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December 18th, 2009

Obama and Democrat’s Massive Tax Increase Disguised in the Healthcare Bill

The Democrats goal is to spend, spend and spend along with more regulations. Democrats and Obama have a second part of that big government plan, that being, raise taxes to pay for all the spending along with sticking it to businesses and anyone that makes money.

The problem Obama has to raise taxes is his no tax pledge for those making less than 200 thousand a year and Democrats know raising taxes will be very unpopular and they would lose even more support. However, if the Democrats and Obama can hide their massive tax increase they could push it through and keep Democrat voter support or have Democrats cheer the tax increase bill by fooling them. What is a better way for Democrats and Obama to disguise a huge tax hike than by putting in a so called healthcare bill many Democrats call for? That’s what the Democrats and Obama are doing with the tax increase healthcare bill they are pushing.

The massive tax increase is being disguised in the bill and the debate about healthcare. The Dems took out parts of the healthcare bill, like single payer and government health insurance plan but the tax increases are not being discussed nor removed from the bill. The goal is to push any bill that can pass with parts effecting healthcare in 2014 or beyond but as long as the tax increases remain for years.

People wonder why the Democrats are still pushing the healthcare bill when so many people are opposed to it. Any person with common sense can see all of the problems with the healthcare plans in the bill and how disastrous the bill would be for healthcare. But that is fine for Democrats because the discussion is not focused on the real goal, higher taxes. The disastrous healthcare problems would be a few years off before people notice and they can always “fix” them if they are in Congress when the problems hit. Problems like rising costs, rationing, more people losing and not being able to afford health insurance. Democrats plan to kick those problems down the road for others to fix and they will always point blame on others and claim they really didn’t vote for or wanted what resulted and that they intended different, “intentions good”.

Federal deficits are rising rapidly with all the spending by Dems and Obama and they are desperate for tax increases. The big spending plans are most important to Dems and raising taxes the next few years is a way to keep spending. The thought of cutting spending like many states and cities had to do to narrow deficits is the last thing Dems and Obama would want to do so they are passing a major tax hike bill by fooling Democrats packaging it in a healthcare bill. Tax increases will harm the economy and jobs will be lost but Democrats and Obama only care about spending and expanding government.

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