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April 30th, 2008

Liberals Starve Millions by Burning Bio-fuels

Liberals are starving millions of people around the world by burning food as fuel known as bio-fuel. While Americans are paying a stiff price for food, people in other countries are unable to afford the higher food prices and are starving. Liberals pushed for alternatives to fossil fuels and stopped drilling oil in Alaska and offshore and even worse liberals pushed for the use of so called renewable fuels meaning using crops such as corn and sugar for ethanol. Millions need the corn and other crops to eat to live but the liberals rather starve people than drill for oil. This mean spirited policy by liberals was meant to harm oil companies so they can’t produce more oil and make profits. Liberals scare tactics of the global warming hoax is part of their agenda claiming if fuel is renewable some how it was better for the environment. However growing more crops for bio-fuels has proven more harmful to the environment. Crazy leftist policies claiming environmental issues were very costly to everyone which is exactly the destruction the liberals wanted to place on businesses and the economy but now their policies are starving poor people by the millions in Africa and Asia. The liberal lefts destructive policies over many years have cost many people their lives such as their disastrous policy to ban DDT that caused people to suffer and die of malaria and now millions face death and starvation. Liberals continue to cause suffering and death because they hate freedom and capitalism and want to impose socialism and the harm it causes. It’s important that we stop the policy of using food for fuel so people have food to eat and save millions from starvation.

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April 28th, 2008

Democrats Nomination Problem

The Dems have a problem but only their leaders know it. The Dems can’t decide who will be their nominee and when should the loser drop out. Dem party Chairman Dean has called for either Hillary or Obama to drop out by June. He can call for it all he wants but as long as both think they have a chance they don’t want to be the one to throw in the towel for the good of party.

The Dems problem is the result of the fact that their voters aren’t very politically aware of the political process. Polls show that Dems say that neither should drop out. Dean must be hitting his head against the wall because he sees the problems of the two nominees knocking each other and the possibility of a disastrous convention. If the Dems voters would have been more aware of politics they would have rallied behind one candidate by now. First Obama was winning then Hillary, then Obama again, now Hillary wins a few but still trails. Usually one candidate takes a lead and pulls away as people see that candidate as the eventual nominee. While it looks like Obama will be the nominee, Dems haven’t rallied to him as the likely winner but are making it difficult for their own party to unite.

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April 20th, 2008

Pennsylvania Primary May be the End for Hillary’s Campaign

The Tuesday Pennsylvania primary may be the last chance for Hillary Clinton to gain. Unless Hillary wins by a significant amount, near 15%, her campaign will not be able to make up enough ground to claim she is still in it. A win by 10% may be enough to stay in it but won’t do much more than delay the inevitable win by Obama.

Many polls including the Zogby poll and Rasmussen poll show the race is close with Hillary leading by a few percent at most. Even if Obama doesn’t win, it’s likely that it will be close, with Obama losing by about 5%. However, an upset is in the making. It’s very possible that Obama will win the state. People like to vote for the winner and most people think Obama will be the Dems nominee. To get people to go to the polls to vote in a primary there has to be some kind of excitement. Voting for Hillary who will soon be out isn’t an interesting or fun thing to do, but voting for the eventual nominee may be enough to get Democrat voters to the voting booths to vote for Obama and end the Dems primary campaign.

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April 16th, 2008

Political Left Loses Again to Conservatives

This time in Italy. Liberals keep bashing America and claim that the whole world is against the US because of the President Bush and his conservative policies. However, conservatives that are pro-America have won in Germany, Canada, France and now in Italy. A pro-American conservative, Silvio Berlusconi and his allies in Parliament won a huge victory with a majority of about 100 seats in the lower house and 30 to 40 seat majority in the Senate. Large decisive victories are very unusual in Italy. The left wing had defeated Berlusconi 20 months ago but had only a one seat edge in Parliament.
Berlusconi ran on a conservative agenda of tax cuts, reducing regulations and lowering debt. Berlusconi’s is a strong allied of the U.S. and in his last term in office he was an ally in the war on terror sending troops in Iraq.
The political left led by Prodi leaves Italy in or near a recession. Many agree that it will be difficult to improve the economy. Berlusconi also wants to solve a garbage problem in Naples unsolved by leftists.

The liberals are out of touch with the whole world where people are electing pro-America conservatives. Soon the only anti-American politicians in the world will be liberals in the U.S.

