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July 31st, 2007

Dems/liberals Killing the Economy

The dems/libs have waged a war on US oil companies and the economy by driving oil price higher. The Dems do not want US oil companies to drill in the US, frozen land in northern Alaska, nor do the dems want US oil companies involved in deals over seas like the middle east. Liberals and their radical cohorts led by wacko environmentalists and wacko Al Gore bash energy companies as polluting or causing a nutty theory called global warming. All policies dems/libs are pushing are anti oil business and are a high oil price policy that force people to cut back on using oil or park their cars forever.

High oil prices cause inflation driving up interest rates and knock the dollar down. Increasing interest rates along with higher and higher property taxes that local dems/liberals raised effectively took out the growing housing market. Housing prices are dropping and mortgage companies in the higher risk areas are filling bankruptcy along with home owners defaulting on their mortgage payments. What is the next shoe to drop? Local governments will see a fall in property tax revenues as home owners demand lower tax assessments as their property values fall. Local dems will simply believe they can raise the tax rates to make up for the revenue fall. Dems will be in for a rude reaction from home owners that don’t want to pay and pay and pay. Property taxes are too high in many areas now. Bad news for your local dem and lib of each party that likes to spend on higher and higher teacher and government employee salaries and other spending projects.

Housing prices and taxes have always been the main issues before the dems and the liberal media were taken over by the anti-American kooks that want America defeated in the war on terror. ‘It’s about the money’ in most elections and 2008 will be about money issues.

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July 30th, 2007

The World Turns Against Liberals

The libs/Dems led by John Kerry and their liberal media hack friends spread propaganda that all leading countries are against Bush, the US and conservatives. But in just a few short years the world has turned, against the libs. Canada, Germany and France elected conservatives. Australia already had a conservative Prime Minister. The more pro-American conservatives won in these leading countries and are working with Bush in the war on terror. They are also supporting conservative positions like tax cuts. The libs pushed the left wing propaganda from those countries as if “everyone” was against us. The election results didn’t hold up to the lib propaganda. In the UK it was thought that the people and the next leader was certain to be anti-American. However the new leader picked by the left wing party picked another pro-American leader that says he will work with the USA and will continue as a strong ally.

So what happened to the “everyone is against us” that John Kerry and the libs pushed? The world has turned against the libs and is now moving conservative. It’s the liberals that are isolated in the world with few allies except for some radical leftist dictators that would rather have liberals ruin America.

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July 26th, 2007

Dem Run Congress is Out of Control

Congress led by the Democrats is out of control abusing it’s power. They are attacking the Presidency, Executive branch of government, and the courts in violation of the Constitution. The Congress is stepping out of it’s authority under the Constitution to investigate the Administration in an attempt to harass and destroy it. Congress is now becoming criminal in it’s attempt to over turn the Constitution and take power where they have none under the Constitution.

Poll ratings are at record lows for the Dem run Congress and they haven’t passed any meaningful legislation to improve the nation. They are now in an all out assault on the Presidency and the nations courts. Liberals in the Republican party like Spector are helping the Dems in their abusive ways. Spector is now trying to intimidate the high court and it’s Justices by slandering them and calling for hearings so he can falsely claim lies by the Judges.

Dems in Congress are openly trying to destroy the nations ability to defend our great country. Dems are undermining the Commander in Chief, the President, and the Dems are bashing the military as well as not supplying them with needed military support like armored humvees to protect soldier’s lives.

Dem Conyers, a leftist, and his committee is abusing it’s power and has passed contempt charges against Administration members in an open attempt to jail political opponents. Tell me this isn’t the Soviet Union style of jailing political enemies. Maybe not so shocking is that many Dems voted with the leftist Conyers to try to jail Administration members.

Did the Dems run for Congress last year saying they would open over 300 investigations and that they would vote to jail political enemies? Is this what the people knowing voted for? The Congress is increasingly becoming a rouge and criminal outfit, in Stalinist or fascist ways.

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July 18th, 2007

Democrat Party Changing It’s Name to AlQaeda Party?

Democrats need to decide if they still want to be an American party or the AlQaeda terrorist party. The Dems stayed up all night trying to vote a defeat for America and a victory for AlQaeda. The sleep over in the Senate was a stunt by Democrats to try to gain back their hard leftists that are upset that they haven’t cut off American troops in the battle field. The Dems didn’t succeed but made it clear to all that liberals have no interest in protecting America against terrorists that say they want to kill Americans and have like the 3,000 on 9-11.

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July 17th, 2007

Democrats Vote To Surrender To AlQaeda Terrorists

Dems will be debating a bill to surrender to the AlQaeda terrorists that blew up the World Trade Center that killed 3,000 innocent people. Less than 6 years from the worst attack on American soil, Dems have completely forgot that AlQaeda terrorists want to kill them, Americans and most in the west. Reid put out a statement today calling for surrender in Iraq to AlQaeda because he claims that terrorists are winning. The Dems and liberal media is openly calling for defeat of America and victory for the AlQaeda terrorists that attacked America on 9-11. Dems/liberals think that defeat for America will help them gain politically but totally ignore the fact that the terrorists will not stop until they are stopped. Dems have no plan to stop terrorists before they strike again. Dems/libs simply do not care to protect America and they think chaos and more Americans murdered by terrorists will help Dems win elections.

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Proof that 54 Percent Are Brainwashed by the Liberal Media and Democrats

According to a poll by Rasmussen Reports, 54% say it’s not possible to win the war in Iraq. Saddam was over thrown quickly and now Iraq has democracy and freedom. Thousands of terrorists were killed and thousands captured. The war cost the lives of a relative few of our soldiers compared to most wars. By all historic comparisons the war has been very effective and the US is winning by any measurement. The US military is powerful enough to defeat and conquer most of the world and almost every country. For someone to say the US can’t win in Iraq after all the success we had there already and the power of the US military shows they are either brain dead or brainwashed by the liberal media and Dems that root for America and our troops to lose.

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July 16th, 2007

Does Hillary Defend Women That Are Assaulted and Raped?

Since the credible allegations that Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick, Hillary has been silent. Now that Hillary is running for President it’s time she answer questions about all the abuse of women by Bill Clinton, from his abuse of Paula Jones to credible allegations of molesting women in the oval office and rape of Juanita Broaddrick.
Hillary can start by answering questions by Juanita Broaddrick.

If Hillary wants to be a candidate for President it’s important she proves that women are more important than covering up for Bill Clinton. If Hillary Clinton can’t defend women and speak up for women that are abused and raped she isn’t qualified to be President.

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July 12th, 2007

Liberals Want to Destroy Free Speech on Radio

Liberals want to revive the government regulation of speech on radio through the so called “fairness doctrine”. The solution to the liberals threat to free speech is that conservatives have to go into media like TV, cable, and newspapers where the libs dominated for too long spreading their propaganda. Conservatives have to expand into more media sources because the libs are trying to shut down free speech on radio. The libs will regret they ever mentioned the “fairness doctrine” which is nothing but shutting down free speech.

Fairness Doctrine Target of New Measure by GOP Senators

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July 11th, 2007

Gore’s Propaganda Concert Gets Small Audience

Gore’s propaganda “global warming” nonsense concert didn’t get high ratings.
Live Earth’s U.S. TV ratings melt away
While NBC put the concert on their network including CNBC and MSNBC they have yet to announce that they will show the Freedom Concert that raises money for the children of American military heroes that died fighting for America.

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Murtha Lied about Our Troops

Murtha falsely called American troops murderers. Murtha must apologize to all US troops and resign in disgrace. Anything short is not acceptable.

Why John Murtha Should Be Censured By Betsy Newmark

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