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May 20th, 2008

Hillary running for VP? Oregon and Kentucky Primary Means Little

The Primaries at this point mean little. Hillary and Obama will split with one each. Obama is the nominee, everyone knows it. Hillary has stopped running attack ads, in part because she is broke but also because she may be looking to take the VP spot. If Obama is forced to pick Hillary for VP I think she would take it to Obama’s peril. Hillary will undermine Obama before and after the election. If Obama loses, she will be the front runner of 2012 and if they are elected, Hillary can overshadow Obama and hope he is impeached to take over. Hillary wouldn’t save an Obama Presidency from impeachment like Gore helped save Clinton that prevented him from taking over as President. A VP spot for Hillary is all upside and little down side. At worst she is VP for 8 years and then runs for President or if Obama loses she runs in 2012 moving up from VP nomination to Presidential nomination. Hillary is running for the second spot and as long as she is in the race she can force her way on the ticket.

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May 12th, 2008

Hillary Looking Like a Sore Loser

Hillary Clinton isn’t the first Dem that looks like a sore loser having lost an election. Al Gore lost to Bush in 2000 and called for recounts after recounts in hopes to overturn the results. Hillary has lost any chance to have a delegate lead to Obama yet she isn’t unifying the party in hopes that something can pop up that would turn delegates against Obama and give her the nomination. If Hillary is staying in to pay down some of her 20 million of campaign debt or to hurt Obama so he is less likely to win in November so she can run in 2012 or if she is trying to pressure Obama to pick her for VP, doesn’t change the fact she lost. Each day Hillary Clinton stays in the race where she has lost makes her look like a sore loser and less of a unifier of anyone.

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May 7th, 2008

Democrats in Chaos

What went wrong for the Dems? Hillary and Clinton supporters thought before the primaries started that they would easily win the nomination only to be beat by an inexperienced freshman Senator. The problem the Dems have now is that neither Hillary of Obama will have enough delegates to win with the primary votes leaving it to super delegates. Obama will have the most delegates and is now the likely nominee. It’s over but it was over a while ago.

The mess the Democrats are in is because when Hillary lost by large numbers in places like Virginia and Maryland as well as many caucus states she didn’t drop out like most do. Hillary Clinton and the Clinton supporters including their old political hacks wouldn’t give up so easy. Even now when she is defeated she still won’t give up hoping she can be picked in an all out fight or convention floor fight. When Hillary lost by large majorities weeks back she could have done what most do and gracefully bow out and congratulate the winner. But Hillary didn’t drop out nor did she even acknowledge Obama winning state after state. She totally ignored the results as if he didn’t win and as if there wasn’t even an election. If she did admit defeat and ended her campaign, Obama could have won enough delegates to win during the primary and start his campaign for the general election. The Clinton’s lack class, like we have always known, and now the Democrats are in chaos because of it.

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May 5th, 2008

Hillary can win Indiana but is expected to lose North Carolina

Every primary loss for Hillary at this point is a crushing defeat. Hillary losing NC is near a fatal blow to any chance she can come back and make a serious claim for the nomination. A crushing loss in Indiana will be the end of the road for Hillary. If she wins Indiana by a small amount it will be devastating for her chances to keep her campaign going.

The Dems are nearing the end of their primary and Obama is likely to be the nominee. Hillary proved to be a terrible campaigner and a flawed candidate that proved she is no Bill Clinton on the campaign trail. However, Bill Clinton didn’t help her with his strange if not racist remarks that hurt the Hillary campaign. The Dems are about done bashing each other and they will soon realize that their top two candidates should have never been serious contenders.

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