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February 25th, 2008

Republicans, Conservatives Pulled the Greatest Political Scam of All Time

With Hillary Clinton’s crushing loss to the inexperienced first term Senator Obama, people are wondering what went wrong for Hillary and the Democrats. A few months back it looked like Hillary would win easy and Dems thought they had a strong candidate for November with Hillary and that they were certain to win. The problem for the Dems is that back room deals that pick a nominee aren’t necessarily the best candidate and may end up being a disaster for their party when voters reject the party’s selected nominee.

Did the Dems hand select Hillary as the eventual nominee in a back room deal? In some ways they did. Dem party backers gave their selected nominee Hillary millions keeping serious candidates out that may have challenged Hillary or may have been the serious front runner. The big names of the Dems like Kerry, Gore, and Governors that may have risen like Bill Clinton did in 92 never had a chance to compete. The Gov. of Iowa dropped out early because the party was backing Hillary. Everyone was squeezed out, or shut out. Except for Obama whom few thought had a real chance. Leftists will fund a loser as long as they think their loser is saying what they want to hear, they backed Obama and gave him the funds he needed to knock off Hillary Clinton. Dems soon found out that Hillary was a flawed candidate; with no real experience having never won a real election or accomplishing anything on her own. Hillary was first lady because of her husband Bill being elected and as first lady she was handed the Senate seat of NY by Democrats. Voters don’t view a Senate seat as effecting their daily lives so when Hillary, the first lady ran, they gave her the Senate seat. Hillary was never a good candidate and should have never been a serious candidate for president. She was not more than a creation of others that said she was a serious candidate.

Who first said Hillary Clinton will run for President and be a formidable political force? Maybe Hillary did in her self inflated ego of grander thinking she is of the likes of Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, whom was first lady because of her husband being elected, or other women in history that rose to being their countries leaders like Gandhi, Peron or Golda Meir. The first to push Hillary Clinton on the political stage were conservatives of talk radio and Republicans whom said they feared a Hillary Clinton Presidency. Hillary probably loved that vast wing conspiracy that inflated her to larger than live political figure, queen, or simply political fool. Hillary believed the back handed mocks by conservatives as praise and she believed she was a serious candidate as well as many Dems that were appointing her as the nominee before the voters had a say. Conservative Republicans pushed her for President knowing she wasn’t liked and would be divisive. Bill Clinton didn’t get 50% of the vote and Hillary would have a hard time doing any better. Some did fear should would actually win but that also made for great chat on talk radio or the internet. What ever the motivations, conservatives made Hillary the front runner for the Dems. Hillary willing accepted the title and Dems were slowly cooked into having her as their nominee. Conservatives pulled the biggest political scam setting up an empty, weak, flawed candidate in Hillary for defeat. Obama, a flawed candidate of his own, huffed and puffed and blew the weaker, flawed Hillary candidacy away. Now the Dems are stuck with Obama and left to pick up the pieces of the shattered Hillary Clinton campaign that the vast right wing conservatives painted as a mirage for the Democrats to have believed in.

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February 24th, 2008

Let the Democrats/leftists Ruin the Nation?

Some conservatives are saying that it would be better to let the Democrats win this year than to elect McCain. The theory does make sense. The idea is that if the Democrats win they will ruin the nation and people will see how bad they are and elect conservatives to clean up the mess. And what a mess it would be.

The likely Dem for President is Obama and the same Dems would lead the Democrat run Congress, Pelosi and Reid. They are the most left wing politicians ever to run the nation. They will not be able to control themselves and would start many leftist socialist policies that would soon prove to fail as they always do. The Democrats would be seen as doing the damage and the people will soon throw them out of office and elect conservatives.

The problem with the idea is that the leftists may ruin the country to such an extent that it would be hard to turn it around. The courts would be controlled by liberals and they would make it difficult to end the socialist policies the Democrats impose. After the voters throw out the leftist bums, the new conservative leaders would have a hard time throwing out the destructive leftist/socialist programs.

