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February 8th, 2010

Obama Again Falls Below 50 Percent Support, Last Time at 50 Percent?

After a few days of a bump in Obama’s poll numbers of support that got him to 50 percent support, his numbers are back down. Obama’s bump only lasted a few days after his State of the Union Address to Congress.

Obama’s strongly approve to strongly disapprove also dropped back nearing pre-Congress address levels. The few day increase in support for Obama came from gains with Democrats whom were losing strong support for him. Strongly disapprove over strongly approve, is back in the mid teens, around 15 percent.

Considering the high profile publicity of a State of the Union Address and only reaching 50 percent, it’s a sign of very weak poll numbers. It may be a while for Obama to reach 50 percent again and he will likely need something to boost his numbers. It’s possible if the economy doesn’t improve that Obama may never reach 50 percent support again but if that’s the case his Presidency will be a disaster and in ruins unlike any other President.
Rasmussen Poll

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