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August 22nd, 2007

WABC Radio Has Powerful Line Up of Conservatives

If you thought the Yankees or some other power hitting team once had a powerful line up, that’s nothing compare to the new line up on WABC radio in New York. Led by the top two radio shows of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity WABC which is the leading radio station in the nation also has Mark Levin whom has the highest ratings on the station as well as Laura Ingraham. WABC is now adding one of the most famous long time radio talk show hosts, Bob Grant. The line up of conservative hosts is as strong as any station has seen since the early days of radio.

WABC is now owned by Citadel Broadcasting Company

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Democrats, Liberals Set Up For Defeat Because of War

The Iraq part of the war on terror has been going very well. Our military is on the offense and killing and capturing over 1,500 terrorists a month this year. The war on terror continues to show progress and almost everyone sees the progress in the Iraq war front.

The Dems/libs have stated over and over that the US will lose the war in Iraq. Dems and libs are politically set up so that when America wins battles against terrorists they lose. Democrats have embraced America’s defeat as their political mantra and have openly called for America’s defeat. The Dems/libs can only gain politically by America’s defeat and many Democrats are doing all they can so the U.S. loses including cutting off supplies to our troops while at war and trying desperately to demoralize the American people and our soldiers. The Dems are now set up for defeat in 2008 because of the war. Dems and libs are on the wrong side of the war and as the terrorists are defeated so will the Democrats and their liberal comrades.

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August 15th, 2007

Karl Rove Should Run The RNC Now

What a better person than Karl Rove to turn the GOP around? Karl Rove should be quickly moved to the chairman of the Republican National Committee as soon as he leaves the White House.

Karl Rove is exactly what the RNC needs to get things going and get on offense for the 2008 election. We have not had good leadership at the RNC for a number of years. Not since the RNC leader when Bush’s father was President did the RNC have a great political mind at the helm, that being Lee Atwater.

Rove has not been able to be “political” because of his job in the Bush Administration. Free from being part of the respected White House, Rove can unleash attacks on the dems/libs and expose them. Rove already began verbally taking down the dems and Hillary on the Rush Limbaugh show.

The best part of Rove as head of the RNC would make the dems go totally insane if they haven’t yet been unhinged. The Dems/libs absolutely fear Rove and his political genius. Rove is a good political strategist and would make the RNC very competitive if not the favorites to win in 2008.

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August 13th, 2007

Charity Organizations Put Political Agendas Ahead of Their Original Goals

David Horowitz does a good job exposing the left and their funding from large charity organizations that were set up by donations from the estates of well known capitalists. The charity organizations need to donate their money without a political agenda and certainly not the anti-American political agenda many have been. The organizations need to be looked into for not following their charters. People need to demand they fund real organizations that do not have the liberal political bias and be responsible as their donors originally wanted.
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