouth piece behaving as lap dogs and sewing their own seeds of decline.

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March 12th, 2007

Halliburton Moving Out of the US, Thank the Democrats

Years of bashing by the Democrats and liberals of the successful American oil service company Halliburton, they are moving out. The Democrats and liberals drove the company out and with it American jobs and tax revenue. The company paid billions in taxes and instead of helping the American company the Democrats and liberals denounced them as if they are the enemy or foreign competition.

Democrats for years have bashed American companies that hire Americans and pay billions in taxes. American companies produce goods and services that keep the quality and standard of living high for all Americans but Democrats as well as the liberal media bash them. Most Americans own shares in these companies through pensions, 401k’s and IRA’s and everyone needs US companies to be successful for the benefit of the economy. You would never know it from Democrats and liberals that the economy, jobs and products people need to live are all an intricate part of American business and companies. Dems bash American business as if they aren’t important to American lives.

Democrats and liberals would destroy the economy by passing harmful regulations and taxes on American business and companies out of their hate for the American success stories and producers. Jobs would be lost, prices would rise sharply and now the Dems are outright driving business and companies out of the country. Dems are creating an unpleasant business climate while other countries are encouraging business in their countries to help their citizens gain jobs and improve their living standards. It’s a world economy and American companies have to compete against many other countries and their businesses. In the US the Democrats and liberals are hurting American business to the advantage of foreigners and to the detriment to all Americans.

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March 6th, 2007

Politics Now Into Prosecution, Liberty Going Fast

The Scooter Libby verdict now has moved politics into political prosecutions. This case was nothing but an attempt by the Democrats and liberal media to prosecute political enemies as part of their political agenda.

It’s a dangerous time, a line has been crossed. Never in history has United States of American entered a time when prosecutions would be part of the political process. This is fascism pure and simple and the worst in politics we have seen in America.

The result is that the legal process will no longer be trusted which will result in lawlessness. Liberals will expect to get away with any and all crimes they commit expecting that they will use the legal system to protect them.

The Dems and liberals have done it now. They entered into uncharted waters and the results will be horrendous. Be afraid, be very afraid. Dems and liberals are now in the process of corrupting the courts and the legal process for political gain. They will be use it for politics and lining their pockets. The people will soon have no respect for newly corrupted courts and legal system. This is the beginning of the end of Liberty and Justice in America, brought to you by the Democrats and liberals.

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