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April 30th, 2010

Obama’s Oil Spill Administration

Certain symbols represent an Administration. The oil spill in the gulf is one such symbol, of the Obama Administration in chaos and ineffective leadership. High oil prices and the weak economy continue to plague the ineffective Obama Presidency and while Obama refuses to take effective measures, oil spills in the Gulf threatening the environment, wild life, beaches and fishing.

It took Obama eight days to start to do anything after the explosion on the oil rig killed 11 people and started spilling oil in the Gulf waters. The weak and very late response and lack of leadership by Obama proves that he and his Administration can’t act when needed or disaster occurs. Obama and his cohorts are in constant campaign mode and politicize issue after issue while not doing what is needed to actually do what Presidents are suppose to do.

Obama needs speeches written for him by staff that researches what words will play well or are good propaganda and Obama reads those speeches off a teleprompter. Without his teleprompter Obama can’t put a sentence or two together from his own thoughts because his thoughts are offensive to Americans. While the oil was pouring into the Gulf waters Obama was doing speeches attacking the people of Arizona and fueling the flames of is his racist agenda. Obama also continued his bashing of Wall Street and trying to divide Americans on race and envy. People are out of work and the unemployment rate remains high but instead of smart policies to improve things, Obama wants people to blame business so to divert peoples attention from his lack of leadership on jobs and the economy. Obama wouldn’t divert his propaganda campaign for a few days to do his job when the oil spill disaster happened.

This wasn’t the way it was suppose to be. The Obama ‘being’ was suppose to be mythical and God like where nothing bad happens because he proclaims everything was past Administrations fault, Bush’s fault, or the white founding fathers fault because they were racist to him. The fact that issues require Obama to actual be a President where he has to act is a burden or nuisance to him. While Obama tries to stay above problems and blames others, Obama looks incompetent and out of touch. The Obama Administration is a disaster and all Obama does is spill his bile propaganda on America, dividing and bashing others. The Obama Administration is destructive like an oil spill.

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