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December 21st, 2010

Republicans Gain as the Census Backfires on Democrats

Democrats have blocked legislation and laws to discourage illegal immigration for decades. The new census shows an increase in population but the states that gained most are Republican leaning states. The census counts everyone including illegals. The Democrats policy to allow more illegals to enter the country may have backfired on them as Republicans will make gains because of the census count.

The Republicans will gain House seats and electoral votes as the census shows a continuing shift to the more conservative southern, sunbelt states, in comparison to liberal leaning Northeast and north Midwest states.

Republican leaning states will gain about 10 electoral votes with Texas and Florida gaining the most and Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina and Utah gaining one each. Democrats will lose electoral votes in liberal blue states like New York losing two and one in states of Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Overall it’s a net gain of about 13 electoral votes in Red, Republican leaning states. The pickup of electoral votes will make it difficult for Obama or another Dem to reach the 270 needed to win in the Presidential election of 2012.

More Congressional House seats in Republican red states will increase the Republican majority. Many states are controlled by Republicans in Governorships and state houses where they will draw up the districts to take advantage winning even more seats for Republican candidates. States are growing in rural areas or suburbs compared to cities to the benefit of Republican candidates. Over all the census count and change in House seats and districts can help Republicans pick up near 30 House seats.

The demographics of increasing numbers of illegals entering the country may have been what the Democrats wanted but the new House seats and electoral votes favoring Republicans isn’t the results the Democrats had in mind.

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