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March 22nd, 2010

Democrats Pass Government Healthcare Takeover, Americans Freedom and Healthcare to Suffer

Democrats gave their leaders, Obama, Reid and Pelosi, radical government run healthcare in opposition to the American people and freedom. The Democrats decided to destroy the greatest healthcare system in the world to impose their mean-spirited socialist policy and control over Americans.

Millions of Americans and the vast majority of the nation made it clear that putting control of Americas healthcare in the hands of government is not acceptable but the Democrats smacked Americans in the face and basically said to a America ‘suffer’ under government run healthcare. Millions of Americans, many for the first time, protested and millions more wrote letters and called Congress but Democrats didn’t listen or care but instead followed their rulers, Pelosi and Obama and their radical agenda. Democrats, Obama, Pelosi, trampled on America, the US Constitution and freedom, and the health of Americans.

The Democrats proved to be the radical socialists that they are and that they will oppose the American people. Democrats proved they can’t be trusted to protect freedoms and that Democrats will throw Americans healthcare away to expand government power over America. Democrats may have won a battle over Americans but now they will be defeated in elections for years to come. It’s up to all Americans to save the United States of America and re-establish freedom by defeating all of the radical leftist Democrats in all elections.

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