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April 30th, 2007

Bush Policy of ‘New Tone’ Hurt His Presidency

Tenets lack of integrity proves he was a mistake. George Tenet tries to distance himself from the problems at the CIA by writing a book to bash President Bush and members of his Administration. Tenet’s book shows he lacks integrity but it shouldn’t be so surprising. He was picked by Bill Clinton. Obviously Bush made a mistake by keeping him as a Clinton left over.

Bush’s ‘get along’ with Democrats policy continues to bit him over and over. From the first days of his Presidency, Bush has tried to have what he called a “new tone” in Washington. Well, both sides didn’t agree. Bush basically unarmed when the political enemy didn’t. No matter how many times Bush worked with or praised Democrats they didn’t stop one time from an opportunity to bash him. Now Tenet writes a book to bash the Bush Administration. That’s the thanks Bush gets for keeping Tenet at the top CIA job.

Bush showed he would never fight back so Democrats and liberal media didn’t hold back when they had opportunities to bash Bush to knock his poll ratings down and his effectiveness. Most of the Republican party stopped defending Bush knowing Bush wouldn’t defend himself. They see no reason to speak out and be criticized for doing so. Time will tell if the Bush Presidency will be considered a success. I think the Bush Presidency is a great success because of the strong economy and President Bush’s policy to defeat terrorists. However, during his Presidency the failed policy of a new tone hurt his poll ratings and hurt Republicans running for Congress which led to Democrats re-taking control of Congress after 12 years. Bush had opportunity to do much more to push through more policies that would have strengthened the country and promoted conservative policies. With only a short time left in his Presidency, it’s difficult for Bush to change to a more aggressive policy to defend himself and do accomplish more. Being more aggressive can help Bush get his polls up and leave office with decent poll ratings. That will help his Presidency be considered a success by more people.

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April 24th, 2007

The Hillary Meltdown

It was presumed by many that Hillary Clinton would be the shoe in for the Dems nomination. Hillary entered the race before it was expected she wanted to dive in because of the publicity others like Obama and Edwards were getting. Hillary needed to get into it, raise money and keep the lead in the polls. In a short period, only a couple months, Hillary is in a decline or it can even be described as a free fall. What went so wrong so fast?

Polls show that Dems expect the party to pick a man even when polls showed Hillary leading. What did these poll questioners know that others didn’t? They didn’t expect their party to pick Hillary and things are now appearing they are right.

A new poll by Rasmussen, Obama and Hillary are tied at 32 percent each. Polls showed Hillary up by double digits consistently last year and the beginning of the year.

What a decline in only a month or two for the once perceived sure winner who was to also lead by a wide margin in fund raising. Obama is a relative unknown with a short résumé yet he is raising money at a pace equal to Hillary and will soon out raise her. Obama can now compete with the funds backing him and Edwards is not far behind and is also raising funds to compete.

Since Hillary entered the race she has been uninspiring and not a very good candidate. It was expected that she would be able to run a good campaign and give good stump speeches but she never did that before. In Hillary’s previous Senate elections she had a large advantage in funds to run ads and the advantage of running in New York, a Dem majority state. Even in her race against unknown Republican Rick Lazio she only pulled clearly in the lead the last 2 weeks of the election and won by less than Gore won the state by.

Hillary doesn’t have the political skill of Bill Clinton and is not liked by many. Her negatives are very high at near 50% and many say they would not vote for her. Giuliani leads in polls against Hillary and she trails in some key states. The invincible illusions by many Dems that Hillary would win have evaporated and now many Dems question if Hillary has any chance to win the Presidential election if nominated.

Once people see Hillary as a loser her money will dry up as people donate to Obama and Edwards instead. Hillary will continue to fall in the polls as fewer and fewer expect she is a viable candidate. It will only get worse for the once front runner and the talk and questions will be of when will she drop out of the race. At that point it’s over. To save face Hillary will find a reason to bow out. She can claim she doesn’t have the stomach for it or claim she is tired. For Hillary to stay in the race with polls showing she will lose in crushing fashion isn’t tolerable for her to keep some sense of political viability.

To the surprise of many Hillary doesn’t look Presidential and simply is not a good candidate. The aura of a bigger than life candidate that people believed she was is non-existent. The bloom is off the rose. The Hillary meltdown began soon after she entered the race as more and more people see she isn’t what they expected. Her campaign is fast proving to be a flop in historical proportions. The question now is when will Hillary drop out of the race and what excuse will she give?

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April 20th, 2007

Democrat Senator Harry Reid Must Resign

Nothing short of resignation from the US Senate is appropriate after Sen. Reid disgracefully said, “The War is Lost,” in Iraq. Reid’s destructive remarks were spread throughout the middle east and harms the US and Iraq allies while encouraging the terrorists to kill more people. The enemies of the US and free world will use the words of Harry Reid to recruit more killers and embolden them, while putting fear in those that fight along side of American soldiers that they will be left to be murdered if the US lost the war.

Reid is the Democrats Senate leader. The Democrats must quickly remove Reid from the Senate to distance themselves. Anything short of resignation from the Senate will cast a shadow over all Democrats in the Senate as well as the two leading candidates for the Democrats Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Obama.

Republicans must call for Reid’s full resignation to show they do not tolerate such despicable acts that are treasonous and so damaging to our country.

