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September 24th, 2007

Columbia University Invites a Terrorist to Speak

The terrorist spoke at the university in front of students and the liberal students in despicable fashion cheered the terrorist when he complained about how he was treated. Columbia doesn’t want conservative groups and individuals to speak there and doesn’t allow the ROTC to recruit for the US military. Yet Columbia University has bowed to terrorists by giving a leading terrorist a stage to spew. The liberal university should have all financial aid cut off and no one should donate money to Columbia University. There should be no tolerance for the University when they behave in such a disgraceful manner and should be put out of business by not giving them funds to operate.

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September 11th, 2007

Democrats Attack American General

Six years ago terrorists attacked America killing as many as 3,000. Now Dems/liberals are attacking an American General that’s leading the war on terror. The Dems are no longer hiding their contempt for the American GI as Democrat Senators are bad mouthing war hero General Petraeus as if he was the terrorist that struck America on 9-11-01. The despicable comments by Democrat Senators toward a leading General is an eye opener for many that now see how the Democrats treat those that served this country and defended the nation from enemies. If it wasn’t known before, the Senate hearing show that Democrats are controlled by radicals that want America destroyed like the kook leftist blogs and radical organizations funded by Anti-American leftists.

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September 10th, 2007

How Desperate Are Democrats?

General Petraeus testified in Congress that progress is being made in Iraq. ‘We are winning’ in the Iraq war on terror is not what the Dems want to hear. Dems are desperate to see that the United States of American loses the war and are openly calling for defeat. As the war goes well with near 1,500 terrorists killed or captured a month in Iraq, the Dems are getting desperate. The Dems and liberals and their liberal media allies tried to discredit General Petraeus who is well respected and was confirmed for his position by all of the Senate. The liberal media and the Dems called him a liar before he even said a word. Smearing our troops and a leading General is all the Democrats and liberals are left with in a desperate attempt to undermine American in the war. General Petraeus said the military surge is working and that some troops can come home soon and many by next summer to the pre-surge levels. The growing success in Iraq by US troops is a growing problem for Democrats. Dems and liberals need bad needs in Iraq for American troops. Dems have taken sides and they are on the terrorists side in the war in Iraq. American success will continue to make the Dems even more desperate.

Article to read:
Petraeus and Crocker testimony

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September 4th, 2007

Democrats are the Hypocrite Party

The list of Democrats involved in scandals grows, from Bill Clinton abusing women to Ted Kennedy killing a women; from Jefferson caught with cash in his freezer to Harry Reid’s land deals, yet few of them resigned.
The Democrats are the hypocrite party. While the Dems and liberals attack Republicans that are involved in a scandal, Dems have not dealt with their own members involved in scandal. Republicans remove members involved in a scandal unlike the Dems. Hillary Clinton has not been condemned and told to resign in fact she is leading the Dems for Presidential nominee. When will the hypocrite Democrats remove their scandal plagued party members? The list of Democrats involved in scandal grows and they continue to remain in office and the Democrats hypocrisy grows as they try to attack Republicans without the moral foundation to speak from their scandal full soap boxes.
Some Democrats involved in scandal, offensive behavior or made offensive remarks:
Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Harry Reid
Sen. Feinstein
Ted Kennedy
Sen. Leahy
Sen. Dodd
Sen. Biden

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