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April 23rd, 2009

Yahoo is shutting Geocities down

The TomG Report started on Geocities back in 1999 and is one of the longest running conservatives political web sites on the net. The TomG Report is now 10 years old. Not many sites on the web have been around that long. Yahoo announced that the will close down Geocities by the end of the year. Yahoo should develop the site and expand it rather than shut it down. It’s senseless to close a site that has a history and many users but they probably don’t want to throw more good money after bad money. They bought the site for over 4 billion dollars 10 years ago (about the time the TomGReport started).

Yahoo pulls the plug on GeoCities

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April 22nd, 2009

High Inflation is Likely in the Near Future

The Federal Reserve is expanding the monetary base, the money supply, at a very fast pace. With the economy in decline and a credit crunch where businesses and consumers are having a hard time borrowing money, the Fed is trying add funds, liquidity or money supply, to the financial system to prevent a economic depression. With a slow to declining economy where production declines mean less products available to purchase as well as the money supply expanding meaning more money to purchase things, higher prices are likely.

The government under Obama and the Democrats is spending and borrowing record amounts by the trillions of dollars. The Federal Reserve will be forced to pump up the money supply so that the government can sell it’s debt and provide banks enough money to make loans to businesses and consumers. Government borrowing at the extreme amounts we see would result in all available money going to government debt like treasuries, crowding out other borrowers. No one would be able to borrow as the government takes it all. The credit crunch the federal budget deficit is causing would drive the economy into a depression. So the Fed will be forced to print up money, expand the money supply to make money available to those that need to borrow. As the federal deficit grows the need to expand the money supply grows and so does the risk of high inflation. Expect a tipping point where a stagnant economy with expanding money supply results in very high inflation.

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April 15th, 2009

Tea Party Protests Across the Nation

Anti-tax protests formed in all states by thousands of Americans in each “Tea Party” protest outraged by the over taxing and over spending government. No leader or organization formed the protests. The protesters heard about the rallies by word of mouth, internet and e-mail in the most unprecedented events in the history of the country. Politicians will see from the large protests that people are upset and unless they cut spending and taxes they will be defeated in the next election. People will only take so much and aren’t happy that after paying so much in taxes that the government is spending much more, running huge deficits that will result in disastrous consequences and higher taxes.

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