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January 28th, 2008

Hillary Clinton Into Free Fall

The victory by Obama in South Carolina was huge and sent to Clinton’s in a tailspin. Bill Clinton tried to divide Dems by race, where Hillary would get the better end, but the sinister plan has made Dems turn against Hillary and Bill. Leading Dems from Kennedy to many in the Senate are siding with Obama. They want to be rid of the Clintons almost as much as normal Americas want them to simply go away. The Clinton’s as they did in the 1990’s, sacrificed the Dem party for their own self interest. When Bill Clinton was President the party needed him and they feared he would oppose them, pay back, if they didn’t fall in line. Now Dems are seeing that Obama, who turned out to be an acceptable candidate for many, is someone they can support and finally end Clinton’s hold on the Dem party.

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January 21st, 2008

Romney Leads the Conservative Vote and May Win the Nomination

Of the 3 conservatives in the race, Giuliani, Romney and Thompson, its Romney that leads. Giuliani should be given a chance in Florida, the state he picked to make a strong showing but it’s getting close to the time for conservatives to unite behind one conservative nominee. That one conservative will quickly reach near 50% of the vote and slowly end the moderate candidates chances.

Its only a matter of time and the time is approaching fast that conservatives will have one person to support. More and more its looking like Romney. Giuliani makes his case in Florida and would be strong in many large states if he does well in Florida. With Romney pulling away and Giuliani getting some votes if he does well in Florida. The Republican ticket may be taking shape with Romney and Giuliani. There is an advantage in having two conservatives that are not from the Senate. The Dems may go with an all Senate ticket of Hillary and Obama. A governor and a mayor is much stronger. With the economy becoming an important issue, Romney will be a strong candidate because of his business background. Each time the Dems mention the economy they will be playing in the hands of Romney.

The primary is nearing a critical point and it’s about to be decided. Romney may be the one on top.

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January 15th, 2008

Is the Reagan Era Gone?

The more we hear talk of who is the most like Reagan, the more it seems Republicans are moving away from the conservatives values that Reagan stood by. All Republicans throw around Reagan’s name in an attempt to say they are like him but they aren’t all supporting Reagan style conservatism. You would think that all Republicans would try to be like Reagan who won two large victories but many are moderate or take liberal positions as if that is how to win. But the more liberal a Republican is the less likely they win the Presidency. In the most liberal states Republicans lose even when they move to more liberal positions. There are few Republicans now in Congress from the north east states and many had moved to the liberal side to get elected. It didn’t work. If a Republican wants to use Reagan’s name and champion the Reagan revolution they should be like Reagan and take conservative positions he did.

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January 11th, 2008

Thompson Becoming the Conservative’s Candidate

Thompson did very well in the South Carolina debate on Foxnews. The others did ok but Thompson clearly showed he is a strong conservative and able to explain conservative positions well. He didn’t fake or hide his positions like Huckabee and McCain tried to do. McCain supported open borders and amnesty and is now trying to cover over it. He also voted against the tax cuts that gave us a strong economy and got us out of the Clinton recession and negative effects of 9-11. Huckabee is a liberal on many issues including tax increases and giving illegal’s benefits to go to college before Americans. He is basically a liberal Republican and Thompson exposed him for what he is.

Thompson will gain in SC and if he doesn’t win it he will come very close to winning, setting up a Thompson-McCain show down. McCain is still being promoted by the liberal media but when conservatives unite behind one conservative, that candidate will gain and have a good chance to win.

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January 9th, 2008

Fake Tears and the Liberal Media Got Hillary the Win in NH

Hillary faked tears and played it up as big as they could. The liberal media played it over and over taking the spotlight off of Obama and on to Hillary and that gave her the win in NH. It was still close in NH but she won where she could have lost and lost big. The race over all is still close but Hillary is leading. If Obama can get the Edwards voters he can win but if the Edwards voters go to Hillary she will win the nomination.

