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February 25th, 2013

Obama Blames Others

Obama’s budget cuts are set to go into effect. Also know as the sequester, the cuts will hit the military the hardest and discretionary spending but not entitlements like Social Security or Medicare. The cuts are across the board of all effected government spending with half coming for military cuts.

Obama is out campaigning against his cuts now that they are set to take place. When Obama put the spending cuts in he said he would veto any attempt to change them but that was before the election and now they will actually happen. Obama always blames others, Congress, Bush whom left as President over 4 years ago and none of Bush’s policies were passed after the Democrats led by Pelosi took over Congress way back in 2006, going on 7 years ago. If Obama wants to blame anyone for the cuts he should point and blame himself considering they are his plan to begin with.

Follow up: White House economic adviser Gene Sperling admits that the sequestration was President Obama’s plan

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