Reid tried to distance himself from his own remarks by saying he made a mistake and meant the war will be lost if it proceeds as it is now. His remarks were clear and not simply a missed word or said in a way that changed the meaning. The disgraceful words were the theme of his entire speech and not in contrast to any other words in the speech. Reid’s attempt to backtrack his words is not enough as the damage is already done. Our soldiers put their lives on the line every minute and one mistake can cost their lives or others. Harry Reid deliberately made the treasonous words in a cold calculated fashion, not in a heat of battle or argument. Any excuse by Reid is not acceptable.

Anything Reid says at this point should be responded to with the question ‘when will you resign in disgrace?’. The US Senate must not have a member that is harmful to all Americans and the free world. Senator Reid must resign.

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April 16th, 2007

Liberals Try to Exploit Slaughter at Virginia Tech

Before knowing anything about the tragedy where over 30 were murdered, liberals ran with their political agenda to exploit the tragic killing. Liberal media began pushing their senseless gun control asking insulting questions to the White House spokeswomen about it. At this time we know little about the reason why someone would murder so many in such an appalling manner. Politics can’t ‘wait to see’ as the left always starts with their talking points in reckless abandon, disregarding what the facts are or might be. If someone is killed by a gun the liberals attack the right to own a gun rather than the person committing the murder as if the killer is only an after thought.

This tragic killing will be a political football not because we know any facts but that the liberals use everything to slander and malign those that they hate. When we know more about the killer and what happened we will be able to see what changes should be made to better protect students, if anything can be done. If there was more to this killing than simply a deranged person then we will be able to discuss it in a rational way. If this person as early indication (reported by the Sun Times) has it that the killer was in the country on a student visa, there will be a debate the liberals won’t like about immigrants and student visas. (update: Killer was senior English major Student From S. Korea. Let’s wait till we know more before the politics flies.

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April 10th, 2007

Liberals and Illegal Kill Two Young Girls

After being arrested a few weeks earlier for drunk driving, an Illegal killed two young girls while driving drunk. The reason nothing was done about the Illegal is that Virginia Beach Va. is a “sanctuary” city. These liberal run sanctuary cities do nothing about Illegal’s when caught and even prevent something being done about them. When an illegal is caught committing a crime or taking advantage of taxpayer funded programs the liberals do not want anyone to know the person is illegally in the country. Refusing to deport the illegals in sanctuary cities, more and more crimes are committed by them and in a horrible case two beautiful young girls with their whole lives in front of them were killed. There are many more cases like pointed out by Right Wing News, The Inevitable Consequences Of The Illegal Alien Invasion Of The United States, Americans are being victimized by the illegal’s as liberals protect them.

Liberals wearing their rose colored glasses view illegals as a few good people that come to the US for jobs and refuse to do anything about those ripping off the US and victimizing Americans. Long ago immigrants could come to the US but the cost was high to travel so it limited immigration. Those that made it to the US had to work hard to make a living and they did. There were no social programs for immigrants to take advantage of at taxpayer expense. It was sink or swim, no free lunch, and if an immigrant broke a law the consequences were harsh. Crime was low in the immigrant communities where one ethnic group or another lived among themselves helping each other to succeed. Now liberals protect the illegals that break laws and cost taxpayers billions of dollars a year for things like healthcare and schools.

When someone has little to lose they are more likely to commit crimes. Liberal judges and ridiculous laws passed by liberals called sanctuary laws let illegals off with little more than a slap on the wrist to commit more crimes and continue to take advantage of the American people or in some case continue to kill or rape Americans. Liberals are responsible for all the cost and crime committed by illegals. The dollars add up and now so do the bodies like the two beautiful young girls in Virginia and countless other victims of liberal’s immigration policy of protecting illegals.

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April 2nd, 2007

Liberals Don’t Deserve to Have Freedom

Liberals do nothing to protect freedom and liberty in America. In fact they undermine it every day. The liberal mind set is that America is bad and everything about America is bad. The most valuable thing America stands for is freedom and liberty so the liberals despise freedom and liberty.

The war on terror is used by liberals to undermine America by undermining our country in the war. It doesn’t matter to liberals that they help terrorists whom despise America, freedom and liberty because they also despise the same great things. Terrorist ideology is that populations need to be controlled by their leaders based on religious order and individual rights and liberties are of no consequence. Liberals are united with terrorists in what they oppose, America, freedom, liberty and the west and therefore are apologists for the terrorists. As long as they have the same goals, liberals will side with or be apologists for any despot.

On domestic issues of taxes, regulations, social issues and values liberals oppose greater freedoms and liberty for individuals and demand more government intervention and control over peoples lives. More taxes are demanded, regulations over business, greater government interference or laws that restrict freedoms are all part of the liberal agenda to make government more powerful and individuals subjects of the state. Freedoms and liberties are never the concern when legislation is backed by liberals, only their agenda of more government.

Every American has freedom and liberal protected by the Constitution of the United States of America. Although the liberals have been watering down individuals freedoms for decades America still has fundamental liberty and freedom and the means to protect those rights as well as help others around the world to have greater freedoms and liberty. Lives are protected by the US all around the world because of our power both economical and militarily. Liberals, even though they hate their country and all the greatness its stands for, they enjoy freedoms and liberties that afford them luxury to pursue their leftwing agenda of undermining America. While many served or sacrificed their lives for America and their fellow compatriots in wars that kept so many in the world free, liberals undermine America and look down on those that served. Liberals use their freedom, liberty, time and money to take freedom and liberty away from Americans and they won’t fight for their own freedom and liberty or for others. Liberals and Democrats don’t deserve the freedoms and liberties they enjoy as they not only do nothing to protect them but openly undermine it. Those that don’t defend their freedoms and liberties will soon lose them.

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