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December 28th, 2007

Conservatives Best Ticket, Giuliani-Hunter

It’s getting to crunch time for picking the best conservative nominee for President. If you like Duncan Hunter or Thompson at this point you may not get your guy. Hunter is about out of it. Thompson still has a chance but conservatives will have to get behind him now. The leaders going into the early primaries are Romney, Huckabee, Giuliani and McCain with Thompson a little behind. If not Thompson, the best for conservatives is Giuliani. We need someone that actually explains the conservative position in a positive way. Giuliani can do that well. I doubt he will push any liberal social issues. On one of the most important issues to us, judicial picks, Giuliani is likely to pick conservative judges. He said he will pick conservative judges and he isn’t as likely to be fooled by a Souter type. He will have some good conservatives that will work with him on judicial picks as well as economics and tax cuts.
We’re getting to a point conservatives need to get the best candidate we can. Giuliani isn’t bad for us, he can even be good on many issues, taxes, terror, and judges. Those are the big 3 issues that Bush was good on. Giuliani may be better than Bush at explaining conservative positions. If we aren’t going to get Thompson nominated or Hunter, Giuliani can be a good candidate for conservatives to back. Giuliani-Hunter ticket may be the best. It can put California in play.

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December 19th, 2007

Energy Bill Passes, Blood Traded for Oil

Congress past an energy bill to require cars to have 35 miles to the gallon and Bush signed the bill. This bill will mean smaller, lighter cars which means more dead bodies on the road when there are accidents. To save a few gallons of gas in cars Americans will be spilling more of their blood. More will be injured in crashes and will be paralyzed or have other sever injuries harming families.

Drilling more oil wells in Alaska and off shore is much safer and profitable for companies and would help meet the oil needs for transportation and cars. It would also save people from spilling blood and less broken bones. But this is your Congress doing what people want, trading your blood for a few gallons of oil. Some day in the future people will laugh at those that support such a crazy energy bill like we now laugh at doctors a hundred years ago that believed in blood letting. This is modern day blood letting, your blood and your families blood.

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December 8th, 2007

Peek Oil, When Did We Hear That Last?

Whenever oil price rises sharply we get predictions that oil supplies have reached their peek and will then decline. What they don’t tell you is that there are many places that drilling for oil has only reached the surface. There are 100’s of billions of barrels of oil off shore, 100’s of billions more in oil sands in just Canada alone, billions more in shale, billions more that older technology can’t get at in the past. The excuses that the peek oil crowd makes is that they claim the cost to get the harder to find oil makes it unusable but as technology increases and demand warrants producing the oil, it will be produced. It has always been the case and even at lower oil prices they are today, about $90, it’s profitable. The price to get oil in the Canadian oil sands is about $30+ but under $50. As the technology increases and with economies of scale, in other words mass production, the cost per barrel declines.

While oil has been found in the ground and drilled for that is not the only place there is oil. Oil can be produced or created out of other things. Oil doesn’t take millions of years to be created as the oil in the ground may have taken to become fossil fuels, oil can be made fast. Oil can be made out of coal using technology that has been around for over a half a century. Of course there is only so much coal even if it is in large supply now. However, there is another place to create oil from and that is anything that grows. Almost all garbage can be turned into oil. It can also be turned into natural gas. The cost to take garbage and produce oil out of it is under $100 a barrel and the production cost will keep falling as the technology improves. Then there is the added benefit of having a good use for garbage. Those that yell that oil supplies have peeked and that there will be shortages making it more expensive causing disruptions to the economy or even sending the economy into a depression are short sighted, ignorant and scare mongers.

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