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April 26th, 2011

Trump is Shaking up the Republican Party

You may be thinking that Trump is a closet liberal, a Democrat Donkey. Many thought the Donald was more on the liberal side on social issues and a Dem because he gave money to many Democrats including the loud mouth liberal Chuck Schumer. So far during interviews Trump has taken conservative positions on most issues including the social issues and says he is very conservative. It’s a surprise to many.

Trump is bashing Obama about the disastrous economy under his watch and his lack of leadership. Trump is talking about issues that many are afraid to mention. His vocal and straight talk, in clear language, is appealing to many as polls show Trump near the lead or in the lead among Republicans for the nomination. Trump is making noise and shaking up the process. Many of the Republicans seem timid to wimpy, so scared that what they say will offend the liberal media. (Note to Republicans, anything you say they will not like) But Trump is in the face of the Obama media, he doesn’t fear the media or what they say about him. Trump has served notice that he will hit back if someone mocks him. Republicans can learn from that.

Even if you think Trump is a Democrat Donkey, it is worth riding that donkey to shake up the Republican field in the race for the party nomination. Trump will help set a new, higher standard of speaking out clear and passionate about the issues. Republicans will be forced to show a contrast with themselves and Obama and be aggressive. If the Republican politicians can’t beat Trump for the nomination then they aren’t strong enough of a candidate to deserve the nomination. If Trump wins the nomination he deserves it for putting his hat in the ring with enthusiasm and an aggressive style to take the party’s nomination away from more standard Republican candidates. Trump will have set himself up for a solid chance to win the Presidency.

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