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November 24th, 2009

Global Warming Hoax Exposed

The TomG Report was one of the first to call global warming a hoax. Now with the scandal of global warming scientists breaking (Climategate), the whole world now sees it as the fraud and hoax that it always was. Leftist scientists and phony leftist politicians like AlGore pushed the global warming hoax for decades to press a leftist agenda to impose socialist policies by corrupt leftist governments on the duped public.

The liberals/leftists claimed they feared global warming and that they worried about a threat to the earth. Now that global warming is known to all including the leftists that it is a fraud, they should be happy. Liberals/leftists no longer have to worry about the disaster they claimed would happen. But the leftists are not happy because for one they are exposed as frauds but also that their radical agenda is based on a hoax. I doubt that leftists really feared global warming calamity. Although some young people, children, were scared by the leftist global warming hoax hustlers like AlGore. Leftists made propaganda movies and commercials scaring children that Polar Bears would die and people and cute animals will suffer and drown. Scaring children as the liberals did was disgraceful. They harmed children for a radical political agenda that would also harm them with a much lower standard of living as they grow up if their crazy socialist schemes were imposed on them and their families.

Articles to read:
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