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June 28th, 2007

Amnesty Bill Gets Defeated in Crushing Fashion

After record number of calls to the Senate by the American people opposed to the amnesty bill, it went down in a large 53 no votes. The vote was a cloture vote but was the vote to defeat the amnesty bill. It only got 46 votes in the end. It needed 60 votes for the bill to survive and would have passed if it got the required 60 votes on cloture.

The Senate phones were busy for many days and earlier today the phone system was practically brought to a halt as Senate members couldn’t use the phones. Hundreds of thousands of calls were made if not millions by people opposed to the amnesty bill. Talk radio got the message out as well as the internet and it shows that when conservatives decide to speak up and fight the Congress will have to listen.

President Bush was disappointed that the bill went down. Kennedy and Graham whined about the defeat of the bill as he saw the majority of Republicans abandon support for the costly amnesty bill. Only 12 Republicans end up voting for the bill and 39 republican voted against it. 13 Dems voted no and 34 Dems voted for amnesty.
To see how Senators voted

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June 27th, 2007

Senator George Voinovich Doesn’t Answer Questions and Hangs Up on the Hannity Show

Update June 28: George Voinovich voted against the amnesty bill. Maybe he got the message. Regardless of why, he ended up voting the right way.

Original post from previous day:
George Voinovich couldn’t answer basic questions asked by Sean Hannity on the Hannity radio show about the amnesty bill and then complained and hang up. Voinovich reluctantly admitted he didn’t read the amnesty bill and couldn’t answer what the bill will cost American taxpayers. He also didn’t know the outcome of a Senate vote on the bill. Voinovich complained about the opposition to the bill and said he will not be intimidated and was in Congress for 40 years, yet he had few answers or knowledge of the amnesty bill he was defending. Hannity said he would give the Senator all the time he needs to answer the questions. During the interview Voinovich tried to change the subject of Hannity’s questions and rambled on to divert including laughing and stating annoyance. Voinovich complained and hung up saying he only was going to be on for 5 minutes.

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June 20th, 2007

Trent Lott Bashes Conservatives, His Staff Should Resign

Trent Lott has joined the liberals supporting the amnesty bill and is bashing conservatives like his comments against “talk radio”. Now he won’t go on the Sean Hannity show to apologize and set things right with his supporters.

Lott’s entire staff on Capitol Hill should submit their resignations. Other Republican staffs should also resign if their boss is going to vote for the amnesty bill. All Republican politicians and many Dems careers will be over once they vote for the amnesty bill. The president’s poll ratings are falling to all time record lows for a President because of his support of the disastrous bill. If staff members, particularly Republicans want to have a career they should resign to save their careers. Lott is done politically as well as many other Republicans including McCain who lost any chance he had to be the Republican nominee. This is not a difference of opinion as Lindsey Graham has said. It’s a deal breaker and not acceptable for any Republican, or any politician, to support an amnesty bill.

RWN: In 2008 If The Amnesty Bill Goes Through?
Payback Project

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June 16th, 2007

Amnesty Bill Controls Politicians

Like a monster in a bad B movie the amnesty bill is being brought back to life to threaten havoc again. Politicians cling to the monstrosity like something out of invasion of the body snatchers; they seem to be mesmerized by some strange need to give billions of dollars to illegal aliens along with amnesty.

Because of the amnesty bill, the Presidents poll numbers have fallen to record lows as he loses support from his base. It’s akin to political suicide, kick the supports and hope those that hate you will like you. If it wasn’t so serious and bizarre it would be funny. Trent Lott, as if the Dems have something on him that would send him to prison, bashes his supporters that always defended him to curry favor with Dems that would feel good seeing Lott tarred and feathered and labeled a racist because the tar they put on him proved in minstrel black face fashion he is indeed a racist.

Dems aren’t much better to their supporters on the amnesty bill where many rank and file Dems are opposed to handing billions of dollars in Social Security and Medicare money as well as jobs to those that entered the country illegally. The only difference is that rank and file Dems truly have no way to be heard. The liberal media talks down to average Dems because, well, they know they really aren’t educated and need to be told who they must vote for.

If there ever was a time for a third party to defeat both parties it’s now. Both parties are no longer listening to the voters and the low polls of Congress show it. The politicians are so out of touch with voters that the question is, are the illegals aliens or are the politicians aliens from another planet.

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June 10th, 2007

The End of Political Parties

Both parties, Republican and Democrat, are falling out of favor. The parties poll numbers of support continue to fall and is at record lows. More and more people say they are independent. We may be seeing the end to the party system to nominate candidates for general elections and independents will have the advantage. People no longer support the party system and that everyone, independent, should be able to run and be on a ballot with no disadvantage to those nominated by a party. There is no longer a need for someone to be nominated to be a candidate.

Ballots should no longer name candidates by party and party nominees should have no advantage by having the first line on a ballot. Candidates can be listed in alphabetical order and incumbents can be first. Parties shouldn’t get funds for their nominee and tax payer money should not be spent for party primaries. People shouldn’t have to pay for other parties nominating process. It’s time to end the political party system and have all candidates, independently equal on ballots.

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June 5th, 2007

Lewis Libby to be First Political Prisoner in the USA

Libby was sentenced to 30 months in jail and if he serves jail time will be the first political prisoner in the United States. Liberals from the prosecutor to liberal sycophants in to media ran the scam to convict the Vice Presidents aid in Stalinist brown shirt fashion and they succeeded. The judge gave a stiffer sentence than the guidelines to complete the political show trial to convict an innocent man out of political hate for the VP Cheney.

This disgraceful political trial is a sad chapter in the United States and is something we only thought existed in the old Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. Chuck Schumer got the ball rolling and once the liberal media ran with it the prosecutor Fitzgerald wanted to kiss up to them, possibly out of fear for his career and negative press reports. Joe Wilson, a political hack for liberals and his wife played it for all the political posturing they could get and set themselves up to profit by selling a book along with political praise from leftists. Leftist media members like Chris Mathews fueled the scam to convince liberals that the political show trial was anything but a political scam to convict their enemies. Russert of NBC also played a disgraceful part being a phony witness for the political prosecution.

Bush should pardon Libby to end this political prosecution the leftists ran. All involved should and will go down in history as brown shirt, neo-Nazi or Stalinists that pushed a political prosecution to convict an innocent man. Shame on all involved and shame on the country for allowing it in the USA.

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