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July 20th, 2009

Socialist Healthcare Bill, What went wrong for Obama

With polls showing high approval early in his presidency and the liberal media praising him and his leftist agenda, Obama and the Dems reached for big government socialist plans and expected their agenda to pass without opposition. The left in Congress led by Pelosi and Reid went for radical socialist healthcare reform. They expected the American people to accept anything Obama said no matter if it was leftist lies and propaganda. With the details and the obvious problems with socialism, people are waking up and waking up fast. People don’t want the government to run their healthcare and have Pelosi, Reid, Obama and Democrat politicians telling them what healthcare they will get and won’t get. People want freedom to choose their healthcare and doctors, the insurance they have or choose to buy. The healthcare freedoms people expect to continue to have will be lost with Obama and Dems socialist healthcare plan. Giving free healthcare to 12 million or so illegals and the higher taxes people will pay for it isn’t what people expected. Paying higher for healthcare, being limited care and rationing healthcare under the Obama and Dems healthcare is not what people have in mind for healthcare reform.
Pay more, get less, have the government determine your healthcare and giving it free to non-Americans isn’t going over well with Americans and Obama and the Dems are seeing the approval ratings plunge.

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