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March 22nd, 2010

Democrats Pass Government Healthcare Takeover, Americans Freedom and Healthcare to Suffer

Democrats gave their leaders, Obama, Reid and Pelosi, radical government run healthcare in opposition to the American people and freedom. The Democrats decided to destroy the greatest healthcare system in the world to impose their mean-spirited socialist policy and control over Americans.

Millions of Americans and the vast majority of the nation made it clear that putting control of Americas healthcare in the hands of government is not acceptable but the Democrats smacked Americans in the face and basically said to a America ‘suffer’ under government run healthcare. Millions of Americans, many for the first time, protested and millions more wrote letters and called Congress but Democrats didn’t listen or care but instead followed their rulers, Pelosi and Obama and their radical agenda. Democrats, Obama, Pelosi, trampled on America, the US Constitution and freedom, and the health of Americans.

The Democrats proved to be the radical socialists that they are and that they will oppose the American people. Democrats proved they can’t be trusted to protect freedoms and that Democrats will throw Americans healthcare away to expand government power over America. Democrats may have won a battle over Americans but now they will be defeated in elections for years to come. It’s up to all Americans to save the United States of America and re-establish freedom by defeating all of the radical leftist Democrats in all elections.

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March 10th, 2010

Obama Makes Desperate Push for Government Healthcare Bill, Pelosi to be Rubber Stamp

Like a mad man that can’t get his way, Obama is pushing Democrats in the House to pass the Senate government healthcare bill so he can sign it. Obama and his Chicago cronies are pressuring Dems to vote for it even though it will mean losing their election. Obama may not run again the way his administration is going and won’t be on the ballot till 2012 if he does run. Obama Presidency is in near ruins, his polls continue to fall and is at record lows. He has proven to be the nations worst fear, a radical leftist run amuck demolishing America and it’s greatness. Obama, like a king or a gang leader, wants Dems to commit political suicide by passing the unpopular and destructive government healthcare plan that Obama wants. It’ all about Obama and his socialist agenda that he wants to cripple Americas economy and will also be the Democrat party and Americans healthcare loss.

Pelosi in a small flash of ut-oh and obvious frustration in her loss of power to control the government healthcare bill, warned Democrats ‘we must pass the bill to see what’s in it’. The bill is the Senate’s bill, not hers in the House. Pelosi has no say what ends up passing at this point. The House bill is done and dead. Democrats in the House are told to pass the Senate bill and if the Senators get around to making changes, it will be what the Senators want and House members have no say. Pelosi can’t be happy to be in a position to be nothing more than the Senates rubber stamp on the Dems long desired government healthcare bill.

If the Dems decide to walk the plank for their leader Obama, and pass government healthcare, the Democrats party will be on life support and government healthcare won’t be able to save them. The Dems supporters that want something for nothing will soon see the bill as a bad deal – get in line with many others at clinics in the cities where they would be better off going to a dog vet. Today, the most needy get quality healthcare at the best hospitals and can see the best doctors that often treat them for charity. When Dems see the many bad issues that will result including cuts to Medicare and loss of their healthcare insurance that they liked, along with higher prices for insurance that make it impossible to afford, few will still want Obama care. Opposition will grow by the day and when the government healthcare policy turns to a disaster, Republicans and the remaining Democrats in Congress will strike it down.
Obama will be known as the Trojan horse that got in healthcare, destroyed it along with the Democrats party.

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