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March 14th, 2008

Democrat Cities in Decline – Two America’s?

Democrat John Edwards said there is two Americas, the rich and the poor. He may be right about two Americas and he may be right about places doing well being upper income and those doing poorly, but he is wrong about the cause. Liberals like Edwards want to blame America or blame Republicans but the blame for those areas in decline are the result of liberal Democrats.

We may be seeing the end of the party for liberals and Democrats. While the economy was good raising all boats since Reagan cut taxes and more recent when Bush further improved the economy with tax cut incentives, Democrats areas were able to raise taxes and expand their spending programs. While the dems bashed Bush and Reagan’s tax cuts it helped all including those that support Democrats. It is increasingly difficult for Democrat states and cities to continue to hold up with the rising local taxes and other negative liberal policies they impose. Look for the end of the good economy for Democrat dominated areas. The Democrats are driving away the producers whom are usually conservatives and they are left with those looking for handouts that Democrats promise. The Democrats will have a hard time paying their bloated state budgets and will have to cut back. The housing decline will be worse in Democrat areas and that will chase more productive people out. Conservatives and Republicans will move to places that keep taxes down and where conservative policies make the state and town better off in comparison to Democrat cities.

We will see two Americas, the declining Democrat run cities and states and the conservative areas that will be doing much better.

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