What’s best for the Republicans? Either Obama or Hillary can be defeated. Hillary would unite Republicans and many independents against her. If Obama is the nominee the election will be more about issues and the Republicans can win that. Either way the dems have a weak candidate. Edwards may have been the toughest and he is now out of it unless something really strange happens. If Republicans could pick the dems candidates the best ones lead for Republican chances. Thanks to dems they put their least electable candidates on top and one will be the loser in November.

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January 8th, 2008

Conservatives Will Decide Soon

Conservatives will need to decide soon, whom to support. McCain by winning NH is the front runner. Conservatives need to make a choice between Thompson, Giuliani or Romney. McCain will otherwise keep leading and winning states. It still hasn’t sorted out yet who conservatives want to take on McCain. The natural choice seems like Thompson but he needs a win some place to take in the funds he needs to run ads in the large media market states. Giuliani is buying time or hopes to but time, until he gets his chance to win one. If Giuliani gets a break out he will be strong. Romney will be a default candidate if neither Giuliani or Thompson gain because Romney is acceptable for conservatives and has the money he needs.
McCain is now the leader and we are waiting for the conservatives choice to take him on.

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January 6th, 2008

McCain Leading? Wait for Thompson or Giuliani to Challenge

The primaries have not yet shaken out the Republican Field yet. If McCain wins NH he may be called the front runner but it’s far from over. We have to get down to two leading candidates and the choice will be made between them. The Democrats are more quickly being narrowed down. The Republicans need a clear candidate conservatives will support. Conservatives have not backed McCain and do not like him but he is getting some support from conservatives. If Romney loses NH to McCain he will have a tough time staying in it. Huckabee will get a percent but not enough to be the top 2 after losing NH. Thompson and Giuliani need a break through and one of them should get it either in SC for Thompson or Florida for Giuliani. That will set it up for a Thompson or Giuliani verses McCain race. At that point conservatives will decide between McCain or Giuliani if they are the top two. If it’s Thompson and McCain conservatives will take Thompson. What we need to wait for is McCain to take the lead and either Giuliani or Thompson to be the alternative to him. Giuliani or Thompson will likely win at that point.

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January 5th, 2008

Obama Can Win Nomination

Obama’s big win in Iowa sets him up to win NH. It’s very likely he will gain votes from Edwards and the faltering Hillary campaigns. If Obama continues with the big MO, momentum, he got in Iowa and with a win in NH he will be hard to stop. Many of the supporters of Hillary were blacks and they may very well want to vote for Obama whom would make history being the first black to win the nomination. Hillary is not a likable person and hasn’t run a good campaign. If she uses the Clinton method of nasty mud thrower it will likely backfire as it has every time the Clinton campaign attempted to slim Obama. Obama is running a good campaign and his speeches are the most optimistic, up beat of all the candidates. Regardless of what Obama is saying, he says it as if he means it and in a positive way. Hillary may not be as popular with Democrats than many thought and there are 2 alternatives, Obama and Edwards to choose from. When one, mostly likely Obama take the lead, the other’s supporters will switch to the leader but not likely to Hillary. If they aren’t for Hillary now they won’t be for her later.

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January 2nd, 2008

Hillary Set up for a Defeat in Iowa

Hillary may very well be beat in Iowa. Either Obama or Edwards can win and the other might come in second. Hillary will be viewed as the loser if she comes in second and a third place finish can set her back so far her campaign can implode. A second place finish for Hillary will take the shine off her supposed inevitable victory. It will show she can and has lost. While a second place finish for Edwards would be a victory and give him momentum going into other states. Edwards and Obama can continue to raise money for the Feb battles that will decide it all. Hillary would look weak and have difficulty raising funds after the millions she already raised. It’s not looking good for Hillary. Edwards and Obama may be the front runners in a week. It would be best for Republicans if Hillary wins the nomination but it would be fun seeing her lose the nomination.

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