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May 30th, 2007

The Amnesty Bill Causes Massive Changes in Politics

At times, like 9-11 attack on America, politics changes. But at times events cause major changes where new coalitions start and political parties change forever. Sometimes a party can end or new ones started. Traditionally in the US, one party will take a third party’s position and win an election or make that party the leading party.

The amnesty bill is a maker and breaker in politics. It will realign politics for years to come. Politicians in the Republican party that support the bill will find themselves out of the party. Many Democrat voters will see their party as wanting millions of illegals entering the country at a great cost to them and will turn from voting for Dems. Democrats will lose the so called “working man’s” vote they traditionally got including union voters. Both parties will lose supporters even when the two parties already lost many supporters as more register as independents. Millions of voters are now up for grabs. A new party has a chance to start and take many Congressional seats. Independents can now be competitive and win.

Politics is now turned on it’s head. If Republicans try to gain support they have an opportunity if conservatives can gain control of the party and liberal, amnesty supporting Republicans, are thrown out. By clearly taking a position of defending jobs, good wages and opposing the billions of dollars that the amnesty bill will cost taxpayers, conservatives can pick up many ex-Democrat voters and regain lost support from the conservative base. The Dems are in a hard stop because they need to keep their pro-illegal immigrant position their hard left supports but will lose many supporters because of it. The amnesty bill will cause a new alignment that will re-shape politics and be the dominant issue for many years. The politicians supporting it will lose and new politicians have a chance to win and lead.

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May 23rd, 2007

ABC News Helps Iran and Puts Innocent Lives at Risk

A report by ABC News revealed supposed secret policies to combat the dangerous regime in Iran. This is nothing short of treason by ABC News. Innocent people’s lives including American and Iran lives could very well be at risk.

ABC News is now a criminal organization openly helping enemies of America in Iran. ABC News is owned by Disney and should lose it license to broadcast on WABC TV immediately. No one should tolerate a company deliberately undermining the US, helping enemies and put innocent lives at risk.

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May 21st, 2007

Congress Ramming Through an Amnesty Bill

The Congress, both parties, are totally out of touch with America pushing an amnesty bill for illegals with a high cost to the country. The Amnesty bill does nothing to deport the illegals and little to stop more from coming but it allows the illegals to stay even though they broke the law. The cost comes to hundreds of billions of dollars to all Americans and can bankrupt both the social security program and Medicare.

Liberal Republicans led by McCain are pushing the destructive amnesty bill even though it will devastate the country and Republican party. Most Democrats leaders are for it because they want to expand socialism and social programs disregarding the cost to the nation.

Average Americans including both Republicans and Democrats have begun to speak out before the politicians push through the amnesty bill. The negative effects of illegals hurt everyone, hospitals are going bankrupt in California and other states, roads are over crowded, gas prices rise, schools are over crowded and budgets of local communities are stretched. While people see the negative effects and want action taken by politicians to stop the illegals from coming in and start deporting them one at a time, politicians ignore the problem and now want to make it worse with amnesty. The politicians seem to think they will gain by supporting the illegals and transferring billions of dollars from Americans pockets to those that broke the law by entering the country illegally. Where have they gotten that idea from beside the liberal media? Polls show people want something done to end the problem of illegals. People do not want to make it worse by giving the illegals amnesty which will encourage millions more to enter. This is an issue that will reshape politics.

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May 16th, 2007

Leftists Spew Hate For Rev. Jerry Falwell in His Death

Leftists Spew Hate For Rev. Jerry Falwell in His Death
Unable to contain themselves, leftists, liberals, Atheists and others on the left mouthed their thrill that Rev. Jerry Falwell died. Leftist bloggers and those posting on forums took delight that Falwell passed on, posting in celebratory fashion.

Leftist Hitchens on the Sean Hannity – Colmes show spewed anti-Christian bigotry mocking Falwell’s Christian religion. Hitchens said the only reason Falwell wouldn’t go to hell is because their isn’t one. Hitchens also showed his bigotry to the Christian religion calling it a fairy tale.

The leftists show their hate for Christian leaders and all Christians. They fear Falwell and others that are comfortable speaking out about their faith and beliefs. If the leftists don’t believe in the Christian faith they don’t have to believe it or listen. Yet it bothers them when Christians like Falwell say what they believe. The leftists want to do what they want and not have anyone say they are doing something wrong according to a religious faith. Even if they don’t believe in the religious faith such as Christianity the left doesn’t like to hear that someone believes they are immoral. The left wants to be guilt free to do what they want as they feel day to day. Leftists would dance on the grave of anyone they hate. Leftists have no care for decency, proving how low they are.

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May 11th, 2007

Democrats Openly Trying to Defeat America

Democrat leaders in Congress are openly, for all the world to see, trying to defeat American soldiers while at war. Democrats are no longer hiding their anti-American soldier position and openly trying to cut off the funds and supplies our soldiers need while at risk in this war on terror. Democrats are playing politics with our soldiers lives by not passing the funds needed in a timely manner for the war on terror. It’s completely about politics for the Democrats that want to or need to appease the radical leftists in their party that want America defeated.

The Democrats of course should side with America and denounce their radical supporters but a large number of Democrats are now extremists. see One in Three Democrats Are Ignorant Kooks. The radical leftists have control of the Democrats party and fund them. It’s now impossible for Democrats to be independent and side with America. They are owned by the far left. The leftist’s agenda is to take power and impose socialism and communism on America by bringing down and defeating America. Although they are not likely to succeed they now control the Democrats and have them doing their dirty deeds. Democrats will go down in history as being for the destruction of America and being against America in important war on terror. Democrats will lose elections as they can’t be trusted to defend America but instead they are openly trying to defeat America.

