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August 28th, 2008

Yes We Can, No You Can’t

The Obama’s message is, ‘yes, we the government run by the liberals can do for you and no you can’t accomplish anything without the government’.

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Obama’s Convention Speech of Old Liberal Lines

Obama’s acceptance speech was full of the same old liberal lines. Obama mentioned most of the Democrats government policies they are always for expanding.

The stage was big, in a stadium, but the speech was small. It was at a level of a candidate for a state house at best. Obama couldn’t match the stadium size and hype. It was like they tried to stage a staging. It turned out to be a caricature of a political convention staging.

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August 27th, 2008

Bill and Hillary Clinton Steal the Democrat Convention

The Obama convention was hi-jacked by the Clintons. They sucked all the oxygen out of the convention and like always, it’s all about Bill or Hillary Clinton. The Dems can’t get rid of them. Like an anchor around the Dems neck for years, now Obama has the Clintons wrapped around his neck. He couldn’t shake Hillary or Bill Clinton loose during the primary and like a bad movie were the monster comes back again and again, they just won’t go away and are stepping all over the Obama parade or convention. 

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August 25th, 2008

Democrats Convention is Boring

Michele Obama’s speech had no substance. What could she say? Barack Obama has little experience for her to brag about.
Ted Kennedy, the old liberal horse, was trotted out for the Dems usual attempt to get the sympathy vote. The Dems speeches were the same old, same old nonsense. Boring liberal rhetoric. If the convention is the same the rest of the week it will be a disaster for the Dems.

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August 24th, 2008

Obama-Biden and Osama-Bin-Laden

The difference between Obama-Biden and Osama-Bin-Laden is, BS n La. If days after 9-11-01 someone would have told you the Dems would nominate a ticket with a name so close to the spelling of Osama Bin Laden you would have said they were crazy.

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August 23rd, 2008

Obama picks Biden for VP

The Dems had a weak field of candidates to choose from for President and Obama had few good choices for VP nomination. Hillary was unpopular with high negatives and even though she had the money she couldn’t beat Obama who lacks experience and is a joke as a Presidential candidate.

Obama couldn’t pick Hillary with all the problems she would bring. The Clinton’s would be undermining Obama and trying to run things the way they want. Obama would have to constantly worry about what Hillary and Bill are doing behind his back.

Others that were said to be possible Obama VP picks had their own set of problems. He needed someone with enough experience to silence Hillary and her supporters. It would have been easy for Hillary and the Clinton followers to mock a pick of someone unknown, little experience, and without backing from the party leaders. It would be possible that the Hillary supporters could force delegates to dump Obama’s pick and put her on the ticket. However, Biden is a Senator of 36 years so delegates and party leaders would never dump him. So Obama needed to pick a politician with credibility among party leaders.

Biden can be a pit bull but he also comes off sounding nasty. He has a history of saying the wrong things putting his foot in his mouth. Biden is also a pick that he can claim has experience to bolster Obama’s lack of experience. Biden won’t help Obama who is sinking fast. He had little choice in picking Biden with no other good choices to pick from. 

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August 14th, 2008

Campaign Ads and the Liberal Obama Media

A post by Sundries blog, called  ‘MSNBC, That’s Not True‘ makes a point that the liberal media is reporting on campaign ads that are not exactly true and that they have a motive, a spin, in their reporting. The liberal media is trying to help their candidate, liberal Obama and hurt McCain.
Both candidates are running national ads on liberal NBC’s national broadcast. Sundries reported that liberal MSNBC claims McCain isn’t running ads in Florida and that Obama is. Liberal NBC’s national ads are run nationally, meaning all states including Florida. So it’s not true that McCain isn’t running ads in Florida. Liberal MSNBC and liberal NBC are both owned by the same company, GE, yet didn’t come to the light that liberal NBC had McCain ads running nationally and therefore in Florida.
If McCain was spending a large amount running local ads in Florida it would be a sign of weakness. The liberal Obama media would like McCain to show that weakness. They probably wished that they could say McCain has to spend money running ads in a state he should have in the bag, a Republican state that Bush won easy in 04.
McCain will be able to run ads in states that were close in 04 that Dem Kerry won and McCain can win including NJ, Conn., PA, Michigan, Minn., Wisc. and Washington. These are all must win states for the liberal media’s candidate Obama. Of course the Obama media, like MSNBC, wish McCain was wasting money buying extra ads where he will win, like Republican state Florida and where Obama has little chance. McCain is going to add to the majority of Republican states, Red states, taking more swing states that a Dem would need to have any chance to be elected President. 

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August 4th, 2008

Inflate Tires or is Obama’s Head Inflated?

The Obama plan to solve the problem of high gas and oil prices is to inflate your tires. Obama claims that will save the amount of oil that could come from drilling oil wells. Obama’s head is inflated so naturally his answers is to inflate something. Of course the higher oil prices is causing inflation but Obama doesn’t want to actually doing something to increase oil supply and lower prices by drilling for more American oil. Obama and the Democrats are so full of hot air they can start breathing into tires to inflate them and cars will float on all that hot air.

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