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October 30th, 2007

Hillary the Incumbent is under 50 Percent

Poll after poll when Hillary is matched up against Republicans she gets less than 50%. Even in state polls Hillary can only manage to get in the 40% range. When incumbents get low poll numbers they are usually headed to an election defeat, in a throw the bums out vote. The challenger usually gets the undecided votes by large numbers because the incumbent is already known and if they aren’t for them early, by election time they won’t be for them either. Hillary is a Senator and Bill Clinton was the President with Hillary thought of has a co-President. The 08 election is like the third term, or even 4th term election of Hillary as the incumbent. Bill Clinton didn’t get 50% but he had a third party Ross Perot in a 3 way race. In the 1992 election the incumbent Bush had low poll re-elect numbers around 40%. Hillary is winning her nomination easy like an incumbent usually does and the early primaries made it hard for anyone to defeat her. In 2008 the Dems have an incumbent, known political inside the beltway politician in a time when people want change and something new, not the same old liberal Democrat tax and spend.

Article to read:
Rasmussen Reports polling Hillary gets under 50%

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October 29th, 2007

Early Primaries May be Democrats Downfall

This is the earliest that candidates entered the Presidential election and some primaries were moved up. The early stacking of the primaries and the early money grab favored a name candidate like Hillary. Bill Clinton was a late candidate that came from obscurity to the nomination because he had time to gain on the more known candidates. Not this time, it was set up for the front runner, Hillary, to bury the pack before anyone else had a change to come from no where like her husband Bill did in 1992.

Often the early leader falters as people realize that the candidate may have the name but is not a good candidate or someone unknown is better and had the chance to rise up and be noticed. The Democrats gave Hillary the nomination by stacking the deck of cards so only she could win. That doesn’t mean she was the best candidate. In fact Hillary is loaded with flaws from past scandals to recent ones. Hillary Clinton has a pathetic resume to run on having been not much more than a wife of Bill Clinton as her name to fame.

The Democrats are about to elect their queen nominee, the most flawed nominee of a political party in years.

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October 22nd, 2007

The Great Debate

The Republican debate was very good. They discussed the issues and exposed Hillary’s weaknesses. Compare the Republican debate on Foxnews with the Dems debates and it was no contest. There was real substance on real issues in the Republican debate as opposed to Dems pandering to the lowest form of demagoguery and offers of handouts for votes.
The winners of the debate were the Republicans, conservatives and the eventual winner. Giuliani did well as did Thompson, the two front runners. Romney and Huckabee also did well and even McCain was very respectable. Republicans have been waiting for a candidate to step up and excite and fire up the voters. Almost all of them fired up the Republican base and the debate showed that all of the major candidates can take on Hillary and have many issues to expose her as a leftist fringe candidate the Democrats made a mistake in nominating. Whoever does win the Republican nomination has a very flawed, unpopular Hillary Clinton to defeat to be the next President. The great debate will be known as a turning point in the election and an important event that shaped the election of 2008.

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October 9th, 2007

Republican Debate, Taxes are the Major Issue

The debate was interesting. Other than the kook on the left, Ron Paul, the candidates gave good answers and sounded like strong conservatives. Where has that been in a while? McCain sounded like a rock solid conservative and he even mentioned Reagan. McCain is trailing in the polls and is about out of it. He is trying to out conservative the others but he seems that he realized he is out of it. Thompson was in his first debate and while not electrifying he was competent. They all stood out to a certain degree. I don’t think anyone has the nomination in hand yet. There is still time for someone to make up ground on the front runners Giuliani and Thompson.

Hillary is trying to come up with a “plan” to run on first saying she wanted to give every new born $5000 of taxpayers’ money then she backed off when the scheme flopped with many. While the Dems think the Iraq war will get them elected, the success of the US military there has taken the edge off. By election time candidates might be bragging that they always thought the US will be successful routing out terrorists in Iraq and they were for it from the beginning. There doesn’t seem that anyone has a great theme, a great saying, that they can ride to victory. Unless the economy tanks it will be hard for the Dems to make the economy an issue. With the Dems trying to make people uncomfortable with the economy the Republicans will have an easier time explaining that the worst thing would be electing Dems and getting hit with their tax increases that will hurt the economy. The best policy for Republicans to run on is ‘stop Dems from hurting you with tax increases’.

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October 2nd, 2007

No One Should Be in the Democrat Party

The Democrats are now slandering Rush Limbaugh in a desperate attempt to rehabilitate their party that has maligned our troops. Democrats smeared US troops many times calling them all kinds of nasty names such as murderers, comparing troops to Nazis and accusing them of terrorizing in the night. These are leading Dems that smear the military and while they are silent when liberals and Dems smear the troops or call a General names and a liar, they make up what Rush Limbaugh says. Rush Limbaugh is one of the US militaries leading supporters and has donated and raised money for the troops. Rush was talking about phonies that claim they were in a war but weren’t. The Dems lie and falsely say Rush called those that did serve in the war phonies. It’s obvious that Democrats know they are lying. No one can be that misinformed. A leftist group that Hillary formed started the smear and liberals in the media and Democrats continued the smear.

With all the nasty things the Democrats have said bashing the US military how can anyone still be a Democrat? If you are a Democrat you should be ashamed of yourself. Only a person that they themselves is a disgrace would be in a political party that purposely smears the troops and lies about military supporters. It’s time for all decent people, the few left, in the Democrats party to drop out of the anti-military Democrat party.

Are you a Republican or Democrat?

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