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April 12th, 2008

Obama Mocks Small Town America

This will hurt Obama to some extent in the elections in November but shouldn’t lose many votes in the upcoming primaries. For the most part Dems have lost many voters from small rural towns already. The majority of votes the Dems get are from cities.

Under fire, Obama clarifies small-town remarks

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April 11th, 2008

Ocean and ANWR Drilling for Oil So People Don’t Starve

We have plenty of oil to meet most of our countries needs by drilling in the ocean and in the Alaska frozen tundra. Billions of barrels of oil are in the ground waiting to be used. Yet the radical leftists/liberals use lies and propaganda to spread their fear of environmental damage to stop drilling.

There is a lot of oil wells in Texas, in Alaska, and in the ocean now with no environmental calamity. So how have the radicals stopped drilling you may ask. It’s ignorance by many and repeated lies and propaganda by the left. People think ocean drilling is off-shore and can be seen when they go to the beach for a day outing in the summer. Liberals in the media have people falsely believing that oil wells will be dumping oil on them soaking up crude oil while soaking up the sun on a beach. Ocean drilling is far out in the ocean that it can’t be seen from shore. Alaska has many oil wells now but that hasn’t stopped the liberals propaganda media showing the millions of acres, miles, of wilderness as if drilling wells will replace it all. A small fraction, less than a fraction of one percent of the land would be used for oil drilling in the frozen ANWR desolate area where billions of barrels of oil sit waiting to be used.

The liberals and others that believe the propaganda are ignorant of what and where oil drilling is now and where it would be. Because of this ignorance, lies and propaganda everyone in the world is paying higher prices for oil and for food because oil is needed to produce food. Riots have broken out in countries where people can’t afford the higher prices and go hungry. The liberals used to care about world hunger but not anymore. The liberals would rather people go hungry and starve as long as their radical leftist agenda can be imposed on everyone. The leftists/liberals want to harm the world economy and lower living standards to the much lower socialist levels by stopping the production of oil needed to fuel the economy and produce food.

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April 1st, 2008

People are Negative For What Reason?

The economy has had a great run, with growth since the last quarter of 2001. Unemployment levels have been low, inflation has been low, stocks up and we had the best housing boom. The housing market is in a major correction as prices became to high and speculation led to creative and risky financing. Homes are coming down in price to more affordable levels which isn’t a bad thing. Long term almost everything including homes should be more affordable as prices either decline, stay even in dollars, or inflation adjusted as productivity gains gives all a high standard of living.

Why were people so negative? It’s because it’s an election year and the liberal media is trying to help the dems. The liberals/dems are trying to talk down the economy. Prices of oil and gas is high in part because the dems have blocked drilling for more oil in Alaska and off-shore that would have increased domestic production and supplies that would have lowered prices. The housing market is in a correction and those that bought at high prices or couldn’t afford what they bought are either trying to sell or are in foreclosure. The couple of negatives do not over ride all other economic news unless you’re a liberal and trying to use any negative to bash the economy.

What will happen when the liberals/dems and other gloom and doom peddlers are again proven wrong and the economy continues to grow? It should be fun seeing egg on their faces again. The economy is slower than it was but the last 6 years shows the strength of the economy. Even a small recession the size the economy is isn’t enough to be so negative as liberals/dems are and others that want the US to be in decline. The only worry would be is if the dems are able to raise taxes and pass economic destructive socialist policies like nationalized healthcare or other onerous regulations. Let’s hope the dems never get the power to hammer the economy and we see the economy decline as the liberals/dems hoped it to be.

Additional reading.
Here is a good article by John Lott.
New Op-ed up at Fox News: The ‘Recession’ Is a Media Myth

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Right Wing News Has Been Taken Over by Aliens

April fool!
Right Wing News has been taken over by something. The RWN blog has a poll about who should lead you on a desert island. I picked Paris Hilton because she runs her own businesses as an executive and that’s more than either Obama or Hillary ever did. Anyway, scrolling down a bit on RWN blog you will find a stripping teddy bear. Obvious a cute play on all those ads for Valentine’s Day about buying a Teddy Bear as if no one else thought of that gift and no women/girls seen the ads and would be surprised by your creativity in picking a gift.

Back to the RWN blog and it goes on to other celebrity posts. Catchy stuff. Hey! Maybe RWN has something there. People do like Hollywood stars and news about them. It can’t be a bad idea going main stream celeb blogging. It would be fun. Good luck RWN. I’m all for it! Now back to the program. (music plays on)

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