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May 8th, 2007

One in Three Democrats Are Ignorant Kooks

A poll by Rasmussen shows that 35% of Democrats answered as kooks believing in the crazy conspiracy that President Bush knew about the 9-11 attacks on America before it happened. For any person to believe that Americans including the President knew of and did nothing to stop the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon where planes full of passengers were high-jacked and crashed killing near 3,000 people shows they aren’t in their right mind. The crazy belief shows the lack of intelligence of a large part of the Democrats and also shows how easily Democrats believe the most crazy things told to them.

It has to embarrass every Democrat that 35% of their party is completely crazy. The IQ of Democrats of at least the 35% kooks is extremely low and a disgrace to all Democrats. Democrat leaders do not try to educate their own supporters and apparently don’t care that many Democrats are kooks and uneducated.

The liberal media has failed to educate their viewers as the majority of their audience are the ignorant and crazy Democrats. Most of the liberal media spreads leftwing propaganda and no longer shows facts that might educate their viewers. This will hurt the liberal media’s ability to sell ads because advertisers want to reach educated people and less businesses are interested in uneducated people that believe in crazy conspiracies.

Part of the reason Democrats believe such crazy things is that they are full of hate for the President to a point it stripped them of any common sense. Ignorant people are susceptible of such crazy conspiracy beliefs. It was always thought that Democrats are made up of uneducated people that believe the liberals and Democrats lies and propaganda. This poll proves it and also shows that many Democrats are also completely crazy.

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May 7th, 2007

The Fall of Worldwide Socialism

Again the left has lost in a Presidential election. This time in France. Conservatives won in the major countries of Canada, Germany, and France after President Bush won in the US. The election in the UK is expected to be close and it’s very possible the conservative can win there.

We are seeing the collapse of the left worldwide. Socialists have been discredited with stagnant to declining economies when they run their countries. People eventually get tired of paying more and more in taxes to prop up failing socialist governments. If not for the leftwing dominated media in many countries, socialists wouldn’t have a chance to win. As the new media grows and people have more sources of news and information the left can no longer rely on their propaganda to get them elected. The leftwing media needs allies in government to give itself credibility as the leftist candidates need the leftwing media.

As the left consistently loses in many countries, the left from liberals in the US to worldwide socialists and communists will break down further as they look more extreme and out of touch with the modern world. Socialism feeds on itself by making people dependent on the government programs and government institutions it created. As people become independent and self reliant the high cost of socialism becomes a burden citizens will no longer support. Like a spiraling downward death march, socialism is heading as communism has already done so in the old Soviet bloc, to the ash heap of history. Now that socialism is falling in France, socialism it’s done.

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May 6th, 2007

Conservative Elected President in France

Conservative Nicolas Sarkozy won the Presidency in France defeating an anti-American socialist Segolene Royal by a decent 53 to 47 percent victory. The conservative Sarkozy was mocked by the left in France as being “American” because he isn’t anti-American and is a conservative like President Bush is. This is good for American-French relations. The socialist was openly hostile to the US and said she wouldn’t shake President Bush’s hand.

The leftist media in Europe as well as the US spreads anti-American propaganda portraying all of Europe and France as against the US and conservative policies that make the US great. Although Europeans and French may not openly praise the US, they also want what the US has including a strong economy and national strength. People want to work with the US to get the benefits of trade with the largest economy in the world and technological advancement seen in the US. The leftwing media pushes the anti-American rhetoric to further it’s anti-conservative and anti- free market agenda. The French people clearly voted against the left and for what is Pro-American including free market pro-growth economic policies. The French economy may now begin to improve as it moves away from failed socialism. That will be pro-conservative, pro-free market, Pro-American and Pro-French.

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May 2nd, 2007

May 1st is Law Day, Not a Communist Day

Did the liberal media mention Law Day? Illegals were protesting even though they broke the law entering the country. The liberal media mentioned the May Day celebrations in the few communist countries like Cuba. Although that was a story because Castro didn’t show up, the liberal media has not mentioned Law Day, on May 1st, for years but often mention May Day marches in other countries. Few know Law Day is a holiday and those in law enforcement as well as the justice system that made America great is not celebrated. The liberal media wants you to think of communism on May Day rather than American Law and Justice.

About Law Day: Each year on May 1st, Law Day provides an opportunity for everyone to reflect on our legal heritage, on the role of law, and on the rights and duties which are the foundation of peace and prosperity for all mankind.
from Law Library of Congress: Law Day

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May 1st, 2007

Liberal Media Lies about Bush “Mission Accomplished” Banner

Four years and the liberal media is still pushing the lies about the banner “mission accomplished” on an aircraft carrier when Bush spoke on deck. President Bush landed on the carrier at sea flying the plane himself. The aircraft carrier was heading home after major offensive operations ended. The banner was placed to honor the navy sailors and pilots on the aircraft carrier as a mission accomplished and well done. Bush gave a speech on the aircraft and clearly stated that there will be more military operations to stabilize Iraq.

At no point since the war began in Iraq did Bush say it was over. He always made the point that there will be good days and bad days and that the war in Iraq will take time. Bush also made it clear that the war on terror would take a long time. Yet the liberal media spreads the Democrats lie that somehow Bush said that the Iraq war was over with the mission accomplished banner. The liberal media is still running the same liberal spin saying that Bush will veto the Democrats Iraq surrender bill on the four year anniversary of the mission accomplished banner as if that banner had any significance other than what it was meant for. Reporters for the liberal media can’t be so ignorant and should have the sense to read Bush’s speech from the Aircraft carrier to see that the Dems are lying but they choose not to and choose to deliberately spread the lies themselves.

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