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October 18th, 2010

Democrats to Take Historic Defeat in November Elections, Obama to Get the Blame

The Democrats are about to take a huge and historic loss in the coming November election with loses of dozens of House seats and near 10 Senate seats. In 1994 Democrats lost 53 seats in the House with many predicting bigger loses for them in 2010. The Republicans need a 39 seat pick-up to gain control of the House and send Pelosi backing it in as Speaker where she can no longer abuse taxpayers by spending tens of thousands of dollars flying expensive government planes. In 1994 the generic polls without a candidates name of Republicans vs. Democrats, Democrats held leads in many polls up until the election when Republicans had a small lead; but in 2010 Republicans held nice size leads for most of the year pointing to a big win for them.

While many Democrats will put the blame on Obama they only have themselves to blame. The Democrats knew Obama was a radical leftist when he ran for election in 2008 yet the Democrat party backed him. Democrats, liberals, and their liberal media supporters didn’t warn their voters about his radical background and radical leftwing policy agenda that now threatens the existence of the Democrat party and the defeat of many long time Democrat politicians.

The Democrats passed a big spending bill, close to a trillion dollars, for their misguided stimulus that put the nation closer to bankruptcy and borrowing much needed money that businesses needed to grow and individuals needed to buy things like homes There big spending bill didn’t help the economy.

Poll after poll showed that people opposed the Obama government healthcare takeover that anyone with a bit of common sense can tell it’s a disaster for the health of Americans and very expensive. Democrats went along with it in a radical attempt to expand government and run a large part of the economy in complete disregard for the health of the American people and no regard for the cost. Democrats could have said no to Obama but they believed their own propaganda and now will lose many elections because of it.

The Democrats have themselves to blame but they will try to put all the blame on Obama for his misguided leftist policies that they passed. While Obama will try to continue his radical agenda, expect many Democrats that are still in office to run away from Obama and try to save their political career.

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