Usually when a liberal takes over and proves themselves a failure, like Jimmy Carter was, a conservative then wins and turns the country around like Reagan did. Those cases are history and after the fact. They weren’t planned, it simply happened. So if it is planned to elect a liberal/leftist expecting a good conservative to follow and clean up the mess, it may not happen. It is not assured that a good conservative like Reagan and that a good Congress would be elected to lower taxes and clean up the liberals mess. The plan to let the leftists ruin the nation is filled with dangers. If a leftist happens to win and that’s the cards all Americans are faced with, then that is what everyone will have to deal with and suffer with. Hopefully a conservative can then win and turn the nation around. But intentionally letting the leftists ruin the nation isn’t a good idea.

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February 20th, 2008

It’s Over, Hillary Has Lost the Nomination

With the loss of the Wisconsin primary Hillary has been defeated by Obama. The crushing loss of a state that has a very small number of blacks is the final blow to Hillary Clinton’s presidential run. The chances of a come back at this time is virtually none. The only chance she would have is if Obama falls on his face in a destructive matter that hasn’t been seen since Clayton of Texas lost to Ma Richards for the states governorship. You can remember it was Ma Richards that infamously mocked the first President Bush as having a silver foot in his mouth. Clayton had the election against Richards until he made highly offensive remarks against women.

There are people that think Hillary Clinton can keep coming back to life like a monster in a bad movie is giving her too much credit. Hillary turned out to be a bad actor in the nomination and never was a good candidate.

It Hillary Clinton cares about her party she would drop out of the race. The fact she hasn’t yet dropped out after losing by such large majorities in Virginia and Maryland shows she is in it for herself and not for the dems. This crushing loss for Hillary Clinton after it was expected that she would have a coronation to the nominee will go down in history as one of the fastest and biggest falls of any politician. Hillary’s defeat was to an unknown 2 year Senator with little experience but then again, Hillary also had little experience and was a Senator not much longer. The nomination is over and it was Hillary Clinton that lost.

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February 10th, 2008

Obama is Winning Big, Will Hillary Concede?

Obama is winning big against Hillary. When will she decide to drop out? After losing Tuesday in Virginia and Maryland, it will be time for Hillary to drop out. The writing is on the wall and Obama has won it. Will Hillary be spiteful and not concede? We shall see.

On the Republican side Huckabee isn’t dropping out but he is winning states. He is playing spoiler for McCain but as long as he is winning states he has a point not to withdraw.

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February 1st, 2008

Many Conservatives Will Not Vote for McCain

If McCain is the nominee for the Republicans, many conservatives will not support him or vote for him. Many, such as Ann Coulter, prefer a Democrat to fight than a liberal Republican like McCain that will help liberals pass bills and policies they want. Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin as well as many others will not support McCain and will not help him win the November election.

Probably the only Democrat that will unite Republicans to support and vote for McCain is if Hillary Clinton is the Dems nominee. But it’s unlikely to unite enough conservatives to put up a real fight. McCain will be left with the establishment Republicans to fight their own battle. Without the conservative media supporting McCain, the liberal media will be free to paint McCain as they want to. Expect the media to say McCain is too old and nasty to be President, that he doesn’t have the temperament required.

Will McCain have any chance to win? His election math would require a huge anti-Hillary vote, he would need independents voting for him in huge numbers and it would help if blacks are upset the way the Clinton’s have been treating Obama that many of them may not vote for Hillary. McCain would have a chance to win but if he won he would have very little base of support. The best hope at that point would be a period of confusion in politics were no one supports anyone and no one knows who to bash. Leaving McCain as a figure head in a quite period in politics.

If the economy and other important issues become partisan, heated and fought over, McCain will be spinning like a revolving door and it won’t be pretty. Conservatives are not going to defend McCain and will say he is a liberal and a Democrat. The Dems will counter claiming McCain is a Republican and that they are opposed to him. Politics will be upside down and McCain will be standing on his head to square his positions few will support.

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