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November 29th, 2007

CNN Debate Scandal

This is the largest liberal media scandal in history. As you may now know CNN ran a liberal scam to bash the Republican debate. CNN had democrat plants ask democrat spiked questions dripping with leftist propaganda. They had a Hillary supporter ask questions about the liberal gay agenda, they flew him in across country and gave him a microphone to give a speech. Others that asked questions were Democrat supports, Democrat activists and Democrat campaign staffers.

From the top person, the President of CNN and Time Warner should immediately resign, the heads of the news and politics divisions should be fired immediately, and all those involved in this debate scandal should be fired immediately. It’s been almost one day and we haven’t heard of any resignations or firings. If CNN wants to be considered a real news organization they need to take action. However, they are liberal and pulled the scandal with full knowledge of what they were doing. When the Democrats did their debate on CNN they controlled the questions to help Hillary. It was a pro-Hillary propaganda scam to help her win the debate. This is the lowest the liberal media like CNN get. They lost any credibility they had left. Liberal CNN is nothing more than Democrat hacks and despicable liberal propagandists. This leftist dirty trick pulled by a so called media organization, the liberal CNN, will go down in history as the worst media scandal in history and the greatest example of liberal media propaganda. It should be taught in schools for years to come of liberal propaganda in the media. CNN and the liberals prove they can’t be trusted to run something serious like a debate for President.

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November 27th, 2007

Victory Celebrations for Returning Troops

When troops come home from Iraq next year our nation should have victory celebrations for them and honor them for the job they did and the great VICTORY they accomplished in Iraq.

It’s been a long time since our troops have had the recognition with celebrations for the hard work they do to protect the nation, freedoms and all Americans lives. Victory celebrations would make a clear statement of support for our troops but also honor them for what they achieved with all their hard work.

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November 26th, 2007

Behind Public School Supporters is a Racist

The disgraceful public school system continues to be supported by liberals, those profiting from it such as union officials, and ignorant people that don’t know any better.

The liberal Democrats need an underclass of people begging for government handouts. The way the Democrats get votes is by keeping people ignorant and dependent. With failing public schools, Democrats continuously have voters that are uneducated, ignorant and dependent. The cities where Democrats get the majority of votes from have the worst public schools. These cities are where the largest amount of the black population and other minorities live.

With private schools performing as well as they do it wouldn’t take long for the underclass to gain a strong economic footing and economic independence if their children were to be educated at private schools. The liberals can’t have that. Democrats literally go out of their cotton picking racist minds with the thought of the underclass, blacks and other minorities going to good private schools. Liberal Democrats wouldn’t be able to hold down their voters by keeping them ignorant and continue to have welfare recipients dependent on government that they need to keep them in power. Liberals, often limousine liberals, want their children to go to private schools and not have to sit next to the minorities that would be able to go to the private schools if they had a voucher and control of the education funds to choose a better private school. Liberals know they are keeping blacks and other minorities down economically and it’s done on purpose. Liberals also know that private schools are much better and they prove it because they don’t send their children to the worst Democrat run city public schools. When something is so clear as to who is being harmed, like blacks, the only explanation is that a racist is behind it. Am I suggesting that liberal Democrats are really racist? No. I’m saying it point blank. Liberal Democrats are racist. Liberal Democrats don’t care about improving the lives of so many that vote for them, they need to keep them poor and dependent to get elected and keep power. Liberal Democrats want to expand socialism and make more people dependent on government. Democrats need minorities to continue to vote for them. Population demographics show whom is hurt the most by the liberals destructive public school policy, that being blacks and minorities. Liberals Democrats know exactly what they are doing and it’s cruel and racist.

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November 21st, 2007

Presidential Polls Don’t Tell the Story

Nation polls of leading candidates for President don’t prove much. Presidential elections are decided by electoral votes, not popular votes nationwide as polls are taken. Each state is a contest in itself with the winner taking all of the electoral votes with exception of a couple states, such as Maine where the electoral vote is based by Congressional districts. It doesn’t matter if you win a state by one vote or many, the winner takes the electoral votes.

Polls of Hillary vs. Giuliani have been the most watched polls. Hillary leads in many of the polls by a small amount. A few months back Giuliani led in most of the polls. The one thing that is clear is that the national polls will show the two leaders of their party in a close race. But is the election really that close? Polls need to be taken state by state to see who is leading. That is the problem for the Democrats and Hillary. When looking at states there are many states that can be easily predicted because of past elections. Then there are the battle ground states. Battle ground states are the swing states that can go either way. Two important states in the last two Presidential elections have been Ohio and Florida. The Republican, George Bush needed to win the two states. Ohio has been increasingly difficult for Republicans because the past Governor was unpopular but now that a Dem is Governor, Ohio may once again lean to the Republicans. Florida polls show Giuliani leading by a nice amount. Florida was won more easily for Bush in 2004 and is likely to be a solid Republican state for 2008. With Ohio leaning Republican and Florida solid, the Republican such as Giuliani could be on offense unlike when Bush had to defend the two much needed states for victory. In 2004, there were numerous states that were close but in the end the Dem won such as Michigan, Minn. and Wisc. These are must win states for any Dem to have a chance to win enough electoral votes to get to the 270 to be elected. With many Republican must win states more solid the Republican nominee can try to win states that Bush lost by a few votes. Giuliani will also have chances to win in NJ and Conn. The political electoral map increasingly looks favorable to Republicans with the Dem nominee needing to defend more states that they can’t afford to lose. The national polls do not tell this story. They show the election would be close with Hillary or the Dem getting their votes from NY, California and Illinois in large numbers. The rest of the country is either leaning Republican or a toss up. Many of those toss ups are states the Dem has to defend. It simply becomes near impossible for the Dem to hold all the states they need to win and take a Republican leaning state or two to go over the needed electoral votes.

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November 14th, 2007

Is Hillary in a Meltdown?

Hillary Clinton’s lead is falling at a steady rate with all of the mistakes she is making. Hillary never had a big lead in Iowa and polls show she can easily lose there. Her lead in the New Hampshire primary is declining also. If Obama or Edwards wins Iowa, the New Hampshire race will be close. A couple Hillary loses can steam roll either Obama or Edwards to victories in other primaries and take the nomination. Obama and Edwards need the other to drop so they become the clear alternative to Hillary. Hillary Clinton usually gets much less than 50 percent in Dem primary polls so there are many that are not supporting her and would likely vote for whomever the alternative is. At this point Obama is the leading anti-Hillary vote but Edwards isn’t out of it. If Gore entered the race he would quickly be the top choice of the anti-Hillary vote and may even be the favorite to win the nomination.

Hillary is a very flawed and weak candidate. She can’t answer questions that aren’t given to her in advance. When Hillary does interviews she gets the questions first or gives the interviewer the questions to ask. She will only answer questions from the liberal media that support her and are willing to play the Hillary game to make her look good. That’s why Hillary was planting questions in the audience. Although she says she won’t do that again now that she is caught she will probably continue to screen for who asks the questions. Hillary can’t answer hard questions and if one asks her about Bill Clinton raping Broaderick or molesting other women including Kathleen Wiley she will be in a position where she will have to publicly bash the victims of rape and sexual molestation. Hillary is in a position, a bad position of her own doing, because she never faced the facts that Bill Clinton mistreats women in the worst way. Hillary has portrayed herself as a victim of Bill Clinton as a resume enhancer but now that she is running for President she will have to either bash the women that were victimized as bimbo eruptions or admit Bill Clinton is an abuser of women and that she enabled him to continue victimizing women.

The flawed candidate Hillary is is coming out a little too soon for Republicans. She may not even get the nomination.

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November 5th, 2007

Jay Leno Needs Writers to Do His Show

Jay Leno’s show is mostly an interview show but when the Hollywood Writers went on strike the Leno show was taken off for re-runs because Jay Leno can’t write his own words he uses on the show. Shocking! Rush, Hannity and many many others do 3 hour shows every day with no writers for them. They do the shows for themselves, speak for themselves. They don’t need writers to put works in their mouth like Jay Leno does.
The Hollywood writers strike has exposed Leno and others as not being able to do a show without someone to write their words for them.

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November 1st, 2007

Hillary Clinton is For Illegals Getting Driver Licenses

Dick Morris on the Bill O’Reilly show revealed that Hillary is for illegals getting drivers licenses. Hillary tried to deny that she said she was for the plan by the Democrat Governor in NY to give drivers licenses to illegals moments after she said it was a good idea. Morris worked for Bill Clinton and was in the Whitehouse when Hillary supported plans to give illegal’s drivers licenses and other advantages that would harm Americans.

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