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October 29th, 2009

November 2009 Elections a Political Smack Down

The off year election results in Virginia, New York and New Jersey will have national effects. Polls show that Democrats are falling and that conservative Republicans are set to gain many seats in 2010. However, polls are one thing, election results are another animal altogether. Polls are looked at as a possible indicator with bias by the one taking the poll. But election results are a wake up call, a smack in the face or a cold splash of water and reality.

The results will show that the Republican, McDonnell, will win the Virginia Governor race by a large percent, a blow out. Virginia will be back solidly in the Republican red state column. The Democrat will lose by a wide margin in NY City where independent Bloomberg will win. There is a special Congressional race, NY 23, where another independent conservative Hoffman will come close to winning or will pull off a major victory. The Republican has little chance. The total vote of the Republican and conservative will out number the Dem by a large percent so regardless of the result, Hoffman is most likely to win in 2010 when he will win the Republican nomination. If the conservative wins now it will be an even greater shock that a Democrat couldn’t win against two that divided their vote. The New Jersey race for governor is close in a 3 way race. An independent is taking votes from the Republican Christie and along with Dem Corzine spending millions of his Wall Street fortune to once again buy an election by unfairly bashing his opponents, the race will be close. A small win by the Democrat with gains by Republicans in the state house will be an empty win for the multi millionaire Dem. A Republican win in NJ will mean a total loss for Dems. The election results in total will be a smack down by voters that are disgusted with liberal Democrats expanding the power of government, radical government healthcare schemes and tax and spend.

Dems will take a political smack down by voters.

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October 2nd, 2009

Obama Fails at Delivering Olympics to Chicago

Another failure for Obama as he comes home a defeated Olympian wanna-be. The crushing blow to Obama’s ego and the liberal media’s inflated opinion of him was seen all around the world. Obama finished 4th in a 4 team race, not even getting the Bronze. Obama put his prestige on the line to deliver the Olympics so his crooked Chicago friends can make thousands if not millions. Obama’s speech was all about him like an Olympic team player hogging the ball and not playing as a team. There was no risk to Obama in his inflated mind of looking foolish, his arrogance made him think the whole world couldn’t wait to give Obama what he wanted. Obama bashed the USA for months, making apologies for and blaming the US for problems in the world, while not stating America’s greatness. Obama thought that would buy him favor from others around the world including the Olympic committee. Obama has showed weakness and has lost credibility around the world setting himself up to be humiliated not only by the Olympic committee but also by dictators.

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