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November 9th, 2009

20 Years Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall and Communism

20 Years Since the Berlin Wall Fell   
The fall of the USSR and the Berlin wall should be celebrated like no other holiday world wide. Fireworks, food, beer of course, it’s Germany. It’s the biggest historic event since the creation of the USA. The fall of the Berlin wall marked as a symbol the fall of communism and the tyranny of the USSR.
Reagan say, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”. It was clever words, it made the point that Gorbachev was responsible for the wall, that the USSR, not the USA, free world or West Germans, not even the East German communist leaders were keeping the wall and dividing Germany. No one likes “foreign” governments running their country so even the East German communists (and Stasi secret police) that heard Reagan’s words had to think, ‘yes, why do we have this wall the Russians want?’. East Germans were listening to Reagan’s speech. The words melted the wall by losing support for it even in East Germany. It pointed the blame for the wall where it really should be, the evil empire of the USSR. All Germans, including east German leaders and the west became united to oppose the wall imposed by a foreign government, Gorbachev and the USSR. With few Germans wanting the wall, the wall fell once East Germany saw how weak the USSR became and that the USSR wouldn’t do anything to continue the wall’s existence.
Articles, pictures and videos about the Fall of the Berlin Wall:

Pictures The fall of Berlin Wall

When the Berlin Wall came downTwenty years later, the rest of the world is a different place because of that event.

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German capital celebrates the fall of the Berlin Wall

Episode 3: Resistance in a communist stateBerlin Wall 20 years on: In the third of five films, members of the East German resistance talk about putting their lives at risk in opposition to the regime

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Episode 4: The fall of the Berlin WallBerlin Wall 20 years on: In the fourth of five films, Berliners remember the night in November 1989 when the barrier between two ideologies was finally breached

Thousands cheer 20 years since fall of Berlin Wall

Four Little Words
Reagan deliberately confronted criminal regimes with what they fear most: the publicly spoken truth about their moral weakness.

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