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September 26th, 2012

Polls show Romney will win

The liberal media has their own biased polls that show Obama leading. The left is trying to convince people that Obama will win so to discourage Romney voters to not vote on election day and to pump up Democrats so they vote. The liberal’s polls sample many more Democrats than Republicans and fewer independents that will normally vote. Their excuse for their biased polls is that they are using the same turnout as 2008 when Obama won and McCain had very lukewarm support. In 2008 Democrats were motivated to vote for the first time minority candidate and Republicans were discouraged by the aging candidate that few grassroots conservatives supported.

In 2010 there were many more Republicans voting as they were motivated to oppose Obama and the unpopular Obamacare. Democrats were less motivated to vote and the Democrats lost many Congressional seats in the House and Senate. If pollsters use 2010 turnout for their polls Republican’s and Romney would be doing much better than Obama. If turnout is between the 2008 Democrat advantage and the 2010 Republican advantage the media would show more legitimate poll results. The liberal media isn’t interested in true polls but polls results that could help their liberal political side.

If we look at more serious polling companies that want true results and not biased we would look at Rasmussen and the Gallup polls. Other polls, like the biased ones, you need to factor in their over sampling of Democrats to get useful information from them. What polls are showing is that Romney and Obama are close and a few points under 50 percent each. However, when an incumbent like Obama is under 50 percent it’s very difficult for that candidate to reach 50 percent on election day. There are many undecided voters and these voters often vote for the challenger, not the incumbent because they know that candidate already well and if they aren’t for them only weeks before and election they will likely vote against them or not vote at all. What we see from many polls overall is that Romney is leading when factoring in those leaning to Romney and the likelihood that many undecided will vote for him. State polls also show the same in key battleground states that each need to win. Romney is either close or leading in many states and Obama again under 50 percent.

While the liberal media tries to convince people with their biased polls that Obama leads, a basic look at poll results show that Romney will win the election only weeks before election day and win by a nice 5 percent or more.

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