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July 30th, 2008

Democrats Close Congress Without Voting for Oil Drilling

Democrats led by Pelosi voted 213 to 212 to close the Congress for the month of August without a vote for oil drilling. Oil prices rose over 4 dollars a barrel after falling for a couple weeks on talk by the President and many in Congress about drilling offshore and other areas to increase oil supplies to lower oil and gas prices. All Republicans voted to keep Congress in session but only 17 Democrats joined them to demand a vote on oil drilling. Democrat Senator Reid also pulled a bill in the Senate to increase oil drilling. Democrats Reid and Pelosi continue to block the domestic oil drilling vote that many believe would pass if Congress was allowed to vote.

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July 29th, 2008

Democrats and Obama’s Economic and Oil Policy is an Austerity Program

The Democrats and Obama demand sharp reduction in oil and energy use and they oppose increasing oil supplies. Dems also want higher taxes and government programs and policies taking control of vast parts of the economy including the healthcare industry and everything that takes energy. Which means virtually everything in the economy. Democrats and Obama’s economic and energy policy is an
austerity program for America meaning poverty for many and hard times for many more. The Dems and Obama want to stick it to the upper income and everyone else by pushing energy prices higher and higher. If the Democrats can impose their austerity program on America the economy will shrink, the standard of living for everyone will fall, jobs will be lost, millions will be thrown out of work and on the unemployment lines, it will be hard for people to buy food and pay their mortgage or rent.

Why do the Democrats want to force all Americans to suffer with an austerity program? Democrats are a leftist party, socialist, and they are controlled by leftist environmentalists that believe progress harms the earth and people are evil abusers of the environment. Socialists know that only those in poverty accept lost freedom and will beg for government social programs to take care of them. The radical left thinks they will be able to impose their austerity program with Obama and the Democrats controlling the Congress. If the people want to suffer under a crazy leftist austerity program all Americans will pay a stiff price and lose freedoms and many around the world will lose their freedoms and many will die of starvation and wars as living standards fall sharply.

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July 22nd, 2008

The liberal media in the tank for Obama

The liberal media is doing all they can to help their liberal nominee Obama to get him elected. The Obama and liberal media trip to the middle east is a show to make Obama look like he is a player in international issues and the war. Its a joke and the liberal media knows it and people see through it as propaganda by the Obama media. Obama was wrong on the war, he didn’t support the important issue of the day, the war on terror, and has undermined it every chance he got. Now the liberal media is trying to sell Obama as anything but a joke in important issues of national security and the our military.


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Belief Growing That Reporters are Trying to Help Obama Win

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July 8th, 2008

Republicans have the issue to defeat Democrats for years

People have had it with high gas prices and want increasing supplies and the lower prices it will bring. Dems are still demanding austerity measures telling people to cut back, conserve, lower their standard of living and accept rising gas prices and as good price to pay to force people from buying gas. Most people want progress and the Republicans stand for increasing energy supplies and higher living standards. The issue for the election has been found and Republicans should be able to win it easily and set it firm in the minds of voters for years that the Dems are for high gas prices and declining living standards and Republicans are for affordable gas and economic